The Heavies, Blame, C&E, Yintegrity

schee3405bpMy favorite Tungstide, Scheelite, Calcium Tungstide.  Scheelite helps us penetrate Denial, Obfuscation, Lies, Bullshit, and Propaganda – theirs and our own – to reach Truth.

* * * * *

So much going on, and so many lessons occurring around Blame, Cause&Effect, and Yintegrity, that I’m not even going to make any logical links, I’m just going to make a list, and let you Lego them together to see how they fit you. 

Before I do, take out a good-sized piece of paper, and two pens or pencils of different colors.  In the center of the paper, draw a circle just big enough that you can write ME in it in big letters.  An inch or so (or several cm, your choice) above your ME circle, write a few words describing The Most Important Thing going on in your Life right now, and draw a “cloud” around it.  It could be something dominating your thoughts, something you’re worrying about, something you’re doing, some hassle that you’re enduring, something you’re praying for, it could be anything, but it needs to be The Most Important Thing in your Life right now. 

Your “cloud” should have bumpy or wavy edges.  If the Issue is very clear-cut, you can make the cloud an oval.  If it’s fuzzy, make the edges of the cloud wavy or bumpy, the fuzzier the bumpier.

Can’t decide what’s Most Important?  Great – draw several clouds all around your ME, one for each Big Issue in your Life right now.  The next task was going to be “now draw a cloud with The Second Most Important Thing in it” – but there’s no need to rank them.  Draw in as many clouds as you have Big Issues going on in your Life.  Draw lines from your ME circle to each of your clouds. 

Are any of your clouds related to other clouds?  Maybe you’re worrying about having enough money, and what you’re doing is looking for work or starting a business.  Draw a line between any two clouds that have major links, or close relationships, or dependencies between them.

How about other people?  Do any of your clouds depend on or involve other individuals (known or unknown)?  Put these folks around the edges of your paper in little circles, and draw lines between them and any clouds they’re related to.

Now, as you read my list, choose a word or two to summarize how it’s likely to impact your Life.  Using your second color of pen or pencil, put those words in a box on your page, along with the item number from my list.  Position the box so it’s close to any of the clouds that it may impact.  Draw lines to connect the box with the most relevant cloud or two.  If it seems unrelated, you don’t need to draw any lines.  You can fill them in later if a relationship occurs to you later on.


One more thing.  You might want to have a couple of spare blank sheets, because as you fill up your page you may see relationships that you didn’t notice before, so you may want to redraw the whole page, moving the clouds around to reflect the new relationships.  Do this whenever your page gets too messy with lines crossing.  If an item on my list seems connected to everything, you may want to put it in a second circle around your ME circle, instead of a box.

Here we go…

* * * * *

1. Pluto

You probably know by now that Pluto’s pretty heavy.  And that when a planet is Stationary, it’s influence is strongest.  A favorite and apt metaphor for a Pluto Station is “swimming in Jello.”  What you need to know about Pluto is that when Pluto is strong, you need to go with the Flow, not against it.  So when Pluto is strong and something gets difficult, back off. 

When you’re with Pluto, you’re floating downstream.  It may be too fast for comfort, but it’s downstream.  If it is too fast for comfort, that’s great, you’ll accomplish a lot more than you expected to, in a much shorter time.  That’s what happens when you’re in the Flow, or in the Zone.  Just keep your eye on the Most Important Things, and let the rest slide or take care of themselves.  Your aim here is the destination, not the journey.

When you’re moving against Pluto and swimming upstream, it’s one step forward and two back.  Like swimming in Jello.  Difficult.  Don’t waste your Energy.  Let it go.  Reconsider your goal.  You may want to modify it or qualify it.  If you decide to keep it, then modify your strategy.  If it doesn’t get easier, start over again.  It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get up.  But move the ladder, ok?

Pluto is Stationary Direct on September 22 (at half past 5pm PDT). 

At 11:00 of Capricorn, “A large group of Pheasant on a private estate.”  Portentious.

* * * * *

2. Yintegrity

Remember Yintegrity?  That’s when we’re able to do what we feel like doing, moment to moment, rather than having to do what we said we were going to do because we said we were.  To do Yintegrity we probably need to reduce our commitments, renegotiate when a commitment must be broken, and make amends when renegotiation isn’t possible. 

Pluto is about Yintegrity these days because we’re in the middle of a major dance between Pluto and Uranus.  We’ve been referring to that at times as “The 1960s Becoming Permanent” – the 60s were about wearing Flowers in your hair, going naked (being honest, relaxing pretexts, removing Masks, challenging convention, questioning everything), going with the Flow, making Love not war, that sort of thing.  Something is happening, and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones.

Pluto doesn’t dance cheek-to-cheek with Uranus again till mid-December, but by mid-October they’ll be dating.  After September 22 they begin courting one another, so our Yintegrity lapses will be heating up again.  Hint: if you encounter difficulty after September 22, see what happens when you kick Honesty up a notch.

Pluto is turning Direct September 22, and Uranus is Regrograde, so they’ll now be moving toward one another.  They’re within three degrees of one another by October 17.

* * * * *

3. The Galactic Download

This goes on through the first three weeks of October.  See

if you’ve forgotten about it.  In general, it’s about rejecting History and reviewing Herstory instead.  When the bullies finally convince you that you’re Powerless and your only course of action is to do their bidding, you naturally come to see the World through their eyes, Abandoning Your Own Eyes.  Well, you have to go back and Recover Your Own Eyes.  It’s painful, and it’s not optional.  The faster you Embrace it, the easier it is.

