A Place of Power

sera2630abp8Seraphinite is a Micaceous Mineral that Heals by reducing our programmed Fear of our own True Self.  Don’t use it while sleeping.

 Ψ   Ψ   Ψ   Ψ   Ψ

A Place in your Calendar that is, referring to our Power Window.  Too many pictures to show, but I wanted to quickly summarize the astrology…

The base of the Pluto T-Square with Uranus-Nodes is one Opposition in a Golden Rectangle at 13-17 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs (Fire plus Air).  The second Opposition is formed by Stationary Mercury Opposite Juno – that one’s a little beyond our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity limit, but when we’re in the Bigtop we can stretch a little, especially when Mercury’s about to turn around and come back into the Configuration…

As we’re being forced to Change our Patterns for the better, we’re also getting a big Teaching about the Limits of Either/Or mind compared to the Unlimited Potential of Consciousness.

Chiron makes a Quincunx-Duodecile Bridge across the Nodal Opposition.  A “Duodecile” is a 12th-Harmonic Angle, formerly known as a Semisextile…

Life-Changing Miracles await anyone who can manage to maintain their Curiosity about what may emerge here.

The Mars-Neptune Initiation Opposes Lilith in the base of a Saturn T-Square at 3-7 Degrees of the Mutable Signs, with Ceres forming a Trine-Sextile Bridge across it…

The Most Important Thing about the the Doing-Surrendering Teachings we’re getting is that we’re learning which pole of that Dichotomy is Sustainable.  We’re also getting a Teaching about how our Unconscious Sexism Limits us.  Which do you favor – Doing or Curiosity?  The first is Masculine, the other Feminine, and the difference usually Unconscious.

The New Moon, at one Degree of Aquarius, Trines Makemake and Sextiles Saturn, while Makemake Squares Quaoar.

We have a set of Unconscious Rules about what’s Possible and what isn’t.  We can Transcend and Transform those Rules here if we’re willing to rank What we Want more highly than What Others will think of us and if we’re willing to use Curiosity as a primary method of Creating.

The Jupiter-Eris-Ixion Grand Trine in 20-23 Degrees of Fire endures, and two Air-Sign Kites are formed by Venus Opposing Jupiter and the Stationary Haumea Opposing Eris – which means we have five parts of a Grand Sextile, with the dwarf planet Chaos about 5 Degrees away from the Vacancy.

Our Rebirth is facilitated by squarely facing Denial, relaxing our usual social rules to support greater Self-Love.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Diamond Star Configuration (https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/category/configurations/diamond-star/), but Sedna makes a T-Square across the Venus-Jupiter Opposition, while the Haumea-Ixion Sextile is the foot of a Yod pointing at Sedna.  The result is a Diamond Star – a T-Square underscored by a Trine-Sextile Double Bridge.   The Diamond Star is a T-Square with Blessings.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Grizzly Bear outside of a Zoo in California today, but Griz is on the California state flag.  Why?  Before European invaders replaced them, Griz was at the top of the Food Chain all across Western North America, and He was plentiful on the “American Serengeti” of pre-European California.  Grizzlies don’t hesitate to tear Hupers limb from limb, so how did Hupers and Griz co-exist?

When Griz attacks, a Huper has to stand tall and confront the Bear face to face, and if so, Griz withdraws, leaving the Huper to clean their drawers in peace.  The Canadian Pacific Coastal Ego-monster Sisiutl has a similar tradition, as it turns to Stone when faced.  The Survival Fear that the dwarf planet Sedna represents is the same.  A Sedna Diamond Star is a special gift from the Heavens, as it much eases our task of facing our Fear squarely.

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