van7163bpVanadinite, a Lead Vanadate Chloride, symbolizes Abundance.  The “-ate” ending means an Oxide, so it’s Lead Vanadium Oxide Chloride.


A couple of interesting questions from a regular reader…

“What do you think of Nick Hanauer?  I’ve only seen his TED…my cousin sent me this.  It
makes perfect sense on the first read and is generally what us plebs say–tho none of my
cronies understood about buybacks…”


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I don’t believe that folks like Epstein are really that stupid.  Regulation has been declining since Reagan, during the period when the Middle Class collapsed.  Glass-Steagall for instance – which was just repealed again by a passage snuck into the “save the government” bill of 2014.  Folks like Epstein just believe that we’re really that stupid, that he and his cronies can follow Goebbels’s rule that “if you tell the same lie often enough, people will believe it.”  And the unfortunate truth is that it works.

And it’s entirely possible that Epstein has been told the same lie so often that he believes it, as a serious branch of modern academic economics actually believes it.  The bottom line on both this issue and the torture issue that was prominent for a few minutes in the US, is in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.  She doesn’t talk about their scales, but otherwise it’s mandatory reading to understand what the Lizards are about.

It’s not just buybacks.  There is a pack of lies around “Globalization” and “Trade” that’s every bit as insidious as the lies around “Trickle-Down Economics.”  The modern notion in academic economics is that Hufolk are “resources,” just like Coal or Lumber.  When you’ve burnt a lump of Coal, you dump it in the ashheap over there behind your lowest-paid employee’s house.  And when you’ve burnt out an employee, you dump them on the street and get a new one.

My father grew up during “The Depression,” and it was clear to him that he had to toe the line, because if he didn’t kiss ass there were a thousand folks waiting just the other side of the fence to take his place.  That Pluto-in-Cancer (Security über alles) notion is what us Pluto-in-Leo (Self-Expression über alles) folk were fighting against in the 1960s, when Uranus Conjoined Pluto.  Now that Uranus is Squaring Pluto, the same issue arises, but it’s reversed.  We’re back to realizing that we have no Security, often even if we do toe the line.

The reversal arises because Duality is an illusion.  We have to Ask, “What’s the Coin?”  Suppose Cancer meant Nurturance über alles, and Leo meant Self-Love über alles.  There would be choices, but not antagonism.  The Coin is that we Create what we Resist.  When we look at the World without Dualism, there is only Community and Self-Interest.  Hanauer sees these as complementary while Epstein sees them as competing.

The Planet will continue to go downhill till it’s top predator gets the message that once it eats its last Auk or Carrier Pigeon, it’ll have to “go back to eating clay,” as Quaoar puts it.  The alternative is cannibalism, but of course, if you’re really a shapeshifted Lizard, it isn’t cannibalism after all, is it.


The second question…

“and this was interesting.  I never realized about the general  gmo-vitamins link.


“what I dont understand, in the cereal case, is that those now missing vits were added in.. so does that mean the wheat or oats etc itself doesn’t contain vitamins since they don’t list them?

“i thought that the list of vitamins on food packaging was about what’s in the food, not what’s added in… unless it says ‘added.’  I so rarely eat anything packaged that it doesnt matter to me, but I thought it was interesting and am wondering about vit supplements… which I dont take regularly either.  And probably should since I dont really eat balanced-ly.”

Fascinating; they can’t make synthetic vitamins without GMOs.  I hadn’t thought of that, but I should have, since I do know that GM microbes are routinely used as “factories” to produce industrial inputs.  I try to pay a lot of Attention to the sources of the raw materials for the supplements I take, but it’s not easy.  Using normally-reliable brands (Swanson’s for instance) is often the best we can do.

What the NPR article omitted is that food which is not organically grown is grown in depleted soil.  Modern industrial agriculture adds nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (and often toxins, if they use sewage sludge or industrial waste labeled as “fertilizer”) to the soil because plants don’t grow without those three elements, but they don’t routinely add the other minerals or the elements that the plants would use to make vitamins. 

Those other things come from compost, if the compost is made from certified-Organic fruits and veggies, or produce that’s grown the way certified-Organic produce is grown.  If you buy non-Organic produce or Cheerios and then compost your kitchen scraps, there’s no vitamins or minerals in that compost either, because there weren’t any in the non-Organic produce that you started with. 

