Background Energies II

zinn7677bp To succeed in the New Paradigm, avoid the eye of the Lizard!  No, no, take that back.  This is Zinnwaldite, a glorious Potassium Lithium Iron Aluminum Mica that in real life promotes Neutrality.  With those red glints, this copy probably also includes some Manganese filling in for some of the Iron.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

A new Chiron-Neptune Cycle began in February 2010. 

Chiron symbolizes the Choice between on the one hand Despair (or Limiting Beliefs that prevent one from seeing Possibilities) if one continues with one’s current set of Beliefs and ways of thinking, and on the other hand Miracles if one is willing to PIAVA Rebirth into a new World and tolerate the resulting Ego Death. 

Neptune represents our relationship with everything bigger than our current Identity – our Culture, our species, our Planet, God/Goddess, etc., depending on how inflated you are.  No pox on inflation; at certain times we recommend it.

So a 50- to 70-year-long Chiron-Neptune Cycle is about potentially Miraculous Rebirth of our Cultures, our species, our relationship to our Planet, and our relationship to our Gods and Goddesses.  The implication of Chiron is that some may not make the transition, if they’re unable to evolve from Limiting Beliefs which preclude the Rebirth.

Neptune Initiated Chiron at 27 Aquarius, “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.

Neptune-Chiron Initiations have historically correlated with significant disruptions and transitions in economy, politics, and Identity.  The prior Initiation occurred at the end of World War II, when folks were invited to figure out something else to do with their bomb factories.  (The US and USSR didn’t take the invitation, and the US still hasn’t.)  The late nineteenth-century Initiation prior to that was the beginning of what historians call the Long Depression, begun when bonds supporting North American transcontinental railroads collapsed – similar to the collapse of US housing derivatives in the year prior to 2010.

As this recently deceased post-WWII era ended, a lot of folks were caught off guard, and some have still not made the transition.  Since we’re co-creating the New Paradigm as we go, it’s difficult to suggest productive ways for folks to adapt, other than PIAVA.  Whenever there is a big transition there’s always a long tail created by the people who refuse to leave the Old Paradigm.  If they have enough Power, they can even create a bubble for themselves and appear to defy the Shift.  Some folks haven’t even left the Old Testament, for example. 

Once you find the Miracle, you can generally “fly under the radar” for a while.  You don’t really need a lot of support from a larger Culture that hasn’t transitioned yet – Community is enormously useful, but not necessary in any traditional sense, as “virtual” Community has become possible.  I have great faith in the Lizards’ ability to continue to trod most of humanity under their scales, as they always have.  But some folks are more optimistic than I, and can imagine reprogramming an entire Culture and economy to support folks more equitably than in the recent past – and more power to them!  Here’s one great example…

Sorry, WordPress won’t let me make that into a link, so you’ll have to block and copy it into your browser’s address line.

There are many examples of these trends already occurring in real life, we just don’t hear about them from a media owned by the titans of the Old Paradigm.  The Schumacher Center ( collects them, as does Sharable (  We hear about them when they get big enough to impact someone’s vested interests, such as the conflicts between Old-Paradigm taxis and New-Paradigm car-sharing programs.

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