Free Willy (Soft Peaks #4)


There is an Unhealable Wound in the Temple. 

Our Temple is our route to the Godhead or the Goddessheart.  The Temple of Secularism is evidently the illusion of Free Press.  A truly Free Press would be about Inquiry, not about Rhetoric or Desecration of other peoples’ Temples.  Humiliation and Insult – even “Just Teasing” are forms of Bullying, just more Colonialism.

Either/Or is Political.  “Political” is the adjectival form of  Power, which is another word for Ego.  If my Temple is better than your Temple, it has nothing to do with our respective Temples, it has to do with our Egos and their Competitiveness.  My external Temple is only a symbol for my real Temple within.  Bullying is a desperate form of Politics, an attempt to enslave others.

Rhetoric is propaganda meant to Divide, not to Unite.  It’s about Competition, not Collaboration.  It may create the illusion of Security, but it doesn’t create Peace. 

We Heal the Unhealable with Empathy. 

Empathy isn’t easily understood.  Here are some clues…

It’s basically about Being Fully Present, or investing All of Our Attention.  Like Meditation, it’s not something that you just up and do for more than a few moments at a time.  You just commit to gently and lovingly bringing yourself back to Full Attention whenever you notice that your Attention is wandering.

Think of it as a Saturn thing – Saturn is Attention, after all.  Think about the Unhealable Wound in your Temple.  It might be literally an Unhealable Wound in your Temple, it might be an affront to your Pride, it might be a glitch in your Survival Systems, it might be another person who doesn’t have your best interest at Heart, it might be something you’ve always Wanted but you’ve never been able to Manifest.

Now put All of your Attention into the Wound in your Temple.  Most likely, at first, as you try to do this, something pops up to prevent you.  Could be anything – Guilt, a Voice, a Belief, anything.  So we have to stop and deal with that.  Maybe Tap it out, or put All of our Attention into it!  If this is a serious issue, this process can take weeks.  For Unhealable Wounds, it’s worth it.

When we Attend to the interruption, something else may interrupt us, so we may have a hierarchy of Unhealable Wounds to Heal.  We just have to follow it and remember to keep coming back to our original Intention, or at least to where it leads.  Our original Intention may just have been a Symbol for something far more important, we don’t get to know till we open the door.

For a serious issue, like an abscessed tooth, you’ll probably also find a bubble of Fear surrounding it.  Just gently and persistently push on the bubble with your Attention; eventually it will yield.  Once you get to the actual Wound, just sit with it, bringing your Attention gently back whenever it wanders and you notice it.  Some of its wanderings could be illuminating. 

When you’ve given it all the Attention it needs, it will Move.  Follow it till you feel like everything is Healed for now.  There may be many Unhealable Wounds in your Temple; start with the most painful one, or your most chronic Anxiety.

All this is obviously Chironean, and as we pointed out, Chiron makes a Quincunx Bridge across the Nodal Axis, Sextile to Pluto.  That suggests that approaching our Unhealable Wounds with Curiosity will bear fruit.

The Temple tells us to look to see what Vesta is up to, as she symbolizes exactly that.  From our 12.27 Portal:

“Pluto Initiating Vesta – December 27

“At a bit past 1pm PST ( ) December 27, Pluto Initiates Vesta.  Pluto doesn’t take No for an answer, and Vesta is about our Fundamentalism – the places where we take our metaphors literally.  So our Beliefs are Changing, which is good, since Belief is usually just about the last thing that gets Changed.  Belief struggles mightily to keep up with the last century’s Reality, let alone this century’s. 

“Most asteroids take about four years to get back to where they started, so for the last four years our Beliefs have been justified by Outside Authority.  This is shifting.  For the next four years our Beliefs will be based on Fear of Destruction, though there will be some who Believe even more strongly that if it’s carved in Stone it must be true.

“The previous Cycle began in February 2011 at 7 Capricorn, ‘A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.’  The current Initiation occurs at 14 Capricorn, ‘An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture.

No coincidence that Vesta’s Conjunct the Sun today, making a Major Tricolor – Stationary Eris Square Sun-Vesta Quincunx Jupiter Trine Eris…

Many of our most troublesome Unhealable Wounds to the Temple are still Unconscious, and some of those are emerging now, with Eris’s Station, amplified by Jupiter.  It’s a big opportunity.  When you Empathize with your own Unhealables, you add to the Planet’s Healing.

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