Dopplefez 11.14 and Neptune 11.15


Elizabeth points out a rare and interesting event that will occur at 4am PST November 14.  Uranus, Chiron, and Juno will all stand in exactly the same arcminute, of different signs, at the same time: Uranus at 13:08 Aries Semisextile to Chiron at 13:08 Pisces Quincunx Juno at 13:08 Leo Trine Uranus.  With Chiron Stationary, turning Direct on November 24 at 13:06.  The three planets are within our usual three-degree span of Sensitivity for most of November.  What would this mean for us, by itself?  Elizabeth guesses…

“So curiosity about how our despair can push the edges of our consciousness and break a pattern leading to an expanded sense of Self, or something like that, to use your way of interpreting these?!”

I can’t argue with that, can I!  I might shift the emphasis slightly…

Wondering about our Limitations may provide an opportunity to grab a passing Miracle that allows us to claim new psychic territory as our own.

But she’s got it down very well!  Not only that, but she’s Intuited The Most Important Element in the overall chart – the Yod to Juno.  There are four other planets at 12-15 degrees of their Signs, and they make a double Fez – a Trine Fez based on the Juno-Pallas Square, and a Square Fez based on the Juno-Uranus Trine.  I left the Sextile base of the Juno Yod undrawn, so it’s easier to see the two Fezzes.

We have to interpret everything we see as subsidiary to the dominant overall Energy of the time, the Uranus-Pluto Square.

So everything we see should serve our Mask-Dropping and Compulsive-True-Self-Expressing. 

The other Square, Juno-Pallas, isn’t nearly so Global, but still important.  It says

We’re in the process of reviewing the Edges of Our Identity – what’s “I” and what’s “Not-I,” what’s “Mine” and what’s “Not-Mine.”  For instance, that Anger I see in you, maybe I should look to see if that’s just a Mirror for my own Anger.  

The Pallas-Uranus Quincunx means that Curiosity is part of our review.

Curiosity always makes any review larger, first because we’re less trying to justify preconceptions than usual, and second because it eschews Judgment – being in that regard adjacent to the fundamental Power of the Universe, Love.

The other Major Tricolor, Uranus Square Mars-Pluto Quincunx Juno Trine Uranus, suggests that

We can fruitfully address any Resistance to Dropping our Masks by Wondering how our Limiting Beliefs might expand.  We don’t even need to know what Limiting Beliefs we’re considering; we just need to Wonder what new material we might invite into Consciousness that will make it Effortless to Open to a Deeper Self.


Neptune 11.15

Meanwhile, Neptune is very Stationary, turning Direct at 11pm PST on November 15 at 5 degrees of Pisces, “A church bazaar: The value of giving a spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges between social persons and individual minds,” implying that

We can benefit from imagining how the answers to our Wonderings might be hidden in everyday interactions.

Neptune’s Shadow Period spans 5-8 degrees of Pisces – the Taurus Dwad.  This is about

Solidifying our Emotional Connections.

She’s been Retrograde since mid-June – the Cancer-to-Scorpio Third of the Zodiac.  This zone is about

Nurturing our relationship to our Culture. 

We’re programmed as Souls by our Parallel Lives and our pre-birth Huperson-simulations, as children by the significant adults we chose to parent us, and by the Culture of the time and place we chose for our Huperson adventures.  We come into a Lifetime not only to play with our Karma, but also to manipulate the plot of the play we’re in.  This Planet is Improv Theater.  So Nurturing our relationship to our Culture doesn’t mean adapting, it means Nurturing the Growth of the Consciousness of our Culture just as it means Stretching our Individual Consciousness beyond our Limiting Beliefs.

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