In a nutshell, there are a half-dozen minor planets lined up between us and the Galactic Center, acting as a lens to focus Galactic Energy upon us (think a magnifying glass and a billion Suns).  Most of them were Stationary (amping up the magnification, a lot) in early September.  The odds of this happening during your Lifetime by chance are vanishingly small – this is what you came here for.

Most of the minor planets involved are Centaurs – half Human, half Horse.  So we know we’re being asked to consider all of the Goddess’s creatures, not just our own race.  The dwarf planet Quaoar is also there.  Quaoar asks us to make sure we’re using the correct set of guidelines in our Life to assure Sustainability.

* * * * *

4. Shock Doctrine

If you haven’t read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, you need to, and, whether you vote or not, you need to read it before the next election in your thereabouts.  It’ll literally change your orientation to the World, because you’ll have new understanding of what happens why, how it happens, who’s behind it, and what you can do about it.  There’s no conspiracy here, there’s an open attack on The People, and the media will only brainwash you to believe that it’s all just the way it is.

Here’s a good example…

If we follow that approach – where we think we just need to point out facts to someone and then they’ll act in sensible ways and end their perpetual war – and we continue to Deny the fact that they’re joined at the hip to the munitions industry (and worse), all we’re doing is giving them another opportunity to propagandize us.

* * * * *

5. Herstory

The Galactic Download is a Grand Trine (dumb-luck Grace), with Lilith (Self-Determination) and Eris-South Node (You can no longer Deny your Abandonment) as the other two corners.  Grand Trines are usually really groovy, but in this case, given the characters at the corners, we’re extraordinarily fortunate that it’s a Grand Trine, because if it wasn’t, we’d be in unbelievable pain.  Don’t be fooled – it’s all the more important that we do our Work.

That means, it’s not them.  It’s not you either, in the usual sense.  It’s either you, regressed, or it’s you, Empathizing with the pain of the PlanetLike the creep neighbors, who keep throwing projectiles into my Garden – just metaphors for Syria and Iraq, reminding that no, this isn’t happening over there, it’s happening everywhere.  Or their adding injury to insult by stealing my entire crop of Plums, before they were ripe – it’s just a local metaphor for the Shock Doctrine.

Here’s Herstory…

Since Rage usually comes across as Blame, and Blame gets projected on the nearest handy person, it’s very difficult to become an effective container for someone else’s Rage and give them permission to express it.  It’s not Present-Moment, but it comes out as You-Statements, and if You (that is, you) are in your Ego identifying with that you, you’re going to be awfully defensive, and like as not spit it back in the form of your own non-Present-Moment Rage, also expressed as You-statements, as if the party before you is your persecutor.

There are formulas for avoiding that, such as NVC, but it’s damn hard to remember them when you’re regressed to the floor of the Roman Colisseum.  Put this on your bathroom mirror…


in the hope that you can remember more often when you’re in the presence of the millennia of Grief and Rage and Anger that the Planet must give voice to before it is cleansed of Retribution.

This is the Abandonment that erupts from the South Node.  Yintegrity is not all Wine and Roses.  But while Eris is on the South Node, Haumea is on the North Node!  Haumea, Goddess of Rebirth, Pele’s Daughter, Born of Fire!  Here’s a possible example…

* * * * *

6. Despair

And Discouragement, and especially what we call “Unconscious Despair,” which is the lack of Belief that something important is even possible.  We’re still deep in Portal 9.11-22.  And while Portal 9.1-11 has waned, there are many cracks keeping Despair on the front burner, and Portals yet to come that bring it back in force.  We Heal Despair by Empathizing with it…

The Second Grand Trine (Portal 9.1-11) was a Chiron Grand Trine, and Portal 9.11-22 features a Chiron Yod.  We’ve a configuration coming up in a few days, Portal 9.21, which I’ll write about tomorrow if all goes according to schedule, that’s focused on 21 Aquarius, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.”  More Abandonment, more Empathy, and now, more Changing the Subject.

When we PIAVA something, we do it because we want to break the mold and manifest something entirely New, something that we haven’t manifested in the current Lifetime.  When we do that it’s critical that we Change the Subject, that is, put our mind on something else entirely.  Otherwise, our habitual mindset will constrain what we can create to something that fits into our current Worldview – and thus failing to meet the criterion of New. 

Once we get far enough along on Empathizing with our ancient Abandonment, and shift to the Rebirth erupting from the North Node, we have the same need to be looking the other way, in order to allow our New to be sufficiently Manifest by the time we see it, that we don’t lock it into our old Expectations before it congeals.  If our ancient Abandonment didn’t demand such all-consuming Attention, we’d never be able to Manifest anything New, and we’d be stuck on the same treadmill forever.

* * * * *

7. Yindependence

The September-October Centaur Stampede Grand Trine is actually a Kite; since the South Node (with Eris) is one corner of the Grand Trine, the North Node (with Haumea) becomes the top – and focus – of the Kite.  But what’s the third corner of the Grand Trine?  Lilith.

Our Yindependence and Yinstincts.  Our Self-Trust and Self-Suzerainty.  Our ability and willingness to blaze our own trail through the Wilderness, our ability and willingness to listen to and follow our own Guides rather than our programming or our would-be masters.

* * * * *

We aren’t done yet; we’ll add more boxes to your Karmic map tomorrow.

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