Portal 10.20-22 I – Lilith

IMG_1196An interesting Configuration; kind of a squashed Toadstool; a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge – in red) on a forklift, as if the green scissors could just lift the T-Square right out of here, leaving just the Grand Trine (dumb-luck Blessings, in blue).

* * * * *

A new Grand Trine

Our Mars/Centaurs-to-Lilith-to-Eris Grand Trine (Galactic-scale  opportunities to let go of Karma – or – I know it doesn’t feel good, but Congratulations!) has finally expired, using our traditional three degrees of Sensitivity.  This is the Grand Trine that began in the last few days of August, and was heralded by early September’s multiple simultaneous Stations near the Galactic Center – the Stations that would be likely to occur about once in twelve million times the scientific consensus on the age of our Universe.

But meanwhile, the asteroid Pandora has moved into Eris’s position, so our October 20-22 Grand Trine involves Pandora, Lilith, and Mars-Quaoar-Hylonome.  As the first human woman, Pandora in myth was sort of a parallel to Eve and Lilith.  But while Lilith wounded Adam’s Ego by not having the time of day for it, and Eve brought dischord onto the Planet by indulging Duality (which actually sounds more like something Adam would have done), Pandora was an explicit curse on huManity, created as punishment for Promethius’s theft of Fire from the Gods.

Now, if we translate this from the standard misogynous taint of Western Civilization, what do we get?  She was beguilingly beautiful, but that’s just the Magnetic aspect of the Feminine.  Like Eve, out of Curiosity, she unleashed a slew of Dualities on huManity.   The interpretation that makes the most sense to me is that Pandora represents Nature.  She releases – brings into Consciousness – a number of Dualisms, but one remains Unconscious, Expectation (usually translated as Hope).  Expectation is what allows us to learn, but it’s also what prevents us from seeing clearly, as we see not what is but what we Expect to see.

So we have Nature and Expectation teaming up with Yindependence and Action-Law-Grief to create a Big dumb-luck Blessing.  I’d interpret that to mean that we will stumble into all manner of surprising Delights by Acting irrationally.  How the devil do I get that?  As a friend used to say about Anger, “Don’t get even, get odd!”

The Law (Quaoar) tells us to Act (Mars) rationally or It will bring us Grief.  But Grief (Hylonome) demands that we follow our Heart, regardless of the consequences.  Jung pointed out that the Heart is where our Values reside, so following our Heart is actually acting rationally – pursuing our Values – but an outside observer would be unlikely to understand, hence our Actions would appear to be irrational.  In other words, the outside observer would be projecting Expectations (Pandora) upon us. 

What would Yindependence (Lilith) do?  No question – she’d follow the Heart.  Who is our most critical outside observer?  Our own mind.  So while the mind is telling us to follow the Law, the Heart tells us to follow our Joy.  The mind thinks that’s irrational.

* * * * *

And a New T-Square

Lilith, who turns out to be the Guide in the Grand Trine, is also the point of the T-Square – in other words,

We’re Challenged to Master our irrationality (following our Heart, or Yindependence) – that’s not much of a surprise, is it.

The base of the T-Square (which describes the impediments to Mastery) is an Opposition from Ceres to Sedna.  We can see Sedna here as our Loyalty or lack thereof – to family, to the Feminine, to our Values, to the Heart.

We’re Challenged to make our willingness to follow our Heart a permanent (Ceres) priority in our Life.

* * * * *

The Scissors and Tricolors

The shallow green “X” that connects the base of the T-Square with one side of the Grand Trine defines two Major Tricolors – Square-Quincunx-Trine (red-green-blue) Configurations.

The essence of a Major Tricolor is that, in this circumstance, genuine Curiosity (which is the absence of Expectations) about the relationship between the two principles at each end of the (green) Quincunx will open the door to the (blue) Trine, which will then resolve the apparent conflict defined by the (red) Square.

The two Tricolors are Lilith-Square-Sedna-Quincunx-Mars et al-Trine-Lilith, and Lilith-Square-Ceres-Quincunx-Pandora-Trine-Lilith.

The two apparent conflicts are the inconvenience (Sedna) of following what has Heart and Meaning to us (Lilith), and our resistance to giving first priority to our Heart permanently (Ceres) – most likely because it’s so inconvenient.  Folks are always asking us to Explain ourself, and it seems like we’re so often making it more difficult for ourself, rather than just “going along with the crowd.”

Bottom line, Portal 10.20-22 is all about Lilith – our Yindependence.

The two Quincunxes are Pandora-Ceres and Sedna-to-Mars/Quaoar/Hylonome.

Buddhism is devoted to the Pandora-Ceres Quincunx – How do we achieve Beginner’s Mind, overcoming our addiction to our Expectations to allow us to Sustainably see Reality for what it actually is.

Sedna-MQH is the classical “prisoner’s dilemma” – we are better off in sum when we work together, but each of us may be better off at the expense of Other if we maximize our own outcome instead of attending to the result most beneficial to the group.  That is, if we act as though our counterparty is playing Win-Win and they’re actually playing Win-Lose, we Lose.

We liberate Grace in this Portal by avoiding all Judgment about the motives of Others, and striving for Beginner’s Mind. 

No matter how much evidence you accumulate about what motivates the Significant Others in your Life, you have no way of knowing what’s Real and what’s Expectations.  In fact, you’ll be better off if you assume it’s all Expectation.  Even if you enlist witnesses to try to get independent views, you still can’t tell.  So each time you’re tempted to think you understand Other, Let It Go, whether you’re starting to believe they’re on your side or out to get you.  You want to preserve persistent Curiosity.

Strive for Beginner’s Mind by detaching your Identity from your thoughts.  That’s virtually an oxymoron, so what we have to do is set an internal alarm to go off every few seconds, and every time it goes off, we ask ourselves if we’re thinking.  If so, we say to ourself, “Oh, there’s thinking again.”  If we practice this long enough, we can develop the habit of hearing our thoughts as if they were someone else’s thoughts.  That allows us to follow them or not, liberating us to follow our Heart more often.

Ultimately, these two practices are complementary, and they’re both excellent approaches to Life in general, as well as being proven paths to Ascension.

* * * * *


There’s a sleeper here – the Saturn-Eris Quincunx.  We didn’t draw in the green line.  This tells us to Pay Attention to what’s Hidden, but avoid drawing conclusions, and stay in Curiosity.  Focus on the enduring Mysteries.  If we do that iteratively, it will greatly complement our Beginner’s Mind and Non-Judgment practices.

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