Despair into Miracle II – Chiron Full Moon

To review the context, as we approach September 8, which is both the peak of the Portal 9.1-11 Grand Trine (5pm PDT) and the Full Moon (half past 6pm PDT), it’s an excellent time to review how to convert Chiron Despair into Chiron Miracles.

In other words, the Full Moon forms a Kite, with Sun at the top and Moon-Chiron at the tail.  The Water Grand Trine (it’s one of two) that it brightly illuminates is between Chiron (Despair and Miracle), Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), and Vesta (what we regard as Sacred).

The most powerful technique for converting Despair into Miracles, is Empathy.  One of Eugene Gendlin‘s many contributions to our understanding of ourselves, is the idea that it’s Empathy that Heals.  So the most effective way to Witness our Emotions, is to Empathize with ourself.

The first thing we need to do, is recognize that there’s something amiss about the way we’re meeting the World, something isn’t working quite right.  In this case, with Chiron lit up, we’re likely to be experiencing Despair, Discouragement, Disillusionment, or the like.  Once we notice that this is what we’re Feeling, we step outside of the Feeler and become the Witness.  We do that by saying to ourself, out loud if possible, while directing our Attention into our Heart,

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Discouraged, aren’t you.”

It may help to put our arms around ourself.  Then we listen.  Usually you’ll hear a small voice agreeing with you, and maybe offering some detail.  That’s actually you.  You’re discouraged because you’re regressed to an earlier age, one where you hadn’t yet learned the tools you need to address Hassle #3,207 and its teammates.  If your small voice doesn’t offer any detail, ask him or her how old they are.

In my case I get the answer “four,” which is a surprise.  Whoa, what happened when I was four, that I know about?  Well, the region was engulfed by horrendous floods that washed away entire towns, and our family for some reason had to make a very scary crossing of a very swollen large river.  Fear was rampant, and quite real.  My father was probably laid off or made redundant, as was often the case because the times were unstable (like now) as the economy adjusted to radical changes in its foundation and structure (like now).  I could probably look up the astrological situation then and find parallels to now.

But it’ll be far more effective for me to carry on a dialogue with my four-year-old, Ask him or her if there’s anything I (as an adult, now that I’ve made the Separation through the simple act of directly addressing the part of me that’s Discouraged) can do to help out.

This could be a tough assignment, as their Feelings may well be far more extreme than what you were initially experiencing.  You may find yourself falling asleep.  Stick with it.  At some point “you” will find that you’re no longer feeling Discouraged; you will have lost contact, especially if you’re writing about the process or for some other reason don’t pay enough attention to your Abandoned Child.

That’s okay; you’ve made contact.  Just remember, if any shred of your Discouragement returns, make the Separation and Ask again,

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Discouraged, aren’t you.”

That’s the Magic phrase, substituting whatever it is you’re feeling for “Discouraged.”

This is all you need to do, the rest happens on its own accord.  The bridge has been crossed, the water has been Changed, and now you can move on to your next adventure, whether it’s Hassle #3,207, or Fun Project #289, or anything else that arises.  You’re now in the equivalent to the Change the Subject phase of the PIAVA process, where you try to be otherwise engaged while the stew simmers.  It’s iterative – keep your “You poor Sweetheart…” tool close at hand for the next time you need it.

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