Reanimate the Planet

I think one good way to kernelize the irreparable damage that Hupersons are doing to their Home, is to speak of the need to Reanimate the Planet.  History and the frightly news is full of examples to the contrary, but most of us would be less abusive to the Planet if we thought of Her as alive.

I couldn’t find a link – they may be waiting till the copies in the stores age – but the current Popular Science (of all places) has an article on “Animals Like Us,” about the Nonhuman Rights Project, , that’s suing to liberate Primates involuntarily incarcerated for life.  The article goes on to talk about the many “recent discoveries” that demonstrate that differentiation between Hufolk and Animafolk is political, philosophical, religious, reductionist, and self-serving rather than scienterrific.

An unusual topic for Popular Science magazine.  And speaking of unusual topics, foodie Mark Bittman has a very well-written and comprehensive article in the NYTimes about inequality in das Vaterland

where he strikes a similar theme, about how the difficulties facing Folk of all stripes (except the Lizardfolk) really amount to the same thing.  Good food = clear thinking.  This is a good trend, as it simplifies “the problem” and potentially unifies the political movement to change it.

It’s late – we’re at Uranus-Pluto Square #6 of 7, but better late than never.  It’s interesting that the corporate media is carrying these protests; since the 1970s the media has been collaborating with the increasingly militarized police to paint political protest in Amerika as the work of “anarchists,” when they cover it at all.  It’s a big change, and it indicates that corporate interests are now fearing that their police machine could get out of hand and shoot them in the foot.  A parallel to Nixon ending the draft?  Now we just need to avoid a repeat of the Eugene McCarthy debacle.

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