Lovely Things

hoyaMaybe next Lifetime I’ll be a Hoya grower – another gloriously-aromatic night-bloomer.

* * * * *

If you’re up early with a view of the East, here’s something worth keeping track of…

And look at this amazing fellow, a Cereus – how appropriate as we move into a Ceres Grand Trine…

The same folks have a tidy addition for a solar air heater that might even be a useful supplement to a rocket mass heater.

Watch out for this last one – it’s one of those videos that starts playing whether you’re paying attention or not, so don’t click on it till you’re prepared to skip the ad and start watching.  The first video is quite fascinating (and timely, with a Saturn Fez about).  Skip the second one, as it lacks substance.  But the third one is interesting, especially when you remember that Linear Time is an illusion…

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