Chaos I – Portal 9.20

polder2169bpI love this stuff.  It’s called Poldervaartite (or Olmiite) of all things, a Calcium Manganese Nesosilicate.  A Nesosilicate is a simple Silicate, like Garnet or Topaz.  Poldervaartite is a great candidate for the Witch’s Cauldron that is Chaos – not the kind of Chaos we think of as confusing and disordered, but the Chaos of Greek mythology – pure unlimited unmanifest Potential.

* * * * *

The modern egocentric antropocentric materialist reductionist deterministic “Western” Worldview ranks Chaos right down there with Entropy,  the T word, and Poop.  Yet in Science itself, Chaos Theory applies not to abject disorder and disgust, but to situations where small changes in initial conditions can lead to qualitatively different results.  Untidy perhaps, but not disordered, especially if you don’t constrain your Reality to being purely mechanistic.

In its original Greek form, Chaos simply referred to the Void, the open ground prior to the Creation of Form.  Consider…

When the seekers come close to attaining their goal, their descriptions of what they regard as the supreme principle of existence are strikingly similar … an immense and unfathomable field of consciousness endowed with infinite intelligence and creative power … a cosmic emptiness – a void.  Yet, paradoxically, it is also an essential fullness.  Although it does not feature anything in a concretely manifest form, it contains all of existence in potential.  The vacuum they experience is a plenum; nothing is missing in it.  It is the ultimate source of existence, the cradle of all being.  It is pregnant with the possibility of everything there is.”  –Ervin Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field, p.120.

And Dr. Laszlo is obviously a materialist, as he has trouble regarding Consciousness itself as “being” or “existence”!  Rather than calling it the Source or Cradle, we’d be more likely to say that it IS Existence and All Being, the place from which the Illusion of Separation arises.

So what the Greeks would call Chaos, we would call the Quantum Vacuum or the Zero Point Field, home of The Creator of All That Is.

Elizabeth has pointed out that the probable dwarf planet Chaos is Stationary Retrograde on September 20-21.  A dwarf planet differs from an asteroid by having enough gravity and rotation to mold itself into a sphere.  Not knowing much about Chaos, it’s considered a “probable” dwarf planet.  It lives out in the realm of Pluto – the orbit of Chaos spans 40 to 50 “AU” (the distance from the Sun to the Earth is an AU) while Pluto’s orbit spans 30-50 AU.  But Pluto is four times as big as Chaos.

The reason we bring this up, is that Chaos’s Station is Opposite the Centaur Stampede in the big September-October Grand Trine.

We’ve already mentioned that the North Node and Haumea make the Centaur-Galactic Center Grand Trine into a Kite and puts the focus of the Configuration on Haumea-North Node.

But the addition of Chaos moves the focus there, as it’s Stationary.  That’s at 20 degrees of Gemini, “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions.”  Lots of pregnant themes in there – Abundance, Carbon Footprints, Voting with our Dollars, Globalization.

Chaos’s perihelion (closest approach to the Sun – and a quick check on the potential meaning of a new planet) occurs at 18 Cancer, “A Hen scratching the ground to find nourishment for her progeny.”  Now that’s a Locavore.  So the Station illuminates the contrast.

Her discovery location (another quick check) was 27 Taurus, “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by.”  Interesting.  The implication to me is that she’s selling her tribe’s cultural heritage, not just newly-created artworks.  Globalization and Abundance issues again.

But the addition of Chaos also creates five sixths of a Grand Sextile, which moves the focus again, to the Vacant sixth position.  That’s 21 Aquarius, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life,” re-emphasizing the whole business of Unconscious Despair – the Belief that it’s just not possible to get one’s needs met.  But this is a Chaos chart, where “empty” takes on a special meaning and invokes the Miracle side of Chiron.

But let’s look at the chart.  In the first picture in Chaos Pictures, you can see that, thanks to an Eris-South Node Yod makes the original Kite into a Brilliant.  That means we look to Eris-South Node for the primary indication.  You can also see an Eris-South Node Mjolnir (the gold lines) – an enhanced Brilliant!  So while we need to include all of our previous information, the Big Deal here is Eris-South Node.

The bottom line is that, sure, this is a max-Grace much-enhanced Grand Trine, and that’s great news and guarantees a positive outcome.  But the road to that positive outcome could be very rough, as it leads through our native PTSD, through all of the Past Deaths and Emotional Traumas that we’ve accumulated without processing and Letting Go.  Most of us would “rather die” than do that, as it’s a huge Ego Death and feels like we’re going to literally die.  We aren’t, but our Ego is, in order to make space for a larger Reborn Ego, and since most of us ARE our Ego, it’s probably going to hurt.

This is actually easy to work around.  All we need to do is, for a few minutes, stop Identifying with our Ego.  Yes, you laugh, because yes, that’s not possible.  Unconscious Denial, eh?  There are actually a zillion techniques for doing that.  Here’s just one – expanding your Self so you Identify with the Solar System instead of your personal Ego…

Shades of Juno, the Edges of our Consciousness – we’ll come back to that.

Remember, Karma is dead, so why do we still have to do this?  The difference is that we don’t have to get lost in pain for years or Lifetimes, as we used to do.  Once we Own it and Witness it, now our Karma just dissolves.  We do need to Change our Lifestyle, perhaps Consciously – if we continue to live through the same Patterns as we did before, we aren’t dealing with Karma any more, just with bad habits.  And we need to do one other thing.

We need to Empathize with our old pain.

“You poor Sweetheart, that was really painful, wasn’t it.”

We also need to be gentle with ourselves – if we try to rush through the process or power through it, we’ll overload ourselves and accumulate more Karma rather than Letting it Go.

Let me look up the exact time of the Chaos Station.  Bingo; it’s right now, as I write this, fifteen minutes before 6pm PDT on September 20!  I usually give a range of time when a Portal is open, with three degrees of Sensitivity, but Chaos moves Pluto-slow, so Chaos is not the limiting factor here.  The limiting factor is the Trine from Lilith to Eris, which is within three degrees till October 20.

The charts though are drawn for 8pm PDT September 21, because that’s when the Moon perfects the T-Square with Mars and Neptune that you see in the second picture of Chaos Pictures.  It’s the Moon-Mars Square that forms the base of the Mjolnir in the enhanced Brilliant in the first picture.

That Mjolnir will be a boon, as it will provide Epiphanies about what we’re Denying.  Moon and Mars are our two major methods of manifesting Form – Mars via planning and executing and Moon via focusing Emotional Energy into the glue that keeps Matter from repelling itself.

The second picture is a whole new animal, so let’s deal with it in a separate post.

Remember we said we’d come back to Juno?  We’ve drawn in the Juno T-Square with the Nodes (and Eris and Haumea) in the second picture in the Chaos Pictures post.  This tells us we’ll need to Expand the Edges of our Consciousness in order to make room to Embrace the ancient pain of what we’ve been Denying for so many Lifetimes, to Let Go of our old Ego, and to allow the Rebirth in Fire that Haumea promises.  We’ll look at that second picture in the next post.

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