Show Up, Pay Attention, Speak Truth, Let Go

Here’s a nice tribute to one of my most important Teachers…

And another, with a few more details…

That one reminds us that Angie died in April during the Big Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross (see Everybody Survive?)…

As Uranus prepares to Square Pluto again for the final two episodes, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are now making a Grand Trine (Portal 10.1-8, pictured in Uranus-Chiron Total Lunar Eclipse). 

We often follow the Cycles danced by two planets together; it would be a lot more complicated to follow Cycles danced together by three planets!  Selecting a few of the planets most prominent in the global trend, and closely following their dances, would be an interesting pursuit.

The Exopermaculture link above includes the segment…

This emotional drama, in turn, triggered the recurrence of an old set of physical symptoms with my jaw and teeth, going back to my 30s, when I was briefly ‘with’ a decidedly war-wounded man and could not speak truth to him for fear of triggering his rage, and then further than that, back to childhood, when my long-running existential condition was that of C.J. Jung’s definition of ‘lonely:’

‘Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.’

What was the unspeakable?  Nuclear war.  My fear of nuclear war.  A conscious, paralyzing fear that I had carried since August 1947, when I was not even three years old.  No one I knew carried themselves around as if they had already been obliterated by a mushroom cloud.  I was the only one.  All the other kids could play as if they were children.  I had to pretend and clamp my jaw shut.

And then continues with…

(For the astonishing story of how I finally realized that I personally was not responsible for nuclear war, an encounter with the Goddess Sekhmet in a small temple at Karnak that left me, finally, free, see Meeting Sekhmet.)

Which highly recommended “astonishing story” is at…

All of which very graphically describes our current conundrum, where we’re up against all of the Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions aka Karma that prevent us from fully appreciating the amazing blessings of the larger once-in-beyond-forever September-October Centaurs-Lilith-Eris Grand Trine (see for instance Chaos I – Portal 9.20).

I never met Angie or heard her speak in person.  My experience of her is through her books, particularly her Tarot Handbook, which guides my interpretation of the astrological Angles.  I woke up thinking of writing about how my version of astrology is guided foremost by the Configurations which the Angles compose.  Shortly thereafter a friend mentioned they’d been visited by Angie in a dream, and had been left with the impression that Angie had left because at this time she could work more effectively from the Other Side.  Angie herself said

Some native traditions see ancestor spirits (family members and friends who are no longer living) as important teachers of detachment because they have faced the process of letting go and of experiencing the ultimate unknown, death.  Indigenous peoples believe that these spirits literally stand behind us to support us in our life dream and purpose…  They believe that the ancestor spirits are invested in seeing that the current generations and the generations to come fulfill their dreams or life purpose.

To be continued.

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