Lots of Rebirth going on, for better and for worse – not at all surprising after a Uranus-Stationary Solstice New Moon.  Makes the 2012 Solstice look like no big deal, as if that was just the end of some Calendar, or the End of Time, or something trivial like that.  This is New Life, like it or not.  Whatever is Changing rapidly for you, it’s important to look it squarely in the eye. 

Responsibility means being willing and able to Respond.  It’s how we avoid being victimized by events in our World that may or may not have any relationship to our own personal Manifestations.  We need to absorb our Changes quickly, partner with them, and move forward.  The World won’t wait for us.

We have no need to try to second-guess the Unconscious.  You may benefit from Asking yourself, “Did I Manifest that, and if so, how?”  But don’t get tangled up in it.  If you get an answer to that question, you’ll get it in a split second, and if you did, you’ve probably already rejected it as politically incorrect.  If you have to think about it, you’re not just wasting your time, you’re probably Creating new complications with your thoughts.  This isn’t about Guilt, it’s about Rebirth.

If you want to dissect the relationship between the Unconscious and the events in your World, get a copy of Eugene Gendlin’s Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams and follow it closely, so you can dissect without convoluting things even more.  The only substantive difference between Your Dreams and Your “Reality” is that Your Dreams suffer less from your Limiting Beliefs.

If you do want to sit down with what has Manifested in your Life, give it its own chair.  Be the Witness.  Talk to it, Ask it questions, and let it answer.  If you aren’t sure whether or not you’re projecting, Ask yourself, “Well, what if I did know?” and take the answer that you’ve already rejected.  No thinking, this is all about First Flash.  Let it Ask you questions.  Find out what its Mission is, and share with it what you believe Yours is.  See if the two of you can work out a Win-Win, where you support one another.

If it’s entered your Life, whether you’ve Created (or Co-Created) it or not, it’s now your new partner, so the two of  you need to get on the same page as quickly as you can.

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