The Main Effect: Yintegrity II

These astroevents don’t impact everyone equally.  The positions of our natal (at birth) planets are “permanent” (for the Lifetime), and these ongoing astroevents sometimes end up sitting bang on our natal planets, which make us a whole lot more vulnerable to the current Energy than the average Bear. 

Since this is a Big Deal, let’s look at whom it’s likely to have a big impact upon.

These Uranus-Pluto-Nodes Dramas occur at 14 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn).

The Cardinal Signs are about Creativity.

Notice that more than one of the paragraphs below could apply to you…

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

For instance, if you were born when the Cycle began (October 1965), you’ve probably felt like you’ve been going crazy since 2012.  No worries, you’re just a Yintegrity poster child.  Go Wild.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If you were born in 1976-77 (especially between November 1976 and March 1977, or in September-October 1977), then this Dance is trodding on your natal Pluto.  Again, that’d be a serious Challenge to your sense of sanity.  “The Devil made me do it” is probably your favorite mantra these days.  Hang in there, we’re almost done!

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If you were born in 1948-1950 or 1990-91, then all this sits on your natal Neptune.  There are three things we always need to remember around Neptune:

  • Confusion is the first stage of Growth – Embrace it
  • Neptune Confuses us when we look through Material eyes, but it brings Clarity when we see through Spiritual eyes
  • This isn’t so much about you as it’s about your Community

The impact will be strongest if you were born in October-December 1948 or February-May 1949, or April-July 1950, or January-July 1990, or December 1990-January 1991.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

Your natal Uranus is lit up if you were born in 1951-52, 1971-72, or 1991-92.  The last three years will have been particularly nervous for you, as you grew increasingly uncomfortable about having to consider other people’s Expectations.  Your middle name is Yintegrity already, so what’s new?  Well, the Intensity.  It’s even stronger if you were born in September-December 1951, June-July 1952, Sepember-October 1971, May-July 1972, December 1991-January 1992, or August-October 1992.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

You’ve already got the Oiuja Board in your lap if you were born in 1939-40, 1945, 1952-53, 1971-73, 1989-90, or 2003.  The current astroevents are tickling your natal Chiron.  That could be depressing.  Know you have the innate capability to Transcend discouragement by Witnessing your downers and Empathizing with the person (You) who’s Feeling them.  That is, you want to Feel them rather than Be them, and you want to be very Loving and Gentle with that person over there (You) who’s Feeling them. 

I know, this splits you in two.  But that’s how you Heal.  You step outside yourself long enough to look back Lovingly and acknowledge what the other You is Feeling. “You poor Dude, it’s a Bummer, isn’t it.”  You also need to Let Go of any Expectations.  Once you Empathize with yourself, you unleash a Miracle, and you never know what’ll happen next.

This is especially about You if you were born in

  • July-August 1939,
  • March-April 1940,
  • October-November 1945,
  • December 1952-January 1953,
  • July-September 1971,
  • March-May 1972, 
  • October-December 1972,
  • February-March 1973,
  • August-September 1989,
  • December 1989-January 1990,
  • June 1990,
  • January-February 2003,
  • July-August 2003, or
  • November 2003

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If the current Astrodramas are dancing on your natal Saturn, you’ve probably been feeling a bit Out of Control.  Saturn is about The Most Important Thing.  It asks us to Let Go of Priorities #2 through #715, and put All of our Attention on Priority #1, and Priority #1 for you right now is Attending to your Yintegrity.  If other people are Expecting things from you that aren’t The Definition of Satisfaction, it will be very difficult.

It’s really a Challenge, but you somehow need to get out from under their Expectations.  It doesn’t have to be as Disruptive as you Fear.  You can PIAVA (see that your Transition be Loving and Gentle (and Rapid and Complete), Win-Win, and make everybody happy.

These issues are probably lit up if you were born in 1930-31, 1938-9, 1945, 1952, 1960, 1968, 1974-75, 1981, 1989, 1997-98, 2003-04, or 2010-11.

Specifically, this Energy will be strongest if you were born…

  • December 1930-January 1931
  • May or October 1938
  • January-December 1939
  • June-July 1945
  • August-September 1952
  • February, July-August, or October-November 1960
  • March 1968
  • August 1974
  • January-February 1975
  • October 1981
  • December 1989
  • April-May 1997
  • November 1997-January 1998
  • October-November 2003
  • June-July 2004
  • October-November 2010
  • March-April or August 2011

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If you were born between 1975 and 1983, inclusive, the current Astrodrama is sitting on your natal dwarf planet Eris.  It will be remarkable how many Secrets are being revealed – and how many Mysteries have yet to be uncovered!  Have patience, your World will stabilize in a few months.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If your birth year is between 2004 and 2007, inclusive, all bets are off, because with your natal dwarf planet Haumea lit up, you’re starting over.  You’re but a Youth, but tell your parents, teachers, and/or other significant adults in your life, that you’re being Reborn as someone different.  They’ll be shocked, but they’ll get used to it.  They don’t have a choice, do they.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

Folks who were born between 1942 and 1944, inclusive, will have the current Astrodrama occur on their natal dwarf planet Makemake.  This will be a (rather shocking, actually) Celebration of Manifestation.  Don’t let it freak you out – just be willing to Receive whatever comes your way.  This is a Teaching for you; you can do this anytime you need to.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If you were born between 1953 and 1956, inclusive, then this is probably a tough time for you, because your natural President-CEO is forcing its way into your Consciousness, and it’s probably very difficult to continue to take orders from anybody else.  There’s nothing sociopathic or Greedy here, as is usually the case with CEOs, you just know exactly what needs to be done, and you can’t stand to see it put off any longer because it’s really important to the Planet. 

I hope you’re just taking your new seat in Congress, or just starting your new company, because we desperately need what you are going to provide to the rest of us.  The current Astrodrama sits on your natal dwarf planet Quaoar.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If 1946-1948 covers your birth date, then you’re getting in touch with your innate COO – Chief Operating Officer.  Your job is to “Make It So.”  You look to others to define the basic requirements and limits, but all of the Planning and Executing is up to you.  If you worry about “going too far,” getting so swept up in the process that you start believing that the End justifies the Means and you see yourself turning mean, check in with the folks who set your requirements and limits to see this part of the process is so important that no excuses can be tolerated.  Current events are lighting up your natal dwarf planet Ixion.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

Your natural Chief Imagination Officer is lit up if you were born between 1964 and 1966, inclusive.  Your natal dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder) is being lit up.  Set your sights on a Century from now and let yourself Dream.  Everything is possible, you just need to define it and Manifest it.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

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  1. Sheila Says:

    Natal moon is 14′ Cap 52″ — I suspect many another’s moons are involved as well. For us, what?

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