Learning Opportunities – Portal 10.28-29

potent_stripx1_strip2Couple of nice Solar selfies of that big Sunspot.  It is sending out Flairs; it’s just not sending out “Coronal Mass Ejections” or CMEs yet.  Flairs just mess up Earthly communications; CMEs are far heavier.  They are capable of knocking out the (electrical) Power Grid for months or even years, if a big one hits while the Grid is running.  Wouldn’t it be great if a huge one knocked out the Lizard Power Grid.  There are now several satellites that can detect when and where the Sun has belched a big one, and can warn Earth that it’s heading our way, early enough that the electrical Grid can be shut down, minimizing damage.

* * * * *

That gorgeous Grand Pentangle – our “Learning Opportunity” – that we discussed in Mercury Direct 10.25 and illustrated in Mercury Direct 10.25 II – Fantasy has been with us since October 21, peaks on October 28-29, and hangs about until November 3.

Using three degrees of Sensitivity.  We assigned the October 29 peak (12pm PDT) by looking for the exact Quintile between the two fastest planets, Mars and Juno.  The October 28 peak (6am PDT) is when the Moon crosses Mars.

If you know how to cast a chart for your location, here’s a neat trick.

In the picture, the five-pointed Star is pointing straight up – astrologically.  “Straight Up” astrologically is where the arrowhead is, near Mercury-North Node.  That arrowhead (the Midheaven) travels all the way ’round the Zodiac every 24 hours.  It moves counterclockwise.  Having five points or peaks, the Star will point Straight Up five times a day.  In between, though, a different peak will point Straight Down – opposite the arrowhead.

So the Star will point Straight Up every 4 hours and 48 minutes (one fifth of a day), and it will point Straight Down every 4 hours and 48 minutes.  It will take 2 hours and 24 minutes (one tenth of a day) to switch from Straight Up to Straight Down.

So just for the sake of example, let’s say it pointed Straight Up at 12:30pm.  Then it would point Straight Down at 12:30am, 5:18am, 10:06am, 2:54pm, and 7:42pm.  It would point Straight Up at at 2:54am, 7:42am, 12:30pm, 5:18pm, and 10:06pm.  (Check my math!)

A Pentacle pointing Straight Up represents Ascension or Evolution (Steiner), while an Inverse Pentacle pointing Straight Down symbolizes the Descent of Spirit into Matter, or Devolution.

So we could take our Ascending Hours – in the example, 2:24-3:24am, 7:12-8:12am, 12:00-1:00pm, 4:48-5:48pm, and 9:36-10:36pm – and devote them to matters of Ascension: such as…

  • Becoming Conscious of what sabotages us
  • PIAVAing a better understanding of our Mission
  • PIAVAing a Healing for someone who has asked for our Prayers
  • Taking steps to move toward our Deepest Desires
  • Gently Letting Go of our Self-Judgments
  • Inviting Forgiveness for someone

And we could take our Devolving Hours – in the example 12:00-1:00am, 4:48-5:48am, 9:36-10:36am, 2:24-3:24pm, and 7:12-8:12pm – and dedicate them to matters of Devolution:

  • Manifesting what we Want,
  • PIAVAing an end to addiction for ourself or another who has asked us to help
  • PIAVAing an exciting end to a Soul-killing job or relationship
  • Contemplating the Faeries who inhabit Flowers
  • Exploring our Guilt and Shame
  • Owning our Projections

Now, think about those distinctions, the differences between the items in the first list and the items in the second list.  Can you see an obvious distinction, or do they keep flipping back and forth?

Matter Ascending into Spirit and Spirit Descending into Matter are the same thing.  Like day and night, it’s a continuous Cycle, like a Pentacle rolling ’round the Heavens daily.  You can split them apart and make one the back of the hand and the other the palm is you want, but it’s still the same hand.  Duality is never more than an intellectual exercise.

Nevertheless, if you meditate at each of those Hours, you’ll find a distinct difference in their flavors.

