News Tidbits II

DinoLacinato, Tuscan, Dinosaur, Black, Italian, or Palm Tree Kale; my favorite because it’s sweet enough to be eaten like Lettuce, harvestable as long as the ground isn’t frozen, springs right back when the ground thaws, and it’s virtually perennial.  I’ve one that’s self-crossed with an alarmingly robust Collard and another that’s self-crossed with sweet Portuguese Kale (Tronchuda Beira), and both are very tasty and look to be amazingly productive!  I can’t wait for seeds, and I should have enough to share.

 ∞    ∞         

“Funny” how often, just after I hit the “publish” button, something else will come through that would have fit perfectly – in this case something that was obviously missing from “News Tidbits,” as some folks even pointed out – the Food!  And lo, just arrived in the inbox, here ’tis!

Vive la Green Tea, Berries, Turmeric, Avocados, Garlic, Kale, and (dark) Chocolate!

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