Portal 1.16-17

We have a unique opportunity on January 16 and 17 to Expand our Consciousness in support of PIAVAing to Transcend our Karma.

The Moon swings ’round to form a Grand Trine with Juno and Uranus-Conjunct-South Node, which is really a Kite focused on the North Node, which is in turn a Boon.

There’s a second Kite formed, as Mercury Opposes Juno, giving our normally-lagging intellect an opportunity to catch up to what’s going on.

Of course a double Kite means five points of a Grand Sextile, so we gain most by contributing the Energy of the Vacancy, which is 14 Gemini, “Bridging physical space and social distinctions, two men communicate telepathically: The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence.

Anybody near the Vacancy?  Aha, none other than the asteroid Chaos, symbolizing Unlimited Potential.

Two Yods form inside the double Kite – one Yod to Juno (with a base of Chiron and Pluto), and the other Yod to Chiron (with a base of Juno and the North Node).

So there are only two Limitations here: our inability to Witness our Fear, and our unwillingness to PIAVA Miracles.  Thus informed, you can easily Transcend both of those.

 δ  δ  δ  δ  δ

There’s a free series of holistic health lectures every few days beginning soon, with speakers like Donna Eden, Norm Shealy, David Feinstein, Joan Boryshenko, John Gray, Larry Dossey, Dawson Church, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Aberto Villoldo, and others.  See http://2015.winterofwellness.com/DonnaEden for details.

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