Tray Tables to the Upright Position

schee3405bpScheelite – Calcium Tungstate, your Crystalline path to Clarity.

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I know, it’s been very busy so far this year, but it’s about to get heavier, as we begin the final stage of our “descent” into the exact Square between Pluto and the Nodes on January 19-20. 

  • Square means Mastery through Challenge
  • Pluto means it’s happening like it or not
  • The Nodes mean the Stress between an unfinished Past and a mostly but still-not-completely programmed Future

Can you kinda see where that leads us?  We’ll be making some very important Decisions that will have a huge impact on our Future, and the danger is that we’ll make them from a posture of Distress.  Distressed Decisions tend to be Protective, and Protective means Limiting.

But the opportunity is immense.  If we can direct the Power of Pluto into

  • What we Want in our Future

rather than into

  • How can we Protect ourselves from our Fear of seeing the Past repeat,

then we’re Golden.  How?  Some basic “rules”:

The Past Is a Paper Tiger

In general, the “North” Node represents the Future, and the “South” Node the Past.  The Past includes our Karma, which isn’t about Retribution, but about Inertia – the Power of Repetition.  You want to develop a Habit, you do it with Repetitions.  The problem of Karma is how do you undo a Habit that you’ve forgotten you developed.  Such as Fear of Death.

There is only one kind of negative Karma, and it is Fear.  Whenever the South Node is lit up – as it is now, there is Fear.  But it’s not “Real” – it’s an Emotion.  If you’re Alert enough to recognize it and Witness it, so you don’t have to Live it, then you’ll see that all of the Demons and Disastrous Consequences that the Fear would like you to imagine, are just Shadow Puppets, just Paper Tigers. 

  • Witnessing your Fear means your Self-Talk is saying “I Feel Scared,” not “I Am Scared.”

That’s damn hard to achieve and maintain, but it’s mandatory.  Every time you “Believe” the Fear, you add another layer of brick around your Karma.  Every time you Witness your Fear, you make it easier to do the next time.

The Future Is Unlimited

There is only one kind of positive Karma, and it is Love.  Whenever the North Node is lit up – as it is now, there is the Potential to Manifest the sort of Life you’d Love to Live.  If you can wrest any Free Attention away from your Fear, invest it in Imagining, PIAVAing (see, or Wondering what you would really really really Love to be doing with your Life in the near and far Future.

When you do this, it’ll be scary.  If it wasn’t, you’d be Living the Life you Love already!  So Witness that Fear too.  And Imagine, PIAVA, or Wonder how you might Live the Life you Love AND be Safe from whatever evils your YesButs are trying to throw under your bus.

Don’t Try to Swim Upstream

Go with the Flow.  Pluto represents the current in a large River.  If you’re going downstream, all you have to do is listen for the Rapids so you can pull out and portage.  If you’re trying to paddle upstream, you’re dooming yourself to exhaustion.  You can’t tack in a canoe, like you can in a sailboat. 

One way to Go with the Flow is to Surrender completely to the Fear – but as the Witness.  Locate the Fear in your Body and put all of your Attention there.  That’s a Powerful practice.

Recognize that there’s an easy path from Where You Are to Living the Life you Love, and a hard path.  Imagine or PIAVA or Wonder what it will be like taking the easy path, the downstream path.  When you’re Imagining and PIAVAing and Wondering, and you encounter an obstacle, just Imagine or PIAVA or Wonder where the easy detour is.  The easy path usually involves Changing your own Beliefs and Expectations and Actions, rather than trying to convince anyone else to Change theirs.

The most recent Pluto Initiation of the North Node was November 2009 at 5 Capricorn, “Indians on the warpath; while some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance.”

As the recent mass demonstrations show us, at this time it is not a downstream course to Resist War.  Instead, Pray for Peace.

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