I don’t mean to promote Organic certification per se; it’s expensive and small producers can’t afford it.  I’m using “certified-Organic” to indicate food grown with good compost and without chemical poisons, as opposed to the generic word “organic,” which just mean “based on Carbon.”  Note that there are no certifications for fertilizers, so when your local nursery or hardware store sells you “organic” fertilizers, that just means it’s based on Carbon, not that it’s been certified to have been made any certain way.

Yes, the nutrition you’ll get from Organically-grown or Biodynamically-grown or Permaculture-grown produce is usually far superior to the nutrition that you’ll get from the empty imposters that the big stores sell.  But if you care about future generations, it’s even more important to buy Organic for political reasons. 

First, in general, every non-Organic crop depletes the Soil more, so Hufolk in general are on a downhill Atlantean course with regard to health, and on an even faster downhill course with regard to Sustainability, as erosion and pollution kill off more arable land every year. 

And that doesn’t even consider the Carbon footprint of industrial agriculture and nonlocal food, the loss of fertile deltas to sea-level rise, nor the fact that in the developed World, and soon in the rest of the World, the most productive river-valley land has been covered with four feet of gravel in order to build massive single-story factories, warehouses, and malls to feed the advertising industry.  That land once fed the People.

Second, in general, Organic and Biodynamic and Permaculture standards treat Soil as a Living Source, rather than as a simple industrial input with only three components.  So each crop improves the Soil more, while protecting it from pollution and erosion with practices like no-till planting.  So each crop can have more nutrients than last year’s crop.

That’s idealized, but it’s accurate in general.

Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω 

It would behoove to consider the evolutionary implications of both of these interwoven trends.  Descent into Victimhood as we lose what little Power we had to control our own Destiny, and Descent into ill Health as we lose nutritional Power from our food, will perpetuate the concept of Hufolk as equivalent to lumps of Coal, as we Descend back into Slaves.  The historical reactions to overpopulation have been War, Famine, and Pestilence.

What are we doing to make this time different? 

And how will we do that so we don’t Create what we Resist?

Abundance means Having Enough to Share, and at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is classically the time when Sharing is necessary.  The parable of “Buddhist Heaven and Hell” comes to mind.  In Buddhist Hell you’re starving and there’s a sumptuous banquet on the table, but your elbows are locked.  In Buddhist Heaven we feed one another.

These Linear-Time dramas ask us to examine where we are on the Ceres-Chiron Cycle, because clearly we need a Miracle – a complete change of Water in our thinking – to escape this slowly-warming cauldron.  Ceres and Chiron were both prominent in the 1/1/2000 chart, as Pluto was then initiating Chiron, and Ceres was Rising.

The Pluto-Chiron Initiation occurred at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an Eagle, the Eagle into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”  The pattern is Patriotism and Us-against-Them-ism yielding to a more far-seeing Perspective, which brings the Light.

Ceres was Rising in early Libra – the birth of the realization of Other.

Ceres Cycles are only four years or so long, so we get rapid turnover on the Ceres-Chiron Cycle.  The Cycle is currently at the Waning Binovile stage.  The Waning Square occurred on November 28.

The Novile series represents the Ninth Harmonic, or the principle of Introversion and Meditation.  The Binovile, like the Biseptile, is the stage where we’re challenged to either get lost in an Either/Or, or find “the Coin” that inspires our Intuition.  The Waning portion of a Cycle is the winding-down and debriefing stage of that Cycle.

So the Ceres-Chiron Cycle that’s winding down began in late March 2011 at 4 of Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts.”  And this Symbol was channeled in the 1920s, so we can bet that these were the cigar-chomping top-hatting one-percenters of their day and their knee-crossing molls, as cars were rare and expensive.

The next Cycle begins March 24, 2016 at 22 Pisces, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.”  Good thing Chiron is involved, though it sounds like a Challenge.  This cycle will carry us through 2020, when the World economy is likely to pick up again as the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle kicks it into gear.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle promises us two centuries of Air, where the intellectual dominates polite society and industry, so disappointment and disillusionment isn’t surprising.

How long will that Chiron-Pluto Cycle take to bloom?  We’re now just past the Waxing Sextile, meaning that it’s up to us to kick-start progress, though since we’re early in the game we should keep our Expectations low.  We’ll be lucky to give a few folks Perspectives that temper their Us-against-Them-ism.  The Waxing Square doesn’t occur until 2028.

So this Liberation and Illumination business is a long-term process.  One step at a time, and keep your Expectations low.  If you can educate one or two Folk per month you’re probably doing very well.  They’ll go on to educate a few other Folk, and before long it’ll be a Movement.

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