Mercury Direct 10.25

endwellOh no!  Another Learning Opportunity!

The Big Deal about the Direct Station of Mercury at quarter past noon PDT October 25 is a full-fledged Grand Quintile.

A Grand Quintile is formed by five planets equally spaced around the Zodiac.  A Grand Quintile means that there’s a Quintile Yod (PAY ATTENTION to Learning This!) pointing at each of the five planets; it’s a very powerful Configuration.

I’m reminded of a car I saw on the ferry dock one day with a big dent in the door.  Pasted on the dent was a sign that said “Oh no, another Learning Opportunity!”  Unfortunately, that’s how we usually greet the Fifth Harmonic of Learning and Teaching.  Big Fifth-Harmonic Configurations aren’t about Learning that Cashews come from Laos.  We’re more likely to be Learning about what a fool we’ve made of ourself for the last twenty years by doing such-and-such, or how we’ve been sabotaging ourself by failing to do this-and-that. 

Those kinds of things are fabulous things to Learn, as they’ll allow us to turn our Lives in a better direction – but they Hurt when we first notice them.  So we need to be watchful for things that Hurt, especially Hurtful things that Other people say to us, and consider them carefully for any shred of validity.  We don’t want to stay in Denial.  We also need to be gentle with the Hurt; we can’t ignore that either.  But we want to look forward, imagining how much better our Life will become, rather than looking back and dwelling on the Shame of how dumb we’ve been.

Mercury itself turns Direct on the North Node, meaning that what we’ve been studying, knowingly or not, for the last three weeks

(while Mercury was Retrograde)

is our Mission in the Lifetime, aka our Deepest Desires.  It also means that the Station, and the several days thereafter

(while Mercury actually crosses the North Node – that Portal would be open widest at quarter after 4pm PDT on October 29)

should provide good insight into the nature of why we’re here on this Planet just now.

The other four corners of the Grand Quintile are Mars (Action), Chiron (Paradigm Change), Sedna (Self-Sabotage), and Juno (Personal Growth).

In particular, this Bigtime Learning Opportunity can Teach us, if we Open to it, where we sabotage ourself (Sedna), how to locate and shift our deepest Unconscious Negative Beliefs (Chiron) in order to raise our Conscious Awareness (Juno), how to Act to Change them (Mars) so we’re moving toward our Deepest Desires and most fulfilling Lifetime Mission (North Node), and how to remember these Changes so we don’t regress (Mercury).

Since the Stationary Mercury is Conjunct the North Node, it’s also by definition Opposite the South Node.  Jupiter and the dwarf planet Chaos form a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Opposition.

Of course our Self-Sabotage is encased in our Held Emotions, which are protected by our Resistance to embracing the Feelings that will overwhelm us and make us Feel like, quite frankly, we’d rather die.  So we will need to pass through some Ego Death to take advantage of this very promising Big Learning Opportunity. 

A Trine-Sextile Bridge tells us how to avoid any Pain that the Opposition may imply.

While any embrace of those Feelings that we can muster will Change our Life profoundly, we can make it easier on ourselves by focusing on Expanding our Fantasy about how the Future could unfold. 

Fantasy is seldom a profound way to Manifest, because Fantasy is only an illustration of our Unconscious Negative Beliefs, a picture of what we’ve never given ourselves permission to pursue.  Using our Fantasies to bring our Unconscious Negative Beliefs into Consciousness is a powerful technique, but not what we recommend right now. 

In this particular Mercury-Stationary Portal, Potential for the Unimagined is rich, so we will gain by stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically.

It wouldn’t hurt us a bit to PIAVA that we painlessly and effortlessly and lovingly and gently Learn how we sabotage ourself, how to locate and shift our deepest Unconscious Negative Beliefs in order to raise our Conscious Awareness, how to Act to Change them so we’re moving toward our Deepest Desires and most fulfilling Lifetime Mission, and how to remember these Changes so we don’t regress.

As you PIAVA this, watch for any Fear that arises, and follow it to see what it’s about.  Then add another clause to your PIAVA that addresses the Fear.  For instance, if you’re struck by the Fear that your Mom will freak out if you Change like this, you can add a phrase at the end like “all with my Mother’s full support.”  After all, we’re stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically, right?

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