Mercury Direct 10.25 II – Fantasy

IMG_1198Here’s a picture of that lovely Grand Quintile in the Mercury-Direct chart.

* * * * *

In Mercury Direct 10.25 we suggested…

“We can make it easier on ourselves by focusing on Expanding our Fantasy about how the Future could unfold. 

“Fantasy is seldom a profound way to Manifest, because Fantasy is only an illustration of our Unconscious Negative Beliefs, a picture of what we’ve never given ourselves permission to pursue.  Using our Fantasies to bring our Unconscious Negative Beliefs into Consciousness is a powerful technique, but not what we recommend right now. 

“In this particular Mercury-Stationary Portal, Potential for the Unimagined is rich, so we will gain by stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically.”

A reader wonders…

“So are you suggesting it would help to go beyond our ‘usual’ fantasies and explore what previously we couldn’t even have imagined as part of our stock fantasies?  I think that’s what you are saying, eg. someone always wanted to be a pilot but now he should imagine levitating?  Being silly here, but you know what I mean.  Just not sure I get what you’re saying.”

If we have to Fantasize anything, it’s only because we haven’t given ourselves Permission to just Manifest it.  “It’s not about Permission, it’s about Impossibility!” you might say.  Say you Fantasize about a Soulmate that will complete your Life beautifully, but you don’t really Believe that such a person exists.  Impossibility is a synonym for Unconscious Despair – Anything is possible.  Of course some things are more Impossible than others, particularly the things you haven’t Manifested yet.

So it’s not about Impossibility, it’s about your not having given yourself Permission yet to Believe that the subject of your Fantasy is Possible.  You can approach this with a standard two-chair Gestalt process.  “You” sit here, “They” sit there, where “You” is the part of you that Desires what you can’t have, and “They” is the part of yourself that doesn’t Believe you could – or should – just go out and Manifest it. 

Start with how you feel about “They.”  Are “They” your ally because you wouldn’t dream of actually going out and doing “That”?  If so, you probably need to swap chairs, because “They” aren’t holding you back, “You” are.

Vesta is Trine to the Juno corner of the Grand Quintile, so this could be an opportunity for you to embrace Guilt or Shame, and work on bringing your notion of “right and wrong” more in line with who you really are.  That’s pretty important for dropping our Masks anyway.

So you have to shift your basic approach to the World.  “They” aren’t holding you back from what you Want, “They” are actually Protecting you from what you don’t Want.  Find or figure out what “They” Want, in positive terms.  Security?  Safety?  Consistency?  “Keeping you out of jail” is negative – the positive of that might be Freedom, or Respect.  You have to find out for yourself, you can’t let anyone else determine it for you.

Once you get to “Their” positive Want, “You” should be able to Want That as well.  Why would you not Want it, since it’s positive?  It probably has a different priority than what you Fantasize, but that’s likely to be only because you usually already give yourself Permission to have That.  If what “They” Want is not something you Want unequivocally as well, keep exploring till you find a way to honestly express what “They” need that feels fully supportable by “You.”

Now all the two of you need to do is Negotiate Win-Win.  How can the two of you support one another so you both get what you Want?  “You” need to work that out with “They.”

That’s the process for Using our Fantasies to bring our Unconscious Negative Beliefs into Consciousness.  I said I wasn’t recommending that right now, not because is isn’t a fabulous way to approach self-sabotage, but just because it’s not exactly what the Mercury Station chart is proposing.  If you’re up for that process, now is a fine time to do it; it’s just tangential to what the planets are suggesting.

Mercury is Stationary on the North Node.  Mercury stands for our intellectual Understanding.  Stationary means Strong.  And the North Node symbolizes our Mission in the Lifetime.

In order to circumvent the Ego and it’s tendency to screw things up (not that Ego isn’t important), the Soul gives us our Mission in code.  It feels like our Deepest Desires.  We’re Unconsciously driven toward our Deepest Desires, whereas we’d be more likely to shy away from our Mission.  I mean, what if we failed?

Our Deepest Desires are not necessarily identical to our Mission.  The former is more selfish, because that’s what the Ego understands.  But when we get close enough to reach for our Deepest Desires, what we find in its stead is our Mission.  Or rather, a deeper layer of the coding that distinguishes them.  There’s an excellent chance we’ve been fulfilling our Mission all along, without even realizing it.  If you feel separated from your Mission, give it the two-chair Gestalt treatment.  You’ll probably find yourself switching chairs right off.

It’s when we reject our Deepest Desires that we get in trouble with our Mission.  Why would we do that?  Karma.

Lifetimes are set up so that the tools we need for achieving our North-Node Mission, are hidden under the Held Emotions symbolized by the South Node.  To be fully Present with our Mission, we need to embrace our Held Emotions.  Held Emotions are those that would overwhelm us, that we’d “rather die” than feel again – quite simply because it’s an Ego Death to feel them!  It’s a tautology, really.

The Mercury Station offers us a temporary respite from this arm-wrestling between Ego and Soul. 

Namely, the Jupiter-Chaos Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Nodal axis.  The dwarf planet Chaos symbolizes the Unformed, the Quantum Vacuum, Potential.  Jupiter represents Expansion.

The respite lies through relaxing all Limitations on our Fantasies.  Allowing ourself to imagine having not just what’s Safe to Want, but to have All of what we Want.

Karma operates through Habituation.  Whatever Limitations we usually put on our Fantasies, are illustrations of our Habituation.  Normally, in order to exceed those Limitations we would need to Embrace our most-dangerous Emotions.  But this weekend the door is Open and we have Permission to imagine what it would be like to Live without both Limitation and Dangerous Emotion. 

Every time we indulge Freedom we add a brick to our Habituation to Freedom.  Building new Karma is far superior to Letting Go of old Karma, because if we only do the latter, we create a vacuum that can fill without our Conscious Permission.

An extra bonus: We’re also still under the influence of the Eclipse chart, in which Sun-Venus-Pallas Semi-Sextiled Makemake.  The Twelfth-Harmonic Semi-Sextile stands for Pattern-Breaking, aka the opportunity to form new Habits, aka Let Go of Karma.  Makemake is the Master of Manifestation.

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