The End of Autumn

galactic_lightshow-e1418515846398-580x309Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163 merging, as observed by the Chandra, Hubble, Donder, and Spitzer telescopes, courtesy NASA/CXC/SAO/STScI/JPL-Caltech.

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As the Nodes (Karma and Destiny) move into a Square (Mastery through Challenge) to Pluto (Inevitability), it’s a good time to review what Felix Wolf refers to as “Cognitive Dissonance.”  We usually refer to it as “Both/And,” the version of the story taught to us by Susun Weed.  You’ll probably recognize it as Buddhism 101.

The basic idea is that, if we want to Live from the Heart – which is not optional – we need to bring the tyranny of mind under control.  Truth lies in the Heart, and it carries a different flavor in every Heart.  It cannot be pinned like a trophy butterfly into words, because it’s Alive.  

The notion that Truth derives from Facts is Political.  It’s basic purpose is to separate your supporters from your detractors.  A “Fundamentalist,” whether a religious Fundamentalist or a scienterrific Fundamentalist or a patriot, is someone who “believes their own metaphors,” or takes them literally.  In the Political realm it’s Either/Or – you’re either one of us or you’re the enemy.

In the Spiritual Realm it’s Both/And; you’re just seeing the World through different Perspectives, and the more Perspectives you can carry around with you, the more flexibility you have for dealing with a Unitary and infinitely Multifarious  Reality. 

Here’s a starter: the Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual views of the World are each different Perspectives on a single Reality.  Find a circumstance where you vehemently object to that proposition, and sit with it till you’re comfortable with the Dissonance.  I’ll wait…

Got it?  Good.  Now you know how to soften up those self-sabotaging Limiting Beliefs.  Saturn moves into Sagittarius soon, so you’re going to be meeting many such situations for the next several years.  And Pluto being Squared by the Nodes, which will be with us through February, is likely to ferret out all of your most vehement objections to the notion.  You want to get this work finished before the end of January, while the “iron is hottest.”

Any time you encounter an apparently Physical problem (such as money or health), work on it from the Emotional (How will I Feel when I achieve that goal?) or Spiritual (Give It Over) Perspective. 

When you run into an Emotional problem (such as being strongly Reactive in a situation where you need all your faculties to be Present), try playing with it from the Physical (act it out with a friend) or Intellectual (what would Dick Cheney do?) Perspectives.

You might approach a Spiritual problem (such as Fear of Death) from the Physical (Tibetan Buddhists sit with a corpse while it rots) or Intellectual (the Buddha asked a person who was unable to release their Grief to find someone who had never lost a relative) Viewpoints.

An intellectual issue (such as what the Lizards and Fascists are likely to do to the Planet next) might soften if approached from a Spiritual (Matter doesn’t Matter) or Emotional (Grieve it as you would the Death of your best friend) viewpoint.  BTW, any concerns about the Future are intellectual concerns, because in Real Life, All There Is Is Now.

Which brings us to a Perspective that might have the Power to allow you to Let Go of your Karma, if you’re willing. 

Imagine us as Souls sitting in the lounge and tuning in to the afternoon soap opera called “Earth” on our galactic scanners.  We’ve smoked a little too much Soulweed, and we start to empathize with the Drama.  So we decide to go “down” there and mix it up a little before Souldinner.  (Time’s a little different here.)

Maybe we don’t like the constant War business.  As Souls, we’re U17-DK-certified Karma-free, so we have to find a costume that’ll seem credible to our fellow simulators.  No problem, as all of the exit ports on the lounge have built-in programming modules.  So we just turn the dial to “Anger” (or maybe a Mars T-Square) as we step into the transmogrifier.  So then when we’re born or walk in to a Lifetime, we get to experience our own little internal War.

Of course, if we remember our Soul Self during our recess it would spoil the fun, so we tune the other dial to “Full” (or maybe Mars Out of Bounds and Rising) so we’ll forget what we came to the Planet to do.  You can see the Emotional Fields on Earth in maps, like they use to show the weather (Emotions aren’t personal, they’re Energy Fields).  So you might drop into Syria rather than Iowa.

The Nodes Square Pluto on January 20, and the three-degree Sensitivity window begins tomorrow and runs through the end of February.  The Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross is 14 Cancer, “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.”  Sounds like the Rebirth theme again to me.

If terms like “Sensitivity” are new to you, look them up in the “CATEGORIES” list to the right.  Sensitivity is filed under “Orb (Sensitivity).”

Our drama this week, leading up to the Solstice, is about our True Self’s urge to Manifest into our Life.  This year’s Capricorn Solstice will be a major Rebirth, with abundant Grace sprinkled down from the Heavens.

We start our Solstice adventures at 3am PST December 21 ( ), plus or minus six hours, when the Moon crosses the dwarf planet Chaos (Limitless Potential or the Quantum Vacuum, rather than Disorder) and triggers the Juno-South Node-Chaos Grand Trine and the North Node Kite.  The Kite is long-term, it’s just the Moon’s activation that lasts plus or minus six hours.

The window for Miracles is wide open during this Rebirth.  The only Limits are your own Beliefs.

The next event is an almost-simultaneous Direct Station of Uranus and the Solstice itself, which occur within a quarter hour of one another, around 3pm PST ( ).  In other words, Uranus is Stationary (Strong) all this week.

If Disruptions occur this week, Let It Go.  What’s being cut away is no longer in alignment with our Soul’s Mission for us in the Future.  Grieve if necessary, but move on.  If anything isn’t effortless, don’t push it; instead, go inside and explore your Inner Experience.

Then at half-past 5pm PST ( ), we get the New Moon, within six arc-minutes of the Capricorn Cusp, “An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.

A quick calculation says we’re likely to get a New Moon within three hours of the Capricorn Solstice – which we can think of as Rebirth Squared – every 1,800 years or so.  The Capricorn Solstice stands out not just because it’s a traditional time of Rebirth, but also because it’s near the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center being still Lit Up by September’s once-in-twelve-million-times-the-age-of-our-Universe Centaur Stampede.

A New Moon, a Capricorn Solstice, and a Uranus Station occurring within three hours of one another would occur every 30,000 years or so.  On the current Linear scienterrific time scale that would put us about twenty millennia before the discovery of metalworking, so this is indeed an opportunity for swapping out of a Trance that Hufolk have been in for a loooong time.  The timing doesn’t quite match with the collection of fossils found so far, but with a little imagination you could think of the shift from Homo neanderthalensis to Homo sapiens.

I also can’t help but think about Atlantis, though the Linear timing, at least according to Plato, is off.  But Plato says that Atlantis fell because of the hubris of the Atlanteans.

Here’s a great example of the hubris of Homo sapiens in its current evolution…

It so happens that on December 19 there’s a triple Initiation of Saturn, the asteroid Hybris (ie, Hubris), and the Moon at 30 Scorpio, “Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks.”  Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip.  The impact of this may be that

If it feels like your (old) World is falling apart (or like you’re sinking into a bottomless sea of Emotion) before your Rebirth establishes any foundation for your Rebirth, take it with a sense of humor.  It’s just the Gods having some fun at your expense.  It’ll be all good in a couple of days.

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