More August Blessings

peacock3032bp“Peacock Ore,” a Copper ore somewhere between Chalcopyrite and Bornite, a riot of color that changes as the angle of the light and the angle of the eye change in their perspectives.

* * * * *

 We’re due to receive Blessings from the Universe for most of the rest of August, and into September. 

From around August 15 till about August 25, we can expect Grace around the Alignment between our understanding of the Sacred and our actual relationship to that which is larger than ourselves (including Culture, Planet, Godhead).  These are two quite different things.  For instance, suppose we believe that it’s more important to be quiet and nice than it is to be loud and honest, but our Culture habitually exploits us (, for instance) – then some Realignment would be very useful, if troublesome.  Since this is Grace, the trouble could be reduced.

Similarly, if we were Programmed to believe in a Punishing God, but our preferred experience with the Godhead is one of Grace, we could find that some of our Programming comes up for review.  Since much of our Programming is below the threshold of Consciousness, this may involve more than just “thinking it over.”  We could also encounter Attitude Adjustments about things like Global Warming (, World Peace, or the importance of our own Mission relative to the Planet as a whole.

During most of this period, our understanding of what’s Sustainable, and of what we need to Sustain ourselves, will be shifting as well.  Basically, the most important outcome will likely be an improvement in out ability and willingness to “give it over” to a higher power, not as a “giving up,” but as a request for clarity and assistance.  Like Paul Gautschi says, “That’s too big for me, I’ll have to Ask God” or Goddess or your preferred image of the Source of All That Is.

Grand Trines during the rest of August:

  • Juno-Vesta-Neptune August 15-17
  • Juno-Vesta/Ceres-Neptune August 18-22
  • Juno-Ceres-Neptune August 23-25

It’s my intention to go through the month and make a list of dates and times when the Moon will greatly enhance the Blessings, and get that out to you soon.

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