Tapping for Vets

Donna Eden and David Feinstein,


are offering to all veterans for two weeks free access to David’s introduction to Tapping (EFT)…

“In support of veterans all over the world, Innersource is offering all veterans and their families, for a limited time, FREE ACCESS to David Feinstein’s acclaimed 4-Hour Introduction to Energy Psychology DVD course.

“Energy Psychology has been called ‘acupressure for the emotions.’  By tapping energy points on the surface of the skin while focusing the mind on specific psychological problems or goals, the brain’s electrochemistry can be shifted to quickly help overcome emotions that get in your way.”

EFT is one of the few techniques proven and documented to Heal PTSD, often in a very short time.

While David can be hyperintellectual at times, he was the prime driver behind the American Psychiatry Association coming to consider education in EFT suitable for continuing education credits for mental health professionals.

As much as I hate to link to one of those Constant Comment links, find their free offer here…


Whether you suffer from PTSD or LIFE, once you learn to Tap and actually use it (“on everything”), your Life will never be the same.

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