Stationary Chiron 11.23

sapph6143bpGrey Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide) is an aide to grounding, and to touring the Akashic Records for clues about Unconscious Patterns that we didn’t know we could Break.  Our “That’s just the way the World is” kind of Limits.

∈   ∈   Θ  ∋  ∋

Another Portal to squeeze through, Chiron Stationary Direct at 4pm PST on November 23.  We have the advantage that it coincides with Chariklo’s Initiation of Vesta and our clinic on hypnosis.

For me personally, for a variety of reasons mostly having to do with childhood, I experience a lit-up Chiron mostly as Worthlessness.  So I’ll get to spend the next several days, as long as I remember to Witness these Feelings (“I feel Worthless”) rather than Believing them (“I am Worthless”), recalling and studying how I was hypnotized into Believing this.  How do you experience Chiron?

We know that Chiron symbolizes Hopelessness and Despair, including what we call Unconscious Despair, which is the Belief that alternatives are not within the realm of Possibility, so we don’t even Fantasize about alternate outcomes, let alone PIAVA them, because they never enter our thoughts.  We also know that Chiron follows Einstein’s “rule” that we can never solve a problem using the thinking that postulated the problem; we need to find a wormhole that will allow us to enter a whole new way of thinking.  Usually, that doesn’t “solve” the problem, it makes it disappear.

Blame is an excellent example.  If I, for instance, Blame the folks who are “making” me feel Worthless, then I have no good choices.  I could talk about my Feelings with them, but the results of that would be Shame and most likely revisions to the relationships that would not be helpful.  I could be Defensive.  No merit there.  I could withdraw (my habitual reaction), which doesn’t change the situation.  Or I could leap to hyperspace, and exit Blame.  How the devil does one do that?

Of course the first step is self-Blame.  By itself, that just withers one’s Self further (and doesn’t help at all with our larger, ongoing Mask-removal project).  But it at least holds the possibility of examining and changing the offending Patterns without creating further social damage.  Once we find our way outside of the Blame bubble, though, we can encounter Responsibility.  While Blame is “Who did this?”, Responsibility is “How can we fix it?”  While the answer to that may not be easy or simple when we’re dealing with Karma, it at least qualifies as a “whole new way of thinking.”

Easy and simple answers are always better, eh?  The easy and simple answer is Empathy.  Chiron was the “unhealable Healer,” but Empathy Heals.  Empathy can be as simple as saying to myself (as the Witness), “You poor sop, you really feel Worthless, don’t you.”  That immediately moves me (the Witnessed) to re-experience being six or so, feeling despondent in the local woodlot.  So I could explore that for clues about who and how I was hypnotized into believing I’m Worthless.  Better yet, since “exploring” would be a mostly intellectual process, I can just Empathize, then Change the Subject, and let the Unconscious do its more-multidimensional work.

In this case, the process of locating the “Pain” in my body is obvious, because the feeling of Worthlessness is clearly accompanied by a silver-dollar-sized circle of pressure.  This is the hole in my Aura, which corresponds to all of the other synonyms for Soul Fragment that we listed earlier – Limiting Beliefs, Held Emotions, etc.  It’s where my Worth leaks out, and where real or imagined attacks on my Worth enter. 

I can put all of my Attention there and hold it for a while, but nothing changes.  That technique is successful when the sensation moves to another location in the body (follow it), or dissolves.  So I’ll escalate.  I ground myself, then pull Energy up my grounding chord from the center of the Earth, and pool it in my belly.  I draw Energy down from the cosmos, mix it with the Earth Energy, then stream the Energy into the location of the persistent sensation in my body.  I promptly fall sound asleep sitting up!  Which is to be expected, that’s the Trance holding on, stronger than my Awareness.

So I try again, and fall asleep again.  So I sit up straighter, strengthen my resolve, and try again.  This time the sensation moves into other parts of my body, and shifts, becoming aches and swirling sensations, while the dollar-sized pressure remains.  I follow it with Energy.  (How do you do that?  Imagine directing a flow, like Water or Light.)  Now I use my hands to warm the areas, soften the flow (sort of like dimming the lights, or adding pillows) and soften the areas of discomfort.

Still no change in the dollar-size pressure, but I’m no longer feeling Worthless, and most important I’m not Believing myself to be Worthless, so we’ve at least made the original complaint disappear.  I’ll continue to play with it, and keep you posted.

The Focus of the Chiron Station is Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), which is the tip of a Yod based on a Chiron-Pluto Sextile. Since Pluto can imply the absence of Choice, and since Chiron Squares Ceres (Sustainability), we know that the Changes we’re undergoing will be seminal to our Future.  We also know the Changes have something to do with Boundaries, as Pallas Squares Juno.  That makes a Tricolor with Chiron, so the unfolding of that Mystery makes it important to…

Wonder about how our Edges between Despair and Miracle are going to be shifting.

The Chiron Station is also Semisextile (Pattern-Breaking) to Uranus (Yintegrity).

It’s important to know that when we speak of Wonder and Curiosity, we aren’t suggesting that we look for answers.  Answers kill Wonder.  We want to aspire to a permanent state of Wonder and Curiosity.  When we study a new realm, every Discovery creates more questions.  Till we reach a certain point, at which things start to Converge again; we start to feel like we understand the new realm, and that what we’re understanding fits in some way with what we know of other realms. 

While it’s very satisfying, that point of Convergence is dangerous.  It’s when we fall out of Curiosity.  That’s like falling out of Love, because we stop being Open to new Learning, and become vulnerable to Judgment.  We start to Believe that we know more about an Entity than the Entity knows about itself – which is ridiculous.  At the very least we need to add the suffix “or something like that” to our answers.

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