Centaur Gauntlet

ruby6113bpA Ruby half-embedded in its matrix.

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It’s not the only complication going on then, but it’ll be significant.  Between October 11 and 20, the God of War Mars moves through the corral where the Centaurs are in conference with a number of dwarf planets. 

Centaurs and dwarf planets are both considered to be “minor planets.”

Till about the 20th, this corral is still one corner of the Lilith-Eris-Centaur Grand Trine.  To review, in early September several of the Centaurs and dwarf planets were all Stationary at the same time, close enough to the Galactic Center to matter.  We estimated that such a configuration might occur once in around twelve million times the age of our Galaxy. 

As Mars rides each minor planet in turn, it will be a great opportunity for us to learn more about the minor planets.  We’ll have to mentally subtract the influence of Mars – Physical Energy, Action, Defense, Offense, Third Chakra stuff, but without the intellectual component.  Mars is moving pretty fast these days, so the various Portals will be open for about three days on either side of the event.  There is so much action, though, that you’ll want to focus on just the few hours surrounding the exact Angles.

The timing is like this…

    • October 11 at 7pm PDT, Mars Opposite the dwarf planet Chaos (Potential)
    • October 12 at 7pm PDT, Mars Conjunct the dwarf planet Ixion (Sociopathy)
    • October 13 at 8pm PDT, Mars Conjunct the Centaur Pholus (Inappropriate Blame)
    • October 15 at 8pm PDT, Mars Conjunct the Centaur Chariklo(Charm)
    • October 16 at 1am PDT, Mars Trine the dwarf planet Eris (Calling out Denial)
    • October 18 at 10pm PDT, Mars Quincunx the dwarf planet Sedna (Fear of the Feminine)
    • October 19 at 10am PDT, Mars Conjunct the dwarf planet Quaoar (Rebel at Your Peril)
    • October 19 at 11pm PDT Mars Conjunct the Centaur Hylonome (Merging, Grief, Ego Death)
    • October 20 at 8am PDT Mars Trine Lilith (Yindependence)

Here are some hints about what to look for…

  • October 11, 6-8pm PDT, Epiphanies may pop out of the Ether.
  • October 12, 6-8pm PDT, Betrayal.
  • October 13, 7-9pm PDT, Injustice.
  • October 15, 7-9pm PDT, Bedazzlement.
  • October 16, midnight-3am PDT, the Elephant in the room.
  • October 18, 9-11pm PDT, Rejecting the Feminine.
  • October 19, 9-11am PDT, Consequences.
  • October 19, 10pm-midnight PDT, Projection.
  • October 20, 7-9am PDT, Rebellion.

Let me know what you discover; I’m just learning about these people too.

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