Nessus 11.9, Neptune 11.16

On Sunday November 9, the Centaur Nessus is Stationary Direct.  So we should be feeling that Energy fairly strongly.  Nessus is most famous for attempted rape – of Hercules’s wife – and his subsequent death at the hand of Hercules, though he was first able to secure Hercules’s fate.  I don’t have time to dissect the Discovery chart fully, but a prominent feature is a Yod pointing to Pallas-Saturn-Descendant.  That suggests to me that he has repented.  He also has Ixion Conjunct Pluto though, so he may get hairy and howl at Full Moons.

Keep an eye out for untoward Actions for the next several days, as a Centaur with a checkered history is Stationary (Strong) on November 9.  A week later, Neptune is Stationary, so remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  Don’t even try to get Clarity.  Instead, Open to the Confusion.

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