Portal 10.1-8

codolo3039bpCobaltoan Dolomite, where Cobalt substitutes for some of the Calcium or Magnesium in Dolomite (MgCa Carbonate), will help us maintain two frequencies at once while becoming Conscious of each.

* * * * *

Background – The Centaur Stampede

Of course the Centaur Stampede Grand Trine (the one that’s likely to occur once in 12 million times the age of our Universe) with Lilith and Eris-South Node is still in full swing till around October 20, and given its rarity we have to consider that the bottom line here.  To review it quickly…

The predominant astro-influence in early October remains the Centaur Stampede, aka the Monumental Galactic Download.  The final word on that influence should be enormously positive (since it’s a Grand Trine), but while it’s on stage you may well experience some discomfort around unpleasant or even traumatic regressions (Eris on the South Node), and around “uppity” Women (Lilith).  A word about the discomfort: it’s very unlikely to be Present Moment – ie, it’s most likely a lot less ominous than it seems.  Anchoring yourself in the Present Moment (talk to someone incarnate, or inventory the contents of your refrigerator) may help.

Well, actually, while the event is phantasmagorically rare, it’s comment for astroevents to recur a couple of times when they do occur.  Next year’s Centaur Stampede (several minor planets Stationary at the same time near the same place, near the Galactic Center) will be even closer to the Galactic Center, and won’t include a Grand Trine.  It will Square Juno instead, which would indicate a major stretch to our Consciousness.  Maybe they finally will land.  At any rate…

Whatever you’re experiencing last month and this month, please be Super Loving and Gentle with it.  It’s a Healing Crisis – when long-abscessed Traumas come to the surface to be released, they feel horrible.  But if we recognize them for what they are – Paper Tigers like the Javanese Wayang shadow puppet theater – they release quickly and leave us greatly relieved – for good.  But if we regress into the original Trauma and believe it to be Real in the Present Moment, we cement our Karma in place and make it stronger.

You want to be Super Loving and Gentle with it this year, because when it recurs next year it will feel far more Traumatic.  The more you can Let It Go this year, the easier it will be for you next September.

* * * * *

Foreground – the Mercury Station and Eclipse

We want to talk mostly about Portal 10.1-8 per se here, so we’ll save the Mercury Station (October 4 at 10am PDT) and the Total Lunar Eclipse (October 8 at 4am PDT) – both prominent interludes – for subsequent posts.

* * * * *

Mid-ground – the Portal Itself

Which consists of yet another Grand Trine – this one between Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus, and an attached Tricolor with Chiron: Mars Square Chiron Quincunx Jupiter Trine Mars.

Again we get another gift of Great Grace, but again with a Challenge: our Yintegrity could flow so easily here that it outpaces our own progress toward accepting it.

Yintegrity recall means doing what one feels like doing, moment to moment, which is to say, Trusting one’s Instincts.

But to do Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity culture (where Integrity means doing what/when we said we were going to, or what/when we were “supposed to do”) without generating a lot of Anger, we need to reduce our commitments, be willing to renegotiate a lot, and to make amends when rapid change in what we feel like doing prevents renegotiation (cellphones help a lot with being able to renegotiate).  Or something like that.

If you’re in Sales with 300 accounts and Christmas is approaching, or you need to show up for your kid’s fútbol game, a Yintegrity attack can create headaches.  When Yintegrity is Unconsciously easy, like it could be now, you could forget the Tartar sauce again too easily.

So the biggest boon here is probably raising our Consciousness of the contrast between our Yangtegrity (which, depending on our Doingness, may equate to Stress) and our Yintegrity (which will cause Stress if we haven’t prepared our Lives for it).

We have a number of Big Yintegrity tests and surges coming up again soon (Uranus Square Pluto again December 15 and March 17, Uranus Stationary December 21), so this practice is another gift from Pi – She’s been consistent about giving us support for lots of practice before she insists that we perform.  Her bottom line though is Responsibility, so we can’t take Her practice opportunities for granted!

What about the Tricolor?

The contrast between what you’d love to do (Yintegrity, in many cases) and what you give yourself permission to do (often, Yangtegrity, but it can be the other way around) can easily generate Discouragement.  That too is an opportunity.  You can begin the integration process by moving to Curiosity and Wonder – “I Wonder how I could get all the benefits of both Worlds.”  You have to be honest about Wondering; it’s not a trivial mental exercise like wondering who will win the next game.  You have to Wonder in the sense that you can’t really imagine how it might come about, but you’re open to allowing the best of both Worlds to Manifest.  If your Fantasies worked, you’d have Manifested it long ago, so you have to Let Go of those.  You have to really be in Don’t Know mind.
The best way to do that is to completely Change the Subject – don’t think of the Elephant.  It’s easier than it sounds; you only need persistence.  Every time the issue comes back into your mind, remember that it’s in the oven and the alarm will go off when it’s done, so you don’t need to worry about it.  If you get a sudden Insight about how it might happen, Let that Go too; you don’t want Insight, you want Manifestation.  When it Manifests it will surprise and delight you.  If you think you know how it’s going to work, it won’t.
That’s a tall order, but you don’t have to be perfect or get it right the first time.  You’ve started the ball rolling.  Trusting your Instincts while remaining in Community can create all manner of problems in Western culture.  It’s a big job, and you’ll be on the bleeding edge.  So you want to shoot for 5% more – Trusting your Instinct 5% more often.   Or being Obedient 5% more often, if you’re already in Yintegrity too much for comfort.  Do this once a month and you’ll be Androgynous (in the best sense of the word) within two years.

One Response to “Portal 10.1-8”

  1. Natacha Garnier de Molènes Says:

    Once more, your clues and hints are dramatically (in the Greek definition) accurate… And yes, Yintegrity is the key out of anger, but how hard it is, facing external “Yangtegritic” suggestions, to remain solid on one’s feet… I feel that it has a lot to do here with being able to be sort of vulnerable, in order for the magic to occur.

    A lesson of humbling, and not identifying with the storms…

    Thank you for your sharp and delicate insights-hindsights…


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