Mars OOB 3 – Pholus

lab7381to6bpLabradorite, a special form of Feldspar, is a great teacher for helping us realize that the angle from which we view anything, is more definitive than what it is we’re viewing.

* * * * *

Pholus initiates Mars at 8pm PDT October 13.  Poor Pholus, a Centaur, was sort of an administrative type, minding his own business taking care of things, when everything spiraled out of control and he ended up being blamed – and killed – for things that weren’t within his span of control.  A bottle of very special wine that was in his care was stolen and consumed by someone he trusted, when Pholus was otherwise engaged. 

The sticky wicket in the plot is that he was actually “responsible” – in the sense that care of the wine had been entrusted to him.  It’s a tricky word, Responsible.  He wasn’t actually “able to respond” to protect the wine.  But he was in charge of keeping it safe.  I mean, he lived in a cave; it didn’t have a combination wall safe.

The best story I know about Responsibility comes from Kathlyn Hendricks (as told in Gay Hendricks’s book The Corporate Mystic: A Guidebook for Visionaries with Their Feet on the Ground); in a corporate workshop she pinned a $100 bill to the wall, and asked the group, “Who is responsible for this?”  After several folks stumbled over “well, you put it there” (ie, “you caused it,” a version of Blame), someone got up, unpinned it, and pocketed it.  They were “able to respond” to it! 

Blame is pretty much a closed subuniverse, it’s very difficult to see outside of it when you’re in it.  It’s not quite as toxic as Cause and Effect, which is even more difficult to escape from, but it’s close.  Why would we want to escape from these subuniverses?  Because the more our Beliefs, including especially our Beliefs about what’s possible, fail to correspond to the Real World, the more we sabotage ourself when we try to Manifest our Desires and Live our Mission.  And neither Blame nor Cause and Effect are properties of the Real World, they’re Perspectives of the Observer.

How to escape the Blame subuniverse then?  Well, you could PIAVA such a course.  Some version of that process is probably your best bet, since you can’t think your way out of it, you have to change the assumptions underlying your thoughts.

The Initiation occurs at 22 Sagittarius, “A Chinese laundry: Making use of one’s special racial-cultural background in order to survive and prosper in an alien environment.”  Hmmm.  The interpretation is Rudhyar’s, and Rudhyar grew up in Colonial Europe, so some of his viewpoints are less than “modern.”

So it wouldn’t be surprising if we were entering several years of increased racial-cultural Confusion, where we’re forced to confront our preconceptions – maybe starting with the effort by some local jurisdictions in the US to rename “Columbus Day” (October 13) to “Indigenous Peoples Day.”  Confusion, recall, is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, so there would be great Opportunity here.

The previous Cycle Initiated in 18 Sagittarious at Halloween 2012: “Children playing on the beach, their heads protected by Sunbonnets.”  These Sabian Symbols were channeled in 1925, long before Ozone Depletion and Climate Change were even twinkles in Father Sun’s eye.  But it is interesting that the last two years have seen increased attention to issues of Blame and Responsibility around Global Warming and its potential difficulties.  Of course Global Warming will impact Indigenous Peoples disproportionately. It’s intriguing that Rudhyar interprets the Sunbonnets as protection from “the powerful energies of their unconscious nature.”

Early reports had the Italians upset about Columbus Day being renamed – that would be Mars, eh?  So it’s probably appropriate to expect ourselves to be initially upset as our old profiling Habits are challenged.  In fact, we could be on the lookout for upsets, in ourselves or others, and when we find them, we can look under the leaves for the Limiting Beliefs that are being contradicted.  That would be very powerful, befitting of an Out of Bounds Mars.

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