The Inverse Pentacle has a reputation for Black Magic.  That’s an excellent topic for Meditation at one of the Descending Hours.  You might uncover some parts of yourself that still believe in Original Sin rather than Original Blessing.  You might realize that Morality is a Duality.  It could be a very productive Hour.

You’ll have to draw up the charts for your location, probably using some trial and error, rotating the charts till you find a time when one of the Star’s peaks points directly at the Midheaven – that is, when one of the planets in the Grand Quintile crosses the Midheaven.  The five planets are Mars, Juno, the North Node, Chiron, and Sedna.  Then you can add and subtract your 2:24’s to and from that starting time.

If you’re willing and have the time to take this seriously, but you don’t have the astrological capability to find the starting times at your location, drop me a comment with your location, and I’ll compute them for you.

Notice the coincidence with the “other” Portal 10.29, the Conjunction of Pandora and Eris, meaning…

It’s no coincidence that what we’re Learning is about material emerging from the Unconscious.  When discomfort confronts you, call time out, look inside, and inquire from whence the discomfort springs.  Don’t even worry about the triggering event in the outside World, this is about You and your Relationship to the Unconscious.  Yes, you have a Personal Unconscious, but the Unconscious is like the Earth, the same massive formation underlies us all, and it’s all connected.

Many people are locking in to their Cultural Unconscious and the Planetary Unconscious instead of their Personal Unconscious.  Take a step backwards.  If you’re merged with your Culture or your Planet, you aren’t Living from your own Heart or Soul, you’re Living from an Archetype, a superpersonal constellation in the Unconscious that has great Power.  Bring your Attention back to YourSelf.  If no other information emerges from the Unconscious here for you Personally, the information that you’re enslaved to an Archetype is a first step toward Freedom.

It’s a Journey to retrieve our Heart from an Archetype.  You feel dedicated to the Archetype, it stands in for your Mission.  But it’s not; it stands between you and your Mission, and the Archetype is complete unto itself.  If you want to improve the Planet you Live on, you need to embark on that Journey, because the Archetype is not going to Change.  Trying to Change the Culture from within the Archetype is not possible, because your Resistance to the Present Moment solidifies the Archetype furthur. 

The keyword here is selfish.  What’s the most selfish thing you can think of?  Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of the World, ask yourself what would please you right now?  Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of yourSelf, embrace yourself the way you are.  Doesn’t mean you need to indulge an addiction.  It means you need to sit with yourself long enough to be able to be completely Loving with yourself right where you are.

The planet Venus is heavily and mystically associated with the Pentangle, because over the course of eight years her five “inferior” Conjunctions with the Sun (when she’s on our side of the Sun) trace out a Pentagram on the Zodiac.

The various line segments in a Five-Pointed Star are all related to one another by Phi, the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry; each segment in turn is 1.618 times the length of the segment that’s shorter than it.

Phi is a Fifth-Harmonic animal, defined as one divided by one half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five].  One half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five] is equal to approximately 1.618.  One divided by that number is 0.618.  The Phitile, 222-1/2, is 61.8% of the distance ’round the Zodiac.  It symbolizes Completion.  The Opposition is the Blossoming stage of a Cycle, and the Phitile is the Fruiting stage.  After that, we set Seed.

The Golden Angle is not arbitrary; it appears everywhere in biology.  The integration of Matter and Spirit – or rather, the realization that they are mirrors for one another, we are mirrors for one another – is a Fifth-Harmonic affair.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching; the bottom line is that the ultimate relationship between Spirit and Matter is not something that can be understood through Duality – Learning this relationship is an infinite task.

The Phitile of the Solar Year occurs on November 5, at 13 of Scorpio, “An inventor performs a laboratory experiment” – constant Learning, constant Curiosity.

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  1. Tinfoilhatter Says:

    Brilliant. And I will take you up on your kind offer of calculation for the upright and inverted pentangle timing. My location is xxx. I found your site when I noticed a pentangle in my natal chart and have found your perspectives to be eye-opening to say the least. Would love to get more insight into my chart, but you don’t seem to advertise this service…(?) Thank you so much for all you do.

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