Portal 10.20-22 II – Venus, Sedna, Chiron

IMG_1197* * * * *

The Kite

Surprise!  The Grand Trine isn’t a Grand Trine at all, it’s a Kite, as Sun-Venus Opposes Pandora.  It looks off-center in the picture above, but that’s just because the planets aren’t arranged proportionally in the chart.

When a Grand Trine becomes a Kite – when a fourth planet Opposes one of the three evenly-spaced planets, we need to interpret the Kite rather than the Grand Trine, because the emphasis is shifted to the planet at the head of the Kite, in this case Venus-Sun.

But that doesn’t make the Grand Trine go away.  It’s still there, so we need to take it into account, as background for the Kite.  In the current Portal, the Lilith T-Square (Portal 10.20-22 I) is much more dominant than the Venus Kite.  So we interpret that chart first, and interpret the Kite as background for the “squashed Toadstool.”

Venus happens to represent our Values, those of our Emotional Reactions that are consistent from opportunity to opportunity. 

Not to be confused with our Creed, which is taught to us by those who feel the need to mold us politically.  We discover our Values, by Paying Attention to what our consistent Emotional Reactions are – what we React to, and how we React. 

As we Grow in Consciousness, we discover that there are elements of Creed that are intimately ours, Sacred to us, as well – which may or may not be similar to the Creed we were taught.

The difference between our Values (Venus) and what’s Sacred to us (Vesta) is that we feel like we could die or kill for what’s Sacred to us, whereas we only get upset about our Values.  Of course we don’t need to actually die or kill, but we can conceive of the possibility.  Think about someone betraying you – maybe in a business deal, maybe in Relationship.  Do you feel like you’ll never trust them again, or do you feel like you can’t live on the same Planet as them? 

That’s the difference between Venus and Vesta.  If we never trust them again, they can still be an acquaintance.  If we can’t live on the same Planet as them, we need to avoid seeing or hearing them.  Most of us are conditioned not to kill, because it’s not nice, and because the punishment is severe.  So we have to separate ourself from them, pretend we’re on different Planets, in order to be able to stay in control our strong feelings.

And of course our Values arise in our Heart.  So the Kite tells the same story as the stubby Toadstool in Portal 10.20-22 I.

* * * * *

The Sedna Yod

The picture above also features a narrow green Triangle.  That’s called a “Yod” or “Finger of God.”  It says, in big letters, PAY ATTENTION to the planet that’s being pointed at.  Which is Sedna.  Sedna was a big part of our short Toadstool as well.

Is a Finger of God stronger than a Kite?  No, but it does tell us how to interpret the Kite.

In this case, rather than Peace between the Feminine (Venus) and Masculine (Mars) that the Sextile between them would imply, we have to insert Sedna.  Peace between the Masculine and Feminine is the last thing Sedna would indicate.

So we’re looking at Following our Heart and respecting our Values.  Sedna is about the Masculine betraying the Feminine out of Fear for his own skin.  So the Challenge is greater than we would otherwise imagine, and the stakes are much higher. 

This part of the chart is relatively hidden – we might not notice it if we weren’t scouting for Quincunxes.  But we were already warned by the Saturn-Eris Quincunx that there may be hidden elements in the chart.

The bottom line is that there are places in our Lives where our Inner Male is in such Fear of our Inner Female, that He would like to suffocate Her.  Earlier we encountered inconvenience – the places where we had to be willing to be ungraceful in public in order to support our InGirl.  This is much more serious than inconvenience; this threatens to sabotage our Life utterly. 

These places in our Lives are hidden, they’re deep in the Unconscious.  So we’re being asked to look for very subtle clues.  During this Portal, do any conflicts arise between yourself and Others?  What are they about (besides your Ego getting upset)?  Explore them.  They will lead you to breakthrough Consciousness Growth.  What did you react to, that the Other said?  How would it change your self-concept if it were true?  I know, they do it too.  That’s why you “hired” them to be your Mirror.

You have no self-interest in getting them to stop doing what you don’t like, or start doing what you want them to do.  You can only stop or start doing it yourself.  Chances are, when you stop, they’ll stop, since you can’t ultimately tell what’s Real and what’s Expectation.  Their behavior looks like what you Expect.  That doesn’t mean it is what you think it is.  Their behavior is just an illustration for you, about the material that’s beginning to emerge into your Consciousness.  Open up to it.

It’s easier than you imagine.  What would you like them to do differently?  That’s what you want to start doing.  You don’t even have to discuss it with them.  Since you aren’t in the habit yet, you may want to PIAVA it.

I know, part of you says, That’s not Fair!  You’ll end up doing it for hours, and they won’t reciprocate.  That’s not the point.  You need to practice doing it, not even necessarily because you need to learn how to do it, but because practicing it will open up parts of you that are now undercover, parts of you that you’ll need for your next steps.  What they do is irrelevant.  You don’t need them to reciprocate.  You aren’t doing it to please them, you’re doing it to expand your Consciousness.  Practice doing it a lot more than you have been, but stop when you find yourself expecting anything in return.

“That’s not Fair!” is Pholus speaking.  Pholus is Trining Eris, meaning that…

The part of you that senses Unfairness will lead you to what’s wanting to emerge from the Unconscious.  Sit with that voice that says it’s Unfair, and Ask them how old they are, or Ask yourself how old you feel.  Then be Present with your Self at that age.  Empathize with what they’re feeling, with what you were feeling at that age. 

If that doesn’t ring bells, close your eyes and look down at your feet.  What are you wearing?  Sandals?  Army boots?  Bare feet?  What color are your feet?  What Era are you in, and what’s going on?  What’s your role in it?

* * * * *

A Quintile Yod

We didn’t draw it in – it would be orange if we had, but there’s also a Quintile Yod in this Portal.

A Yod of Finger of God is a third planet at the far midpoint between two planets separated by a Sextile, the third planet being Quincunx to each of the first two.  A Quintile Yod is a third planet at the far midpoint between two planets separated by a Quintile, the third being Biquintile to each of the first two.  A Quintile Yod tells us what we’re Learning.

The Focus of the QYod (again, “Pay Attention!”) is Chiron.  The base is a Quintile between Juno and the North Node.  So we’re led to the same place that the Sedna Yod led us to – the Growing Edge of our Consciousness.  But now we have more information about it.

The impact is that Miracles await us when we “own” what we want to project on Other during this Portal.  Not just any Miracle, but Miracles that will steer us toward our Mission in the Lifetime, toward what we took this incarnation to accomplish.

This is the Waning Quintile between Juno and the North Node.  At the Waning Quintile we’re deep into the Void, where the current Cycle has bloomed and fruited, we’ve passed the Crisis of Identity at the Waning Square, where we were Challenged to Let Go of whatever part of the Cycle we’ve Identified with.  At this stage of a Cycle we need Curiosity and Detachment, in order to maximize our availability for the next Cycle.

The previous Juno-NN Cycle began in mid-September 2012 at 30 degrees of Scorpio. “Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks.”  The essence of Samhain and the Day of the Dead is loosening the bolts that connect our Ego to our current Lifetime.  The Ancestors are here, and they are reminding us that our future role as Ancestors ourselves will be far more important than our petty Ego-based roles in whatever costumes we wear in our current Lifetime.  The Waning Quintile is when we review what we’ve learned from this Cycle.  Where is your Ego still attached to your costume?

The next Cycle starts next September at 2 of Libra, “The transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever-creative Spirit” and those are the words of Elsie’s channel, not Rudhyar, as if she anticipated that Rudhyar would later interpret them.

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