Portals Reducks III or Duck! It’s a Portal!

A reader has lost a series of close friends, and is understandably in Grief.  They’re dwelling on Cause and Effect, which adds Frustration to Grief and inhibits Shaking It Off and Letting It Go and Moving On.  So we suggest…

It’s a “heuristic” – a teaching device.  You reconstruct your World as if “you” were Manifesting everything in it (which, after all, “you” may well be – it’s just not the “you” you’re used to thinking of yourself as).  From that perspective, you are clearing the slate, first getting one friend to leave you behind, then getting another friend to abandon you.  From this non-literal (maybe) analytical perspective, attributed motivation is just rationalization.  The Larger You —

  • You as you conceptualize yourself, plus
  • the elements of the Unconscious which are personal to you (symbolized by Uranus), plus
  • the elements of the culture that have adopted you or that you have adopted Consciously or Unconsciously (Neptune), plus
  • the elements of the Zeitgeist that have adopted you or that you have adopted Consciously or Unconsciously (Pluto),
  • to include just the Jungian layers and none of the many new Trans-Neptunian Objects

— is in charge here.  Like trying to fight Pluto, you don’t want to fight the Unconscious, because you’ll lose miserably every time.  You want to grok and cooperate with the Unconscious’s program for you, which you discover by using Heuristics like this one.

You can amplify the heuristic by recasting it in the third person – refer to yourself as he/his/him or she/hers/her.  This can loosen the grip your Identity has on you, temporarily, perhaps allowing you to see past the Veil a little.

I remember looking it up, where is it?  Aha, Devolution
(https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/devolution/).  One of the “features” of this Century is the thinning of the Veil (Neptune on the South Node in the 1/1/2000 chart), so consider this Disruption of Identity a trend.  Uranus Disrupts whatever is no longer in alignment with our Soul’s Intention for us.  It’s actually more true to consider “you as you usually conceive yourself to be” as the heuristic, though it’s not clear what you will learn from it.  Engagement I guess, maybe a hint about what it’s like for the rest of the Drones on the Planet, so you can Empathize with them a little as you try to convince them that there’s more to Life than propaganda.

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