musco2921bpA Curandera napitating in Muscovite – a Potassium Aluminum Mica that raises the vibration of your Crown Chakra and helps you to contact your Spirit Guides.  Like many Crystals, the structure of Muscovite includes a Vacancy, a regular space in the Crystal lattice that lacks a constituent element.  The Vacancy invites Spirit, opening a space for your Channel.  Thanks to Collen Marquist (Crystalline Communion) for the tip.

ω  ω  ω  ω  ω

Here’s a good exercise in Reanimating the Planet…

Look at the fellow on the right in the picture, the big fella with his taloned left paw resting on the snow in the foreground, his multiple protruding eyebrows, his little curly toupée, his ear-to-ear smile and alligator-like nose, double chin, and self-satisfied belly, sitting with his Fellows enjoying his new Cool White Coat!  Like Nillson’s Rock Man in The Point, “All ya gots to do, is just to keep co-o-o-ol.”  That’s Doctor Rock Man to you, eh?

Have you noticed lately that more often you’ll see little twitches in the World with your peripheral vision, where there’s “nothing” there when you move your Attention directly to the twitch?  Those are Faeries.  Say “Hi” when you see them.  See if you can manage not to turn your head to look directly at them, but just greet them where they are, even closing your eyes so you can focus better on the Energy Exchange that’s happening.  You wouldn’t be seeing the twitch is they weren’t communicating with you – and you with them, just below the fully-Conscious level.  Getting to know these folk is important for Reanimating the Planet, as without them “we’re screwed,” as a 25-year-old suggested to me today.

The January 1, 2000 chart, the birth chart for the Century, included an Initiation of the South Node by Neptune, at 4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers: The disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend nature through mind.”  The Neptune-South Node Cycle is about the irruption of Unconscious Contents into Consciousness that will be Confusing, if not Disruptive.  That works fine if you’re Aware of and Compassionate with what’s going on, since it’s then greatly Liberating, relieving as it does our Limiting Beliefs.  However, if we aren’t Aware, or if we aren’t Compassionate, it can symbolize real difficulties for the Ego’s ability to Sustain a personality.

The current stage of the Neptune-South Node Cycle is a Waning Novile.

The Novile is the Ninth Harmonic, the Energy of Isolation and Withdrawal, or alternately Introversion and Meditation.  A meditative and introverted response to Ninth-Harmonic Energy is one of the best ways to counteract difficulties for the Ego and facilitate Liberation.  The Waning Novile is about “Let It Go” or “Shake It Off,” which happen to be the top songs on the two top-selling popular-music “albums” of 2014 in the US.  Curious how that happens, isn’t it.

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