Mars OOB 5 – Sedna


We’re coming up on three Mars Out-of-Bounds events twelve hours apart.  The first is Mars-Sedna, at 10pm PDT October 18.  Sedna is about the impossibility of the Masculine suppressing the Feminine, no matter how terrified He is of Her.  This isn’t one of those impossibilities that’s a Limiting Belief we need to break through with a Chironean Miracle.  Well, mostly not.  I suppose if you’re stuck in Duality – as we all are to one extent or another, then moving into Multifarious Unity will be a Miracle. 

As with an dichotomy, you know it’s not a figment of Reality, but an aspect of the mind.  You know that hardcopy Reality is Multifarious and Unitary, while the mind understands only Duality.  Actually, even holographic Reality is Multifarious and Unitary.  But once you got your Miracle, the Masculine wouldn’t be suppressing the Feminine, quite the opposite.  In the Sedna myths, the Masculine ends up praying to the Feminine.  Because in the myths the Feminine remains in the Unconscious.

Being in the Unconscious, it controls us, so our only hope that it won’t jerk us around is that we pray to it (or any of the other elements in PIAVA).  Of course we could bring it up into Consciousness, but that’s more work, and almost always involves a number of Ego Deaths.  Hence the Masculine’s terror in the myth.  And of course, we don’t really have a choice.  Our Hungry Ghost will be haunting us till we do finally Decide to bring it into Consciousness.   

Hmm, Decide.  Should we be speaking of PIAVAD?  I don’t think so; it’s the intellect that Decides, so it’s effortlessly overridden by the Underwhere.  Even Intention is iffy; it has to be more than intellectual if it’s going to actually have an impact.

It’s not a choice, because the Feminine is the Masculine, and the Masculine is the Feminine, in the same way that both heads and tails are the coin.

This Mars-Sedna event doesn’t begin a new Cycle.

In fact, it’s a Waning Quincunx.  What the devil is a Waning Quincunx?

It’s the point in a Cycle where the Fruit is almost ripe, and we’re wondering whether or not we’ll really be able to bring in the crop.  Will it be knocked from the Tree by a storm or the neighbors’ futbol?  Or fungus or bugs?  Will it freeze before it ripens?  Will someone steal it when we sleep?  This is a phase where we often deal with Doubt.  Did we do everything right, or make a mistake and waste all that effort?  Anxiety isn’t necessary, if we move to Awe and Wonder instead.  If we have Confidence, then this is the stage when we see the Miracle of Creation taking shape – and if we aren’t in Awe, we’re in Ego, asking the Universe to knock the chip off our shoulder.

So what’s the current Mars-Sedna Cycle about?  The Initiation occurred May 22, 2013 at 24 Taurus, “An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt: The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation.”  Uh-oh, not so friendly.  But actually, if you’re fighting for the Homeland, isn’t is really assertiveness more than aggressiveness?  It just depends on your Perspective, doesn’t it.

The Energy of a Cycle is strongest and most visible at the Initiation, the Square, and between the Quincunxes.  Who was defending their Homeland against other humans, disasters, and accidents during that week?  Whoa, what a list!  Just including major events, there was Syria, Iraq, Oklahoma, Tunisia, Libya, Chile, New Zealand, Niger, Yemen, Korea, Dagestan, Boston, Seattle, Stockholm, Turkey, London, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the DRC, Kamchatka, and Gays.  At the Square we’d have to add Egypt, Tibet, and Palestine.

Maybe some of these struggles for Suzerainty will come to a successful conclusion soon, whatever success means in context.  There’s always a great deal of cleanup to be done, we should get started.  Struggling against repression certainly casts the Masculine and Feminine in intriguing roles with regard to one another.  When we arm-wrestle with ourself, does the dominant arm always win?

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