Gathering No Moss

A reader writes…

“Brilliant.  And I will take you up on your kind offer of calculation for the upright / inverted pentacle timing.  Location is South Australia.  I found your site when I noticed a pentagram in my natal chart and have found your perspectives to be eye-opening to say the least.  Would love to get more insight into my chart, but you don’t seem to advertise this service…(?)  Thank you so much for all you do.”

For South Australia, use a starting time of 1:27am ACST, when Sedna crosses the Midheaven.  You can use the same starting time through November 3.  So you’d have, rounding a bit, in Australian Central Standard Time…

  •          Upright Pentacle                Inverted Pentacle
  •     1-2am ACST                        3:30-4:30am
  •    5:45-6:45am                             8-9am
  •  10:30-11:30am                           1-2pm
  •    3:30-4:30pm                      5:45-6:45pm
  •          8-9pm                           10:30-11:30pm

If you want to be more exact, you can add 2:24 over and over again, starting with 1:27am.  Also, I’ve just rounded a bit then added a half hour before and a half hour after, to result in an hour roughly centered on each time when Magic is afoot.  Instead of a half hour, you can add ten minutes or an hour, or any other interval you want, up to 1:12.

And yes, I do readings; I’ll email you about that.  I also have a pentacle in my natal chart.

Another reader, writing from the US East Coast…

“Is there a name for that kind of chart? and is it on  Or can you point me to where I can pull such a chart?  Whenever you write about portals, I always do try be away from or off of work (funny, for a while there it was falling that way that I already was going to be off of work for some reason)  or just simply out of my office, even if I have to go sit in my car so I can relax and focus —- I would like to at least be aware for these peaks too!
Can you advise!!”

Yes, sorry to create frustration; you pretty much need to know how to compute a chart, or have the appropriate software.  But it’s pretty easy for me to look up, since I do have the software.

For Eastern Daylight Time, your start time is midnight, but that’s starting with an Inverse Pentagram.  So the exact Portals would be 12am, 4:48am, 9:36am, 2:24pm, and 7:12pm EDT every day (through November 3) for the Inverted Pentacles (Devolution), and 2:24am, 7:12am, noon, 4:48pm, and 9:36pm EDT for the Upright Pentacles (Ascension).  Give yourself a few minutes to a half hour on either side of those times.  The moments before the exact Portal will likely be stronger than the moments after, so if you want to maximize the impact with the least cost to your schedule, pick a few of the times that are convenient, and relax and focus for the 10-15 minutes prior.

If you have particular interest in one of the members of the pentagram (Sedna, Chiron, North Node, Juno, Mars), choose the time when that member is most prominent.  For instance, Chiron might be of interest, since it’s been acting out for you lately.  Or, you might want to choose a different planet each day.  The daily sequence is…

  • 12am EDT North Node Down
  • 2:24am Sedna Up
  • 4:48am Mars Down
  • 7:12am Juno Up
  • 9:36am Chiron Down
  • noon North Node Up
  • 2:24pm Sedna Down
  • 4:48pm Mars Up
  • 7:12pm Juno Down
  • 9:36pm Chiron Up

You might want to make a note that North Node Down is South Node Up, and North Node Up is South Node Down.  South Node isn’t part of the pentagram, so it won’t prevail, but it will have an impact.  Similarly, Sedna Up is Saturn Down and Sedna Down is Saturn Up.  Saturn’s not in the Star, but it will color our experience of Sedna.  I could give a keyword or two about what to look for at each Subportal, but it will be much better if you approach them without preconceptions or Expectations.

The planets are moving, but they don’t move so far between now and November 3 that the Subportals shift more than a few minutes.

If any of you have calculated the start time for your own time zone, you might consider posting it in a comment, so others in your time zone can take advantage of your work.

When we add the South Node and Saturn, we have seven tenths of a Grand Decile.  That’s subtle, but there is a hint of Abundance in it.

Especially if you have planets in the three Vacancies – Cancer 1, Virgo 13, Aquarius 5, give or take a degree or two.

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