Soul Fragments

mgrieb3018bpMagnesioriebeckite.  On the right it’s a relatively solid stone.  On the left it’s differentiating into what will eventually be Asbestos.  Asbestos, because its particles are so small, lodges in the Lungs and resists attempts at coughing it up and out, eventually becoming an irritant and destroying the Lungs.  When our Soul (on the right) disintegrates into Fragments that are too small, our Egos metaphorically lodge in the Lungs of the Planet, eventually killing it.

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We shouldn’t forget that the “main thing” within our Solar System for the next several months is the budding Uranus-Pluto-Nodes Square.  That means…

It’s really important to merge with any Pain you encounter, in the sense that the fastest way to “heal” Pain is to Locate the Pain in your body, put All of your Attention into the center of the Pain, and hold it there, gently bringing it back when it wanders (which of course it will do).  There may be a bubble of Fear around it.  Imagine penetrating the Fear with your Attention till the Fear dissolves and you find the center of the Pain.  Have Patience; it may take a while (even weeks if you haven’t been practicing).  The longer it takes, the more important it is.

Your objective is to be Loving and Gentle with the Pain.  The Pain is an orphaned part of yourSelf, and it’s been begging to be reunited with you for so long that it’s resorting to Pain to get your Attention.  You want to Love it back into being an integral and important part of You.  Love is soft and warm; Fear is cold and hard.  Soften the bubble of Fear, soften around the Pain.  Warm it.  Put your hand on it.  Imagine holding it and rocking it.  It’s a lost infant, your infant.

When the South Node crosses Uranus (January 31) all of your orphaned Soul Fragments will be clamoring to come Home.  Start opening to them now, so they don’t overwhelm you then like a hundred Ghosts haunting you. 

When Pluto Squares the Nodes (January 20) you’ll be Compelled to Pay Attention – either Lovingly or with Resistance.  Start practicing now to make it Lovingly. 

Some folks came here to watch TV and shop, to get hypnotized by the Lizard and thicken their negative Energy so it’s harder to transform.  You came here to Change the trajectory of the Planet.  In order to do that you need to embrace all of your Held Emotions – aka Karma, aka Pain, aka Soul Fragments, aka Limiting Beliefs, aka our Birdcage, aka self-sabotage, aka all that our Identity doesn’t encompass, aka anything you can’t stand to See or Feel – because hidden beneath those Soul Fragments are the Skills you need to complete the Mission you came here to achieve.

There’s nothing Personal about KarmaBefore your birth, as a Soul seeking adventure and “good works” you looked at the Planet’s trajectory and decided you could help shift it.  So you took a crash course in the Planet’s Pain.  You shift the Planet by embracing some of its Pain, shifting it back into Love.  It’s not your Pain.  Your body is a transmogrifier.  It takes in Pain and, if you’re willing to Guide the process, transforms it into Love.  Like your Liver clears toxic substances, your body does the same with toxic Energy.

The penultimate Uranus-Pluto Square (exact December 14) is now a degree and a quarter from being exactly Square, well within our three-degree Sensitivity span.  We feel that as an urge to “drop our Masks” – aka our programming, the ways our significant adults in childhood wanted us to be instead of the way we really are, and the hypnosis that the Lizard propaganda machine (aka school) installed in us.

There’s nothing Personal or Evil about the Energy we call the Lizards.  It’s a personification of our own Resistance, our own Hesitation to “rock the boat” and let our True Selves out, allow ourselves to follow our Instincts and Guidance without censoring or limiting ourSelf.  The Archetype is Duality; we Create a Duality in order to serve one side instead of the other.  Imagine how dull a Star Trek or Star Wars would be if everyone was welcoming and friendly.  It’s all Love, playing a game with itself.

Till we see through the Archetype, we serve the Light by embracing Pain.  After we see through the Duality Archetype, we simply embrace it all.  It’s not that we don’t care about outcomes; it’s that we aren’t attached to an outcome.  But sitting in Love rather than Judgment, we embrace the whole game.  When it doesn’t matter what the Lizard does, the frequency of the game changes and the Lizard is simply lashing at shadows, a boring game that he soon tires of.  Till then, we use our bodies to wash the Pain.

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