Portals 11.9-11.10

cit0189bpCitrine, a variety of Quartz that does an excellent job of absorbing negative Energy.  Natural Citrine like this one is brownish.  The brighter yellow and even orange ones are irradiated.  Which doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.  And they still absorb negative Energies.

§ § § § §

The Nessus Station, November 9

The Nessus Station at around 3pm PST on November 9 makes a Grand Cross with Saturn, Lilith, and Sedna…

Nessus should be pretty busy here, so I don’t expect a lot of negativity.  If anything, Nessus symbolizes Karma in the sense of “what goes around comes around.”  He challenged Hercules, Hercules killed him, but before he died he arranged the future death of Hercules.  Very tight drama there.  As if Lilith, with her blackbelt, needed any help keeping a Horse’s ass in line, Sedna and Saturn both mediate.  In the Sedna myth, though, Lilith would play the daughter, Nessus the abductor, and Saturn the father. 

Nobody wins that epic, so it’s up to someone to remind everyone that they’re dancing with self-sabotaging Archetypes.  That would likely be Lilith or Saturn.  So what self-sabotaging Archetypes are we dancing with?  Offing someone else to save our own skin?  Falling victim to deception?  Letting hubris overwhelm us so we think we can get away with anything?  Overfocusing on the Dynamic at the expense of the Magnetic?

…and a Mystic Rectangle with Quaoar-Hylonome, Lilith, and the Moon.

This second Configuration is easier.  Transcending an Archetype is a major Transition that requires an Ego Death.  If you Identify with your old Ego and the Archetype (Lust, Hubris, Revenge, Deception, Fear, Control), you die.  Or feel like it.  If you Identify with the person you’re becoming after transcending the Archetype, you soar.  Your old Ego had hopes and dreams that you had to Let Go when you transcended the Archetype, however – all losses must be Grieved.  It needn’t take more than a few minutes of Ceremony, but it must be done.

§ § § § §

Mars-Pluto, November 10

Mars Conjoins Pluto at 3pm PST on November 10, at 12 Capricorn, “An illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life.”  The last thing we’d expect for a Mars-Pluto.

Anger blinds us because we hold it back, so it explodes out of us when it exceeds our ability to Control it.  If we Trusted our Anger as a valid Instinct telling us to set a Boundary, we could do just that without losing Control or becoming blind to the effect we’re having on Other.  It takes a good deal of practicing – try, fail, try again – to Change these Patterns, and it takes the Witness to see when the opportunity to practice has arisen.  You may want to PIAVA the Witness to help you.

Mars-Pluto forms one (upper) corner of a Square Fez, Quincunx to Juno.  Mars-Pluto squares Uranus, and Juno Squares Pallas, leaving a Quincunx from Uranus to Pallas.  The Fez is just now forming, but it endures till November 21.

The Challenges are Honest Self-Expression, and choosing Boundaries that enhance the Growth of Consciousness.  The keys are Wondering how Righteous Anger can possibly Grow Consciousness, and Wondering what sort of Boundaries might allow us to drop our Masks.

Chiron is Sextile to Mars-Pluto, hence Quincunx to Juno, making a Juno Yod.

The bottom line here is Growth in Consciousness.  Everything else serves that end.  So PIAVAing the Witness may be your best course.

And will Create Miracles if you succeed in transcending the Archetypes.  Mars-Pluto will be prominent for about four days prior to November 10 (confounding our perception of Nessus), and less so for about four days afterwards.

§ § § § §

Return to Uranus-Pluto, November 10-11

By 11pm PST on November 10, the Moon has moved around to Oppose Mars-Pluto, adding a Kite to the Mars-Pluto Fez, but also Squaring Uranus.  This could well be more of a Mars-Pluto Moment than the actual Conjunction.  This portal holds from around 8pm PST to about 5am PST on November 11.  With the emphasis shifted back to the head of the Kite – Mars-Pluto, and the Uranus T-Square, it’s obvious that this heralds our return to the realm of Uranus-Pluto.

Now the plot thickens, as we’re re-initiated into the realm of Yintegrity.  We’ve had a break from our Yintegrity homework for the last five months.  Now it’s time to dive back in and put the finishing touches on our Rebirth as Higher Beings, driven from our Soul rather than from our Ego.

Remember Yintegrity?  It means Trusting your Instincts enough to do what your Guidance (or, if you’ve cleared your Held Emotions, your Feelings) tells you to do moment to moment.  Good luck with that in a Yangtegrity World.  But it has to be done.  If you don’t Trust that Yintegrity will get you where you Want to go (who would, given our programming?), then you can mitigate the risks by minimizing your Commitments, Renegotiating when you need to, and making Amends when Renegotiation is impossible.

This last Uranus-Pluto province lasts till mid-May.  It will get very exciting at the end of January, when our Souls test us to see how well we’ve Let Go of our Held Emotions, the ones we can’t stand to Feel.  Practicing Yintegrity now will save you pain in January.

Uranus Initiates the South Node on January 31 at 14 Aries, “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.”  Kundalini and Heiros Gamos rolled into one!  The final Uranus-Pluto Square occurs on the Ides of March.  Et tu, Brute?

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