By the Grace of Pi

sphal4718bpA Sphalerite Crystal – Zinc Sulfide.  Zinc ushers us over serious Thresholds, while Sulfur helps us stand strong against our Illusions of the three-headed Dogs that appear to be guarding those Thresholds.


Portals galore coming up.  The major firework is the sixth exact Square between Uranus and Pluto – all about our Yintegrity (our willingness to trust our Intuitions more than our thoughts, moment to moment).  It’s a great month to open to our Witness, as both our thoughts and our Emotions are Strong.

Mercury is Out of Bounds till December 31, Venus Out of Bounds till December 24.

At half-past 5am PST on December 11, the Moon crosses Juno, which is Stationary.

Copy  into your browser address window to find other time zones, if the 5am link doesn’t work.

Juno turns Retrograde on December 15, but there’s lots going on before then.

For instance, the Moon-Juno meeting is part of a Grand Sextile, one of the most favorable Configurations in the Heavens.  It’s not the strongest Grand Sextile in the flock, but it’s there, and it provides fabulous support for Permanent World-Class Transformations in the way we Live.  Hold your Wants close to your Heart.

If we’re willing to count the asteroids Persephone (Death and Rebirth) and Urania (Astrology), that is.  The other members of the Grand Sextile are the Nodes (Linear Time), Ceres (Sustainability), and the asteroid Chaos (Potential).

Then on December 12 at half past 2am PST, the Moon moves into a position to provide major Epiphanies about Who We’re Becoming and What we need to Manifest.  While this peaks at 2am, it will be live for six hours before and after.

See  on December 12.

The Moon makes a Mjolnir across the Uranus-Pluto Square (Insight about how to Manifest Yintegrity) while the Moon itself Squares Saturn – which creates a Uranus Mjolnir across the Moon-Saturn Square (Insights about what part of our True Self is Most Important to bring forth).

Mjolnirs form when a third planet crosses the far midpoint between two planets that are Square to one another.  It means major Insights, Epiphanies.

Linear Time is optional, but most of us most of the time don’t know that.

“We might ask, ‘What do I want to do with my life, and how can I find out?’

“Or alternatively, ‘What does life want me to do, and how can I find out?’ “

“To find out what to do with our life and how to get the most out of it, we think, analyze, speculate, and proceed strategically.

“To find out what life wants us to do, we are receptive, fluid, alert, attentive, and present.”

–Felix Wolf, The Art of Navigation, p.1.

The essence of this 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto adventure is the Universe showing us all of the places where we’re out of Yintegrity.  This dance has been lit up in June and September of 2012, May and October of 2013, April 2014, and now.  The last dance will be in March 2015.  The “now” part is exact at 10pm PST December 14.  December 14

This is the Uranus-Pluto Square itself.

The “special” part of these last two episodes of Yintegrity-Revealed is that they’re tied by the shoelaces to our Karma.  We’re down to the places where things like Fear of Past Deaths hold our Yintegrity away from us.  As we go into these Shadow-Puppet Dramas, it will be useful to remember that…

If we’ve “been here before,” if we recognize the circumstances (which is actually what happens when we get anxious), it doesn’t mean we know what the outcome will be – it means our shoes our thick with the sticky tar of Karma.  Once we recognize that we’re embedded in a Karmic Archetype, we can Choose to Act differently this time, to step out of the Drama. 

That’s why our Witness is so important – so there’s someone home to recognize that we’ve been here before.

I’ve never understood Lucid Dreaming – it always seemed to me that it would be better to use our Dreams as Guides, rather than try to direct them from our Egos.  But now I understand.  Our Karmic Trances are nothing but Dreams!  So Lucid Dreaming is practice for stepping out of a Karmic Trance! 

Uranus (our True Self, able to be Present in the current moment) is now within our customary three degrees of Sensitivity to it’s late-January Conjunction with the South Node (our Karma or Tranced-out Self, stuck in past Dramas).  Godzilla meets King Kong.

The full impact of which could easily be delayed till 9pm PST December 15 and/or 3am PST December 16   December 15 and/or  December 16

The Moon Opposes Uranus at 9pm on the 15th, and crosses the North Node at 3am on the 16th.  These specific Portals are open for six hours before and after – but the larger Uranus-Pluto Portal is open from October till May.

Not that we expect this sort of outer-planet dance to hit its crescendo at a specific moment in time – it’s more likely to be something we’ve been working on for years.  These windows could just bring a peak circumstance where we’re particularly Challenged or Enlightened or both.

The Intensity doesn’t slack off after December 16, since the Solstice will be huge.

Meanwhile, during this whole dance, Uranus is Stationary (that is, Very Strong), turning Direct fifteen minutes prior to the Solstice, which in turn occurs two and a half hours prior to the New Moon.  Big Day.

The important part about Uranus-Pluto isn’t warfare between our True Self and our Programming (which is a painting of our Karma), it’s Growth in Consciousness, as we Witness our Karma playing out and Choose to step out of the Drama.

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