September Review

redco6259bp Fossilized Red Coral.  To be fully Here and Capable in the Present Moment, we need to Let Go of Emotional Attachment to our Personal History and our “Past” Lives.

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There’s a lot going on, so let’s review…


1. Sedna New Moon

We’re at the Full Moon, which is often considered a culmination of the Energy released at the New Moon.  The New Moon was Conjunct the dwarf planet Sedna, so the interpretation we gave to this Energy was The exposure of loooong-standing Patterns as self-sabotaging, and the opportunity to shift them, with potentially Life-Changing consequences – but only if they’re addressed with reverence and compassion! 



2. Grand Trines

We’re dealing with two Grand Trines, which in general indicate immense good luck.  However, here they reinforce the New Moon interpretation above, because they involve planets that are very likely to invoke an Ego Death or two.  Since they’re Grand Trines we can expect good outcomes, but rough sledding is possible in the interim.


3. Centaur Stampede

The Big Grand Trine, lasting from August 29 through October 20 or so, involves a “Stellium” (several planets in the same place) of

  • six different minor planets
  • all within a few degrees of each other
  • all Stationary
  • all within a few degrees of the Galactic Center

and that’s just one corner.    How often would such a Stellium occur?  Scientific folk think our Universe is a bit less than 18 thousand million years old.  A quick estimation suggests that it will be over twelve million times as long as that before this sort of Stellium occurs again.  Twelve million times as long as the age of our Universe.  That’s kind of a rare event on our usual time scale.

The other two corners of the Big Grand Trine are about our Yindependence (taking Healthy Control of our own life and directing it toward our own Desires), and the Revelation of what we’ve been Denying.  Hmmm, sounds like the New Moon Energy amplified, doesn’t it.  Again, we should expect a positive outcome but a number of Ego Deaths along the way, to the extent that any of us have any attachment to our Life and Planet as it’s been. 

Details: and


4. The Second Grand Trine

Between September 1 and 11, our Big Grand Trine is joined by a second Grand Trine, this one between Despair and Miracle, the Edges of our Consciousness, and Defining What We Believe to Be Sacred.  Once again, the theme is Letting Go of obsolete Identities and Judgments and allowing our sense of Self to expand.  So once again, positive outcomes should we choose to accept the mission, and more Ego Deaths along the way. 

Details: and

Fortunately, we get a road map!  Any time we encounter Despair or Discouragement, we’ve entered Transformation territory.  We’ve made several suggestions for the Alchemical Transformation into Miracle.

Details:,, and


5. Chiron Full Moon

The Full Moon is bang on Chiron (Despair and Miracle), and happens to be the peak of the second Grand Trine Energy.  We get yet another repeat of our theme of ancient Unconscious contents erupting into Consciousness so they can be cleared.  Without them we can move forward instead of spinning our wheels.  

Details:,, and


6. Saturn

Finally, we notice how Saturn gets involved; Saturn always focuses us on The Most Important Thing.  Here it helps us understand the long-term context of what’s happening. 



7. Here’s a timely interview on the recurring Theme of the Month…

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