dscn0190bpAh Eudialyte!  The ultimate Flesh-Spirit transition stone.  A great comfort for soothing an Ego Death, the color from an unbeatable combination of Zirconium and Manganese.  Can you imagine a planetary Ego Death?  I suppose an alien landing would be an example, or maybe forty days and forty nights of Rain.

* * * * *

As I get time I’ll review their likely meaning, for now I’ll just list the astroevents.  Four of the six major Centaurs are Stationary over the next few weeks, and three of them are in very near the same place.  In addition, the dwarf planet Quaoar also Stands Still, and in the same place as the herd of Centaurs.  And where is this gathering?  Between us and the Galactic Center.  Guess we better prioritize those Centaur meanings, if Galactic Energy will be channeled through them.

A Centaur is a minor planet orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune and in most cases crossing the orbit of at least one of the major planets.  By and large their orbits are unstable, and they have characteristics of both asteroids and comets.  The most famous of the Centaurs is Chiron.

Here’s the gauntlet…

  • August 29: Chariklo Stationary Direct at 22 Sagittarius
  • September 3: Hylonome Stationary Direct at 25 Sagittarius
  • September 3: Ixion Stationary Direct at 20 Sagittarius
  • September 4: Pholus Stationary Direct at 21 Sagittarius
  • September 7: Quaoar Stationary Direct at 25 Sagittarius
  • September 10: Asbolus Stationary Retrograde at 9 Gemini

For reference, the Galactic Center is 27-28 Sagittarius.  The Moon’s in Sagittarius September 1-2.  And lest we forget, as I almost did, that Sagittarius itself is symbolized by a Centaur!  Plus, Ixion is a probable dwarf planet whose namesake in mythology was the grandfather of the entire race of Centaurs!

Probably the most noteworthy element of the Centaurs is their hybrid nature – half horse half human, half asteroid half comet.

We humans in our vanity usually think of ourselves as half Animal and half Spirit.  We think we’re Spirit because we seem to have Consciousness, and ignoring the fact that everything else does as well, we think we’re special in that regard.  I know, many humans regard their Reason and their Language as marks of their uniqueness, but gosh, Reason is empty Dualism stacked on a house of cards, and no one else needs Language because they just read the Energy directly.  Reason and Language serve only to justify the Denial of Reality.

When we think of ourselves (or anything) as half this and half that, we’re obviously deep in Duality.  The Universe is Multifarious and Unitary, and we’d do well to start thinking of ourselves along those lines.  If you have trouble with being Multifarious and Unitary at the same time, it’s because your Perspective is stuck.  It’s not that you, Reality, or the Universe is either.  The Universe just is.  It’s the Observer (you) that has the option of focusing on the Unity or the Multifariousness or both at the same time.  The Dual is just a special subset of the Multifarious, and while it may occasionally be useful, it is also extraordinarily limiting.

As always, the root question is,

Who is it that’s thinking or observing here?

The notion that we ever get to see beyond ourself is pretty naive, given the infinitesimally small scope of our five senses relative to the infinitely large scope of the Observed.  Without Sense Six we’re in just about the same position as the Lobster just before dinner.

So Paradox is probably the order of the day, or rather, of the two weeks.  Are we in or are we out?  And in or out of what?  How is it that the Galactic Center emits such incredible Energy if it’s a Black Whole, which supposedly eats Energy for lunch and never shares?  I’m reminded of a question someone asked Elizabeth Stratton once in a class – how can we Send Energy and Receive it at the same time?  As if it was two garden hoses aimed at each other, or two futbols, rather than two flashlights.

Focus on the places where you’re split in two, and see if you can Attend to the Coin instead of the heads or tails.  Imagine yourself walking forward as heads while the same you walks backward as tails – heads’ left foot stepping forward as tails’ right foot steps backward.  Then switch, with tails walking forward and heads backward.  It doesn’t take much practice with the exercise before you start noticing that you can see out of the “eyes” in the back of your own head.  A simple introduction to Sense Six.

Who else is in the third Decanate of their Sign during the first week of September?  Turns out it’s busy…

  • Venus in Leo and Eris-North Node in Aries make a Grand Trine with the Sagittarian Stellium of Stations.
  • Venus in Leo makes a T-Square with Mars in Scorpio and Sedna in Taurus.
  • Makemake in Virgo Squares the Stationary Sagittarian Stallium.

All that makes a Square Fez made up of two Tricolors –

  • Makemake Square Centaurs Quincunx Sedna Trine Makemake, and
  • Venus Square Sedna Quincunx Stellium Trine Venus.
  • Or we can take the shortcut and focus on the Venus-Makemake Semi-Sextile telling us what Patterns to Change to resolve the Sedna-Stellium Quincunx.

That would advise us to remind ourselves that we already know how to Walk in Beauty, we just have to be willing to DO it.

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