The Main Effect: Yintegrity I

jade4661bpBlue Jade (A Calcium Magnesium Iron Silicate) is a great aide for making Deep Change easier.  If you don’t happen to have a Blue Jade boulder handy, print out the picture and put it in your pocket.  The picture will hold the Energy for you.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ 

The current Portal actually runs through at least the Ides of March, with peaks January 19-20 and January 31-February 1.  That is, if you’re taking your Yintegrity exercises seriously. 

Our Yintegrity exercises mean that we’re working to Lovingly and Gently move from

Doing What We Said We Would Do (Yangtegrity)


Doing What We Damn Well Feel Like Doing, When We Feel Like Doing It (Yintegrity).

Of course, to do Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World, we’ll probably have to

Reduce our Commitments and do a fair amount of Renegotiating, even occasionally making Amends when we have a Yintegrity emergency.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, we’ve been working on it since 2012.  These big astroevents end abruptly when we’ve done our homework (in this case our Yintegrity homework), and complicate the rest of our lives (and beyond) when we don’t do our homework.

For instance, suppose since 2012 you’ve been feeling more and more Restless, and more and more unwilling to put up with Bullshit in your Life.  And suppose since 2012 you’ve vowed to Control your Restlessness, rather than Nurture its Roots (which is basically your Soul telling you that certain things are no longer in your own Best Interest).

Well, by April this Yintegrity Energy will have moved on, and another Zeitgeist will take its place, and you’ll have missed an opportunity to greatly enrich your experience of your Life.  Don’t get me wrong; Yintegrity will continue to Wax for many decades yet, but you’ll have flunked a grade, and you’ll basically never quite catch up.

No worries, it’s always Both/And, and it’s always Perfect.  You may have come into this Lifetime with the primary purpose of Learning how to distinguish Ego from Soul.  In that case, by Resisting Yintegrity for the last several years, you’ve just earned a Master’s Degree in Discernment.  No Judgment here; if you’re Feeling Regret about not being as Yintegrated as the Joneses, well, that’s a Teaching about Yintegrity, isn’t it.  You just need to Witness your Regret instead of Being it.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

If you’re new here, a note about format.  This kind of font is meant to be read and (hopefully) understood by everyone.

But this kind of font is meant to be read and understood by astrologers and anyone interested in enriching their Lives by learning a little about astrology by osmosis.  This isn’t homework, it’s casual reading.  Skim it, if it makes any sense fine, if it doesn’t, skip to the next Bold Italic type.  But if you skim it every week, pretty soon you’ll have picked up a good deal of astrological wisdom, without even noticing it.

And this kind of font is serious astrology teaching.  It explains obscure terms and concepts.

 Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

So this “Main Effect” we’re referring to, is Uranus Squaring Pluto, which happens to occur just as Uranus is crossing the South Node.  Since it’s a Big Deal, let’s do a little deeper…

We base a lot of what we do on astrological Cycles, which begin when a faster planet (such as Uranus) crosses a slower planet (such as Pluto), as happened with Uranus and Pluto in 1965.  When a Cycle begins, the Zeitgeist changes.  Uranus and Pluto are considered Unconscious planets, so the Consciousness of Humanity changed in 1965.

If you were otherwise engaged then, it was when the Pluto-in-Leo generation (“I Gotta Be Me!”) came of age and refused to be drafted to go be land-mine fodder for Big Money’s Colonial war against the Vietnamese People because they were uppity enough to want some Control over their own Destiny and rejected their French overseers. 

And listened to the Beatles and Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd, dressed funny, grew their hair, wore Flowers in it when the went to San Francisco and Furthur, fancied most anything experimental, and generally rejected the values of their Pluto-in-Cancer (“Security Above All!”) forebears.

So as an astrocycle evolves, it eventually gets to what’s called a “Square,” which is what astrologers call it when the faster planet is one-fourth of the way around the astroloop ahead of the slower planet.  The new Zeitgeist kind of goes underground after the Cycle starts (think Disco!), while folks recover from the initial burst of lawlessness (relative to the old Zeitgeist) and try to integrate who they were before, with who they became during the Rush of New Energy.

But once we get to the Square, the once-new Zeitgeist emerges from the Underwhere and pushes it’s way into blatant Consciousness. While it’s trivial, legalized Marijuana, whether you inhale or not, is a perfect symbolic example.

We refer to the Square as “Mastery through Challenge,” because it’s always a huge Learning Opportunity.  We’re Motivated to Master it, because on some level we recognize that it’s a Waxing Zeitgeist that we need to adjust to.  But it’s not easy, as we have to Change things that aren’t easy to Change. 

So it’s a Challenge – but in one way or another we do Master it.  We usually Master it a lot better than we think we have, because we don’t really fully understand tomorrow’s Zeitgeist (let alone today’s!) yet, and we Expect a lot of ourselves.  But after all, it’s a Co-Creation, so the actual Zeitgeist Changes to the extent that we’ve cumulatively Changed it!  So…

To some extent over the last three years we’ve Mastered Yintegrity, which is what Uranus-Pluto is all about – Living from the Heart or Soul or Intuition rather than the mind or our reasonable plans, or someone else’s Expectations of us.  If you don’t feel ready to graduate, know we aren’t done yet, and know that like Camus said, no one is keeping score but you, and you need to be Loving and Gentle with yourself.

If Yintegrity is about anything, it’s about being Loving and Gentle with ourself!

There’s a couple more things that’d be good to know…

Saturn (The Most Important Thing) and Chiron (Converting Discouragement to Miracles by Changing our Perspective through Empathy) were closely involved.

We get a clue about the nature of a Cycle’s Zeitgeist by looking at its “Sabian Symbol,” which is a reading for the individual degree (our of 360) of the Zodiac that the Cycle begins in.

The Sabian Symbol for the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is “A Ouija Board.”  So…

A lot of the new Zeitgeist is about Trusting our Intuition and our “nonscientific” ways of Knowing, and bringing deeper levels up into Consciousness.

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