Next Portal: 1.9 (Or, 1.2-1.9)

ErisSD15Once again, as has happened so many times recently, we have a potentially very disruptive Configuration wrapped in Grace.  We can only assume that this means that, as with the Uranian Main Effect we’re dealing with, what’s being Disrupted is what’s no longer in Alignment with our best interests.

Four things going on in this chart for half-past 2am PST ( January 9…

  • The chart is drawn for the moment when Eris is Stationary and turning Direct
  • Eris is the foot of a Kite focused on Haumea, with Jupiter and Ixion-Pholus on the other corners of the Grand Trine.
  • Eris is also the focus of a Mjolnir with a Square from Moon-Lilith to Pallas as the base.
  • Sedna is the focus of a Finger of Yod with a Sextile from Haumea to Ixion-Pholus as the base.

Busy busy.  Eris has been and will be within one degree of her Station from mid-August of last year to mid-May of this year, but if your Sensitivity is like mine and we can extrapolate from fellow TNO Pluto, a week is a reasonable guess for the span when what’s available and distinguishable to Consciousness is lit up.  This means that

The Revelation of Denial had a significant role in our Emotional adventures of last weekend, and even more so in the aftermath we’re dealing with this week.  That’s a good target for the Curiosity we’ve been feeling, or just for a routine PIAVA:

What is it that we’ve been Denying, which could help us understand more about our Regression out of the Present Moment?

By the way, “TNO,” short for Trans-Neptunian Object, is the common astronomical name for the Plutoids – Pluto and the other dwarf planets that hang out in Pluto’s ‘hood.  These include Eris, Makemake (which itself is still less than an arcminute from the position of its December 30 Station), Chaos, Ixion, Haumea (which will be one arcminute from the position of its January 20 Station), Sedna, Quaoar, and others that we haven’t introduced yet.  Sedna though is more of a WTNO, Waaay-Trans-Neptunian Object, as her orbit spans 11,000 years, versus 250 years for Pluto.

The focus on Haumea (Rebirth) at the head of the Kite implies…

That the dumb-luck Grace embedded in the Grand Trine focuses into a Rebirth, if…

We own up to the Denial (the Opposition to Eris) and if we squarely face Sedna (at the focus of the Yod).

But let’s finish the Kite first.  The two other corners are Jupiter (which Amplifies everything else) and Ixion-Pholus.  Mythologically, Ixion was the sociopath of the Greek Pantheon.  Pholus was a Centaur whose claim to fame was inappropriate Blame.

So, if a Grand Trine is about dumb-luck Grace, how can sociopathic inappropriate Blame be involved?  Are we stumbling into a situation where we have a magic shield that deflects inappropriate Blame?  By inappropriately Blaming someone else, do we “accidentally” avoid a situation where we would have been Blamed?  Good questions.

The downside of a Grand Trine, though, is Arrogance.  If we attribute our dumb-luck Grace to our own Skill, rather than to a Gift from the Universe, then we can easily get into a situation where our own Hubris puts us into Denial.  So the Held Emotion that our Karma may be revealing to us here, may be Smugness or Inflation. 

Where in our lives do we exhibit a degree of sociopathic behavior – meaning we’re capable of easily ignoring or not noticing the difference between Right and Wrong, just because we have the Power to get away with it?  Where in our Lives do we ignore the difference between Success and Compassion?  Do we experience Abundance as having enough to Share, or as padding for our Ego?

Which means we have to check to see what the asteroid Hybris (Hubris) is up to…  Shitodear, it’s Conjunct Pallas, on one foot of the Eris Mjolnir!  So let’s look at the Mjolnir next.

Mjolnirs are about Epiphany.  So there’s great potential here for whatever we’re Denying to be revealed to us in a flash, literally (the Mjolnir represents Lightning).  The Mjolnir provides Insight into the Challenge represented by the Square in its base – which would be Moon-Lilith Square Hybris-Pallas.  Moon-Lilith is about Manifesting Yindependence or Self-Autonomy.  Hybris-Pallas would be about Boundaries that Protect our Ego but which don’t otherwise serve us.  The Ego is responsible for keeping us Alive, but it can easily get stuck on behaviors which would have kept us Alive in very different circumstances than those in the Present Moment.

That’s a big clue!

The Universe may be scheduling us for a blinding flash of Insight about the places where our Ego inhibits our Self-Autonomy, without serving a corresponding positive function.  Intention, yes.  Function, no.  So we PIAVA

Great Spirit, please show me any Patterns that my Ego is using with the Intention of Protecting me, but which don’t in fact Protect me, they instead prevent me from having Healthy Control over my own Life?

The involvement of Lilith provides another clue; we can also PIAVA

Great Spirit, where in my Life am I Living from the Head rather than from the Heart?

If we can get solid answers to questions of this nature, the chart promises Epiphanies big enough to reboot our entire Life.

So finally, what about the Sedna Yod – we should get additional clues there.  The base is a Sextile between Haumea (Rebirth), and Ixion-Pholus (inappropriate blame for sociopathic behavior).  While Ixion may seem evil, there will always be places in our Life where the end seems to justify the means.  Those are the places where apparent sociopathy has a positive function.  A sociopath exhibits a Pattern of sociopathic behavior, not an isolated episode of sociopathy.  For instance, in most cultures it’s considered appropriate to kill someone who’s trying to kill you, even though killing is normally taboo.  War is a prime example, for folks who Believe in Fear, Separation, and not WeBeAllOne.  And then there’s killing animals in order to eat; the end supposedly justifies the means.
But now let’s look at the Sedna myth.  In it, the father is driven by Fear for his own Life, to drown his own daughter.  Not an acceptable choice in most cultures, and even recent news stories from Inuit people show quite the opposite, where folks don’t hesitate at all to risk their own Life to save one of their kin.  I think a valid “moral” (recognizing that indigenous myths aren’t designed to have “morals” but instead designed to spur their audience to self-rumination) is that Fear isn’t the most productive Motivation for Action.  So we could say that the Yod suggests that we…
Be on the lookout for places where we’re driven by Fear rather than Love, especially where we’re driven to behavior which would otherwise betray our own Values.

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