Despair into Miracle I – Chiron Grand Trine

As we approach September 8, which is both the peak of the Portal 9.1-11 Grand Trine (5pm PDT) and the Full Moon (half past 6pm PDT), it’s an excellent time to review how to convert Chiron Despair into Chiron Miracles.

In other words, the Full Moon forms a Kite, with Sun at the top and Moon-Chiron at the tail.  The Water Grand Trine (it’s one of two) that it brightly illuminates is between Chiron (Despair and Miracle), Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), and Vesta (what we regard as Sacred).

Saturn is just outside of our traditional three-degree zone of Sensitivity (by one quarter of a degree) and thus almost included in the Grand Trine; it wouldn’t hurt to include Saturn in our interpretation, especially since it’s about to Initiate Vesta.  I think we’ll do that in a separate post.

One way to convert Despair into Miracle is of course to Look for the Grace.  Since we’re talking about a Chiron Grand Trine, and a Grand Trine is generally considered to be the height of dumb-luck Grace, that should make Looking for the Grace especially rewarding.  What would the Grace look like here?

Well, we would find our Identity shifting.

Juno – the Edges of our Consciousness would be growing or, perish the thought, shrinking.  Our Consciousness shrinks when we’re in acute Trauma or chronic Stress.  We circle the wagons to try to increase Safety, which is the Ego’s first priority.  Saturn’s often involved with this sort of Contraction, and Saturn is involved here.  Of course Despair is a very effective motivator for shrinking our Self-Concept and our general Consciousness.

And we would find our understanding of what is Sacred to us shifting as well

Vesta – with Vesta approaching Saturn, we’re either going to be gritting our teeth and defending our Golden Calf vigorously, or we’re going to be realizing how Limiting our Beliefs actually are, and opening up to expanding them.  Probably both.

Either of those two shifts is very likely to threaten the stability of the Ego and Identity, and threats to the stability of the Ego and Identity are seldom spontaneously met with celebration (though you may have surges of completely inexplicable Joy from time to time).  Since it’s a Grand Trine, we can reasonably expect the outcome to be beneficial.  So it’s a great time to learn to receive any shift in the stability of the Ego and Identity (aka Anxiety) with Gratitude.

We can learn to accept Confusion as the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, because Confusion is the first sign of the breakdown in the rigid walls of our Judgments.  Our intellectual Judgments wall off elements of Reality as unacceptable, but the more of Reality we can actually accept, the less we’ll sabotage ourself. 

As Confusion is to Intellect, Anxiety is to Emotion. 

Our Emotional Judgments wall off elements of Reality as unacceptable even more effectively than our intellectual Judgments do, and the more of Reality we can actually accept, the less we’ll sabotage ourself.  Our Emotional Judgments usually have roots deep in our Personal History and our Karma

The actual boundary between intellect and Emotion is blurry (it’s a Chicken-and-Egg problem, and the mutual reinforcement is horrendous), but the two realms are unique enough in their cores, to be usefully seen as two different routes to Peace.  So one of the first things we need to do, is to recognize Anxiety as AnxietyWe tend to focus on the messagewhat we think we’re Anxious about, rather than the medium – the fact that we’re Anxious.

Once it dawns on us that “Oh gosh, we’re in Anxiety!” rather than “What am I going to do about __(Hassle #3,207)__?” then we have a lot more options.  You can make an excellent case for the idea that as long as we try to “do about Hassle #3,207” before we deal with our state of Anxiety, we’re just going to make Hassle #3,207 worse.  We deal with the Anxiety, for example, by invoking any of a hundred relaxation or breathing techniques.  Just witnessing that we’re in a state of Anxiety is a huge leap forward.

It’s called “going meta” – shifting from a focus on Content, to a focus on Process.  If you’re already good with Emotion, you can Ask yourself, “What am I Feeling?”  Angry, Anxious, Scared?  And then deal directly with the Feeling – Tapping on it, embracing it, locating it in your body and being warm and soft with it there, talking about it, just to give a few examples.  If you aren’t good with Emotion, you’re going to get answers like “I’m feeling like Hassle #3,207 is going to eat me alive!” which aren’t Emotions at all, but thoughts – “feeling like X” is always a thought.  Feelings are adverbs (Anxious) or noun objects (Anxiety), not subordinate clauses (like a rolling stone).
I don’t want this next “trick” to get buried, so I’m going to put it in separate post…

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