A Month of Yindependence Work

vivian3166bpVivianite, an Iron Phosphate and a powerful holder and healer of Feminine Energy and Power.  Keep Vivianite Crystals in the dark if you want to preserve their color and transparency.  This month though you may find yourself less motivated to keep your Feminine Energy and Power in the dark.  Nevertheless, it could be a rocky month, and Self-Care is still Priority Number One.  The Vivianite Crystal in your closet is a good reminder to always be mindful of Self-Protection.

* * * * *

Elizabeth informs us that the probable dwarf planet Ixion is also Stationary Direct at 20 Sagittarius – the same location as the throng of Stationing Centaurs – on September 3.  Ixion in mythology, through a series of demonstrations of his total absence of moral character, ended up as the grandfather of the entire race of Centaurs.  Clearly something is up in the Sign of the Centaur.  Even more intriguing, it was a surrogate for Juno – the Edges of Consciousness – that Ixion coupled with to produce the father of the Centaurs.

In our earlier post we mentioned that Venus in Leo forms a Grand Trine with the Stationary Sagittarian Centaur Stellium and Eris-North Node in Aries.  On closer examination we find that Venus Conjoins Lilith.  Lilith moves a lot slower than Venus, which leaves this Grand Trine in place all during the month of September and well beyond.  So we need to look that over more closely.

Lilith Initiates Venus at half past 3am PDT on August 28, at 20 degrees of Leo, “Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun: A return to the glorification of natural energies.”  It’s relatively unusual for a Sabian Symbol to be so specific, and interesting that the Zuni have maintained an irrigated desert agriculture for thousands of years, much longer than most irrigation-based cultures, because as irrigation water evaporates the soil becomes increasingly clogged with salts.  The Zuni succeed by understanding and following the rules about caring for the Land and the People, exactly what the dwarf Planet Quaoar is about – and Quaoar is also Stationary Direct among the gang of Centaurs.

While the Grand Trine starts as an enhanced Brilliant (Mercury and Mars make the Squares in the face of the Brilliant, and it’s enhanced by a Yod to Sedna from the North Node-Centaurs face of the Kite), the enduring parts of the complex include the Grand Trine itself between Lilith and Eris and Quaoar-Ixion-Chariklo-Pholus-Hylonome, and a Tricolor comprised of Lilith Square Sedna Quincunx the Centaurs et al Trine Lilith.  With Eris on the South Node, the Grand Trine is really a Kite focused on the North Node.

The mythology around Pholus and Hylonome centers on Death, Pholus by accident as a result of giving away too much hospitality, and Hylonome by choosing to follow her Lover to the Other Side.  While the dwarf planet Chariklo is a Centaur astronomically, the mythological Chariklo was a nymph depicted as a human whose primary attribute was beauty.  Like the Trine itself, Beauty has its own Karma, as the temptation of Arrogance, till one learns that the extra attention one receives is not due to strength of character.  Not that Chariklo herself is associated with Arrogance, just that inflation is a potential Karmic quality of Beauty.

So this trio of Centaurs kind of symbolizes several ways of Giving Away Our Power, through excess generosity, codependence or merging, and misinterpretation of Grace.  I can see Lilith gritting her teeth.

In the center of the herd are enforcer Quaoar and sociopath Ixion – Quaoar whose People believed that they would have to “go back to eating clay” if they didn’t follow the rules about keeping their Landscape in order, and the ultimate scofflaw Ixion, who was tricked by Zeus into dancing with the Edges of Consciousness to spawn the Centaur race.  Quaoar’s rules are about when to plant food crops, not about how often to water the lawn.  Of course any enforcer of the rules is also in Resistance to Creativity, and Victim of their own variety of hubris.

These are some deeply Archetypal notions.  Then we have whistleblower Eris, still within three degrees of the South Node, the very home of Karma.  If any party ever needed a Golden Apple, this gang of Sagittarii is it.  Heavy stuff – good thing it’s a Grand Trine!

The Tricolor starts with a Square from Lilith to Sedna…

The Risk in Yindependence lies in angering the fathers, as their reaction can be extreme and irrational.  Easing the Risk lies in Curiosity about what that Cavalry in Sagittarius might do or mean for us.  The fathers are conflicted.  The Stallion in them doesn’t want any Mares to leave the fold, and flying hooves can be murderous.  The upper half understands the prohibition – unless ruthless Ixion has taken charge.   There are times when the rulegiver needs to be overthrown, and who better for the job.  But will we have to go back to eating clay?

Feigned generosity or codependence or seduction no longer work, because the Mare half of the females is taking charge with her own flying hooves, and leaving the upper half to reassemble the broken pieces.

The Kite tells us that the North Node – our Mission – is in charge here, which is good…

The message is that while it could get very rocky in September, we’re better off letting “Nature” (or Chaos) “take it’s course,” rather than trying to steer anything one way or another.  Remember that the Galactic Center’s hyperbeam of Energy rides on the back of these Centaurs.  It won’t be immediate, but the outcome will be positive.  Expect to be very surprised by the way the Worm turns.

* * * * *

Next we need to see when the Moon crosses each corner of the Kite and Yod/Tricolor and the Vacancies of the Grand Sextile template, so we can see how the Energies will shift from week to week.  The Moon crosses the rodeo grounds September 2-3…

Our earlier post saw the Stampede intensifying on August 29 and September 3, 4, and 7.  Specifically, we should expect the hooves to fly strongest from around 6pm PDT September 2 till about 1pm PDT September 3.  Don’t be surprised by unexpected reactions – yours or others’ – here, as parts of ourselves that have been dormant suddenly wake up and demand a place at the table.  Lots of surprises.

The Moon Opposes Lilith September 6-7, then crosses South Node-Eris on September 10-11.

After some excitement September 6-7 overnight (probably some clarity about what those newcomers want), the next big peak will span roughly 10pm PDT September 10 through 8pm PDT September 11.  This is where you’re likely to discover that the Limitations you’ve been blaming on others are actually Limiting Beliefs within yourself.  Don’t try to save face here, just accept the Truth and feel how much Stress it releases, as you don’t have to cover up any more, and you can start working directly for what you really Wanted all along.

Moon over Sedna September 13…

Our next Portal open around 1am PDT September 13, and closes near 7pm PDT.  This is likely to be when the Risk will feel greatest.  Stand up tall, raise and spread your arms, and roar.  Make as much noise as you can.

On September 15-16 the Moon Opposes the Stables, and on September 20-21 it crosses Lilith.

Expect Stürm und Drang September 15-16, but much of it will be just bluster.  From 11am or so PDT September 20 till about 3am PDT September 21, though, the Birds come home to roost.  If you don’t feel Liberated by now, feel free to make a stand for it.  The Goddess is on your side.

The Moon crosses the North Node, at this point accompanied by Pallas, on September 25-26.

Portal 9.25-9.26 stretches from 9am PDT September 25 to 2am PDT September 26.  We should see the outline of those promised positive outcomes by now.  Reconsider all of your Boundaries here.  You may have been Protecting yourself in places where you’ve now recovered enough Power that you don’t need Protection there.  There may also be places where you need to strengthen your Boundaries, to protect Recovered parts of yourself that are still tender.

The last day of September sees the Moon again crossing Ixion, Pholus, Chariklo, Hylonome, Quaoar, and the Galactic Center.

The Cavalry rides through again on September 30, most intensely from 1am to 7pm PDT.  This is partly cleanup, and partly the beginning of Round 2, as the Configuration stretches into October.

It should be quite a ride.

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