Despair into Miracle III – the Full Moon Kite

We’ve been talking about Despair and Discouragement, and how to kick the habit.  Be mindful that Self-Pity is addictive, and that there is potential Power in Victim postures.  You may not even be motivated to move beyond these phases until you get Discouraged because they aren’t doing what you hoped to accomplish by using them.  Both are self-reinforcing processes that lead only down and in, never up or out.  They won’t do you any favors.  Which suggests a third strategy – Actively seek out Self-Pity and Victims in your mindset and Emotional habits, and process them the same way…

“You poor Sweetheart, are you’re feeling like a loser?”

Which brings us to the Kite that the Full Moon makes from the Grand Trine.

A Kite is formed when a fourth planet sits opposite one of the three equally spaced planets in a Grand Trine.  In general, this fourth planet takes on the leadership role for the Grand Trine.  A Kite is very beneficial, and is more Focused than a Grand Trine.  As with a Grand Trine, you’d like to see a Square or two, or other Motivating Angles, from one of the corners of the Kite, in order to provide Energy to prevent getting lazy from all of the Grace that’s running about.

This Sun is at the top of this Kite, at 17 of Virgo, “A volcanic eruption: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.”  Oh-oh.

So this Full Moon is about the explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.  That’s an ouch, considering everything else we’ve been looking at.  Certainly the emergence of long-repressed contents of the Unconscious can be extraordinarily beneficial, as those contents have been sabotaging us.  The explosive part is concerning, though it can vastly accelerate the process if it’s handled well. 

While much of the World still follows Freud and thinks in terms of the subconscious, we follow Jung and think in terms of the Unconscious.  To Freud the subconscious was a dungeon full of dark and dank Energies,  To Jung, the Unconscious was dark, but full of Treasure, as it held all manner of Abandoned parts of ourselves, which, when recovered and reintegrated, greatly enhance ourSelf and our effectiveness as discerning and pursuing our Wants, Desires, and Mission, and much reduce our self-sabotage.

We have some hope of handling our own individual long-repressed contents, if we can stay in the Present Moment so we can remember our tools.  But on the World stage, I for one don’t have a lot of confidence in the folks who will be handling it – in fact, if they continue to handle it with the recipe that Naomi Klein reveals, we’re in for some rough sledding.

However, successfully handling our own individual long-repressed contents as they emerge from the Unconscious will greatly reduce the impact that the World stage has on our own personal experience, and – by not adding to the overall Sturm und Drang – reduce the impact of the global process.  You might want to past “You poor Sweetheart” on your bathroom mirror for the next several weeks.

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