Arrowman Recognise the Pointed Man from Nilsson’s The Point?  ‘Tis a fabulous video if you haven’t seen it – or even if you have.

Today is “mid-term” election day in the USofA, meaning that the House of Reps is replaced completely (of course most of the incumbents will remain, but they all have to be re-elected), one third of the Senate is re-upped, and almost three quarters of the governors of the fifty states are being reconsidered.  Governors are the chief executives of the supposedly sovereign states, there are two Senators per state, and the 400-odd Reps supposedly represent about 750,000 people each, though most of them really represent business interests.

While folks always admonish people to “Vote Early and Often,” or at least “Vote,” we ask people to pray instead, or whatever flavor of PIAVA is your preferred modality.  This vote isn’t critical; the critical issue in the USofA is whether the blatant fascists (aka Republicans) or the covert fascists (aka Democrats – remember fascism means that business and government are one and the same, leaving The People out of the equation) win the Presidency in 2016.  There are a couple of nascent movements to promote The People, but they’ll need a lot more momentum before they’re meaningful.

Meanwhile, the next Crash is due soon.

There is a Grand Trine and Kite today, but it may not be on our side (except of course anything “negative” increases the possibility that more folks will wake up).  The Moon crosses Uranus (our oft-Suppressed Soul Connection) around half-past 9am PST, and crosses the South Node (our Suppressed Emotions) at 5pm PST.  That’s actually quite a powerful combination in its own right.  Unfortunately, most folks most of the time will choose to Protect their Suppression.  Suppressing their Uranian urges meets the Expectations of their Community, so no one rocks the Materialistic boat, and Protecting themselves from their Held Emotions maintains their illusion of Comfort.

The Moon doesn’t get to Eris (Confronting Denial) till 1am PST tomorrow, too late even for Hawaii.  The major astroprocess that’s lit up is another impending Uranus-Pluto Square (Compulsion to be more Honest), the sixth of seven, that will be dominating the next six weeks.  It’s our last “Exposition” (Learning Opportunity) Uranus-Pluto; by April we’re on to other Energies.  I think it’s a good time to review the Century’s chart, for January 1, 2000.  It had four major elements: Enlightenment, Polarization, Sustainability/Sustenance, and the Thinning of the Veil.


Pluto Initiated Chiron shortly before New Year 2000, in 12 of Sagittarius, “A Flag turns into an Eagle, which turns into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”

Pluto-Chiron is about bifurcation – those who can’t get out of Hopelessness, descend further into it, while those who manage to escape it, create Miracles.  The Symbol clearly shows a transformation from Identification with State and Ego, to attaining a broader perspective, to opening to the Light.  It also clearly shows a transition from Patriotism to Predation to Pride.  Ah, those Choices!



In the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross, Pallas Opposed Uranus, and the Moon Opposed Saturn.

Are we willing to set the Boundaries we need to set in order to make a Safe Space to allow our True Self to emerge?  Which level of the Moon will we Focus upon?  Our Random Emotions (ie, business as usual), our Instincts, or Manifesting what we Want?  Three quarters of the people in the USofA believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.  Fifty-one percent of them will vote for business as usual because they fear to lose what little of the pie they have.  And of course those three quarters don’t agree on which direction is wrong.



As New Years and New Century’s rounded the Globe, everywhere on it, Ceres was Rising.

Unfortunately, Sustenance is an inherent part of Sustainability, as in order to achieve Sustainability, we need to Let Go of what is unnecessary.  Once we figure out that it’s those Held Emotions that are unnecessary, and in fact, sabotaging, we’re golden.  Off on the yellow brick road to Enlightenment and Miracle!


Thinning of the Veil

Neptune Initiated the South Node a few days after 1/1/2000, at 4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his Healing powers: The disciplined use of Spiritual Energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend Nature through mind.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how much the Veil is Thinning these days.  It certainly accelerated after Time Ended in 2012, but now it’s accelerating even faster.


Today’s Grand Trine/Kite

Moon-South Node Trine Jupiter, which in turn Trines Centaur Pholus (Inappropriate Blame) and dwarf planet Ixion (the psychopath).  The North Node is the head of the Kite.

So the near-full Moon will command most of the Attention, and inspire folks to vent their frustration in Inappropriate Blame, consequences be damned.  Since the ultimate Focus is our Mission, the negativity will eventually accumulate enough to wake people up.  There’s a race on in the USofA between the people waking up and the militarization of the police, and between the Perspective and the Predation. 

If the US goes the way of Germany, it will take an invading army to end the cycle, once enough people are droned or bombed back to the Stone Age, that the rest of the World finds that “American Exceptionalism” cannot be quenched by other means.  If those budding efforts toward gaining more control by the People and less control by the Money go anywhere, we could take a more pleasant route to Enlightenment.

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