PIAVA-CWEGO and CNU but not F – and Hubris

opalpkperu2723bpI can feel this luscious Pink Andean Opal physically Opening something in my torso.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

As we continue our journey we keep finding new letters to add to our basic process for Creating Magnetically, PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Affirm, Visualize, or Ask.  Followed by Changing the Subject and Paying Attention of course.  We’ve written extensively about it…


We need to Create Magnetically rather than Dynamically (Plan, Do) whenever we need to enlist the Unconscious.  Yes, that’s always, isn’t it.  Seldom hurts to mix in a little of the Dynamic, but the Magnetic should be our first choice – even to create a container for the Dynamic – because it has the potential to Create fewer Unintended Consequences, and because it enlists Magic and Miracles.  Of course PIAVA often brings us face to face with our Held Emotions, giving us the opportunity to Embrace them and Let Them Go, but by now we’re at least Expecting that, if not Intending it, right?  Without that we’ll just continue to sabotage ourself.  While we might include this in Unintended Consequences, it shouldn’t be Unexpected Consequences.  And Manifesting Magnetically is “clean” – not just Karmically neutral, but Karmically positive, unlike the Unintended Consequences of Dynamic Creativity, which usually screw up the World with “side” effects like Global Warming, Mass Shootings, or Four-Day Erections.
So far we’ve added a C for Command (Theta Healing), a W for Wonder (Curiosity, Awe, even Wish), an E for Expansion (Christie Sheldon), and a G for Gestalt (the Two Chairs), all discussed at length in the link above.  Along with F for Fantasy and why it doesn’t work – which we actually usually Intend, because it’s Safer.  Today we’re going to add an O, for Opening.  It was given to us by the Full-Moon.And its Vesta-Chiron Square.

Before we talk about the O though, we should add a note about CNU – Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.  That’s a fabulous way to reverse a train of negative thoughts.  When we first notice a negative thought, we Cancel the thought, Neutralize the Energy waves that emanate from it and increase the possibility of it actually Manifesting, and Upgrade the thinker (us) so we don’t go around broadcasting such schmaltz any more.  We do all this just by reciting the incantation, “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.”  The mudra is optional.

This “O” happened “spontaneously” (the result of previous PIAVAs of course) to a friend, who related the story to me.  They were thinking (a basically Dynamic process) about a health issue when suddenly they felt their cells Open to Healing.  It was a kinesthetic experience, almost shocking.  We can’t always Consciously Open our cells with a simple declaration, but we can Consciously invite a new perspective by Opening our mind to new possibilities.
It’s related to testing any PIAVA-CWEGO (or Desire) with BDFT – Believe, Deserve, Feel, Try.  Do we Believe it’s possible?  (If not, work on the Belief before you work on the objective.)  Do we Deserve to receive it?  (If not, work on the Deserving before you work on the objective.)  Do you know what it Feels like – would you Recognize it if you got it?  (If not, Imagine what it will be like and look to see how it Feels in your Body.)  And Try it on – practice with the Feeling.
While we’re on the subject of Unintended Consequences, it wouldn’t hurt to remind that it’s always better to shift from Wanting and PIAVA-CWEGOing the object, to Wanting and PIAVAing…
The way you think it will make you Feel when you get it.

The huge benefit of doing it this way, is that you will be automatically translating from your Deepest Desires to your Mission.  As humans we don’t normally understand our Mission, unless we happen to be channeling our Soul.  So our Soul gives us watered-down versions that we can understand, namely, our Deepest Desires.  When we move toward those, we move toward our Mission.  Then the Soul does a bait-and-switch, and gives us the next hologram.

That’s why Fantasy doesn’t work so well.  Fantasy would have us Manifest our Deepest Desires literally.  We’d regret that.  Our Deepest Desires are like the Star over Bethlehem.  If we actually got the Star, we’d burn up.  We just follow the Star to the Manger.

Opening is similar to Softening.  Stephen Levine recommends that we respond to any wound by Softening around it, rather than Tensing up as we normally do when we’re hurt.  Tensing restricts the blood flow and delays Healing.  The same can be said of our Held Emotions – we Heal them by Softening around them rather than Tensing up to protect ourself from “them” – they’re really us, just an orphaned part of us.

It’s also similar to the process of Putting Your Full Attention into the Center of Pain and Holding It There that I frequently recommend.  (We’ll drop our silly acronym game, and refrain from calling that PYFACPHIT). 

Meanwhile, another friend has pointed out that there are two asteroids Conjoining the Sun at today’s Full Moon.  They Conjoin at 17 degrees of Scorpio, “A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is ‘great with child’.”  The two asteroids are Hybris (an alternate spelling of Hubris) and Compassion – it’s Hubris that Initiates Compassion.  Fascinating, the way this dance is choreographed!

A minor astroevent at the Full Moon suggests that we can midwife a virgin birth of the new perspectives that we need, in order to manifest Chironean Miracles, by thinking for a few moments about what we don’t do very well, something that makes us feel unsatisfied afterward.  Then, think for a few moments about something you do really well, something worthy of your epitaph.  Now notice the angle between your neck and your chin.  Without changing that angle, think about what you don’t do well again.  This exercise may Open you to having Compassion for yourself.

3 Responses to “PIAVA-CWEGO and CNU but not F – and Hubris”

  1. Joan Says:

    PLEASE…….What is PIAVA?
    I have searched and just can’t
    find the definition.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Hi Joan! Sorry; I often add a link, but not always. It’s https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/category/manifestation/piava/ – if you go to https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/ and scroll down to the CATEGORIES list in the right-hand column, it’s there among the many other keywords indexed. It stands for “Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, or Asking” and these are followed by “Changing the Subject” and “Paying Attention,” as are detailed and embellished several times in the posts indexed under PIAVA. Thanks for Asking!

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