Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #3


α  α  α  α  α 

The other T-Square in the January 11 chart in Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #1, is one we’re quite familiar with by now, Pluto Square to the Nodes, with Uranus Conjunct the South Node.

Pluto Squaring the Nodes (which, by the way, is Perfect on January 21 – implying that it gets Stronger till then) means that we’re on a Mission.  Our Mission.  Doesn’t matter if you have an notion about what your Mission in the Lifetime is.  Doesn’t matter if you feel like your plugged into it or not.  You are on your Mission.  If you aren’t sure what that means, just Ask yourself, What am I doing now, that I wasn’t doing six months ago?

And of course the part of our Mission that we’re working on between 2012 and 2015 is the part about allowing our True Self to come out from behind our Masks. 

As there are with the Saturn T-Square, there are several Bridges across the Pluto T-Square…

  • Juno forms a Trine-Sextile Bridge, and a Major Tricolor with the Uranus-Pluto Square, and a Minor Tricolor with the Pluto-North Node Square.
  • Chiron forms a Quincunx-Semisextile Bridge.
  • Saturn and Mars-Nessus form an Octile Bridge.

Juno and its Tricolors is the major key…

When we’re Stressed between our Need to Preserve the Status Quo, our Compulsion to Be True to Ourself, and the Pain we Expect from Standing Up, we unleash Grace by Asking, “How is it that my Consciousness is Expanding?”  It doesn’t matter so much whether you choose the status quo or Truth, or how much Pain you’re willing to endure (as long as you’re Loving with it); what matters more is that you Witness your Feelings about the Edge you’re on – with Genuine Curiosity.

When we’re Frightened by the speed at which we’re being pulled into our Future, we can make our Life easier by Asking, “What small step can I take to move toward Believing that Change can actually be Easy?”

It may help to remind ourself that Miracles Are Available.  We need to be Curious about them; it’s Curiosity that brings them into fruition.  “If there was a Miracle that resolved this Difficulty, what might it be?”  But don’t Answer the question!!  Wait until it Manifests on its own; if you try to second-guess it, you’ll kill it.

A large part of our Transformation will be gradual Adjustments and Rebalancings.  While it’s good to Pay Attention to what’s The Most Important Thing, these aren’t Changes that “you” are making; by and large they’re Changes that are Being Made in your Life by a part of “you” that’s much larger than the “you” that you usually think of as “you.”

Since that “person” is your Unconscious, it’d be a great step to watch those Changes happen, and connect with the Mystery that’s Making them.  That’s the Consciousness you’re growing into, so you may a well start to get to know your New Self!

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