Heyoka Shaman


A friend puts it this way…

I am so sad about Robin Williams.
So very sad.
So fitting that the role that made him famous was that of an alien.  He always reminded me of Home (not here).

We should all be wearing signs:

Not from here.
Just visiting.
Trying to figure it out.

Which is actually very perceptive.  A quick look at his chart shows how.  In any other Culture he would have been seated next to the Chief or Emperor as a renowned Heyoka Shaman.  What’s the equivalent in Western European Culture and its descendants?  The Jester – The Fool. 

The Fool symbolizes the Zero Harmonic in Tarot, the Zero Point Field.  Some of Angie Arrien’s key words and concepts for the Zero Harmonic include 

  • Courage
  • Ecstasy
  • Peak Experience
  • The State of Consciousness before Birth and after Death
  • Giving Birth to New Forms from a State of Wonder and Anticipation rather than from Fear

But there’s a huge difference in prestige between a Heyoka Shaman and a Fool.  And Robin had the Courage to visit a Culture where he would be a Fool instead of a Heyoka Shaman.

The loudest influence in his birth chart is an unlikely combination of the Profoundly Profane, Yintegrity, and the Sacred, all devoted to serving Spirit.  Parallel to Sunday’s Full Moon, his Mission involved Emotional Stability, Manifestation, and Permanence.  He would resolve the apparent Conflict between the Profane and the Sacred by Wondering about how he might approach his Mission. His Karma involved Feeling everything Deeply – Life on this Planet would have given him great Pain.  He would resolve his Karma-Mission Conflict by vigorously Acting Out his Yintegrity in a Sacred Manner.  His Anger was born out of Compassion.  Without a Culturally acceptable venue for Acting Out Sacred Anger Compassionately, it would have been directed inward.

Sentence by sentence:

  • Mars was Out of Bounds closely Conjunct to Uranus, and more loosely Conjunct to Vesta, near the top of his chart, at the point of a T-Square, with Jupiter and Neptune as the base.
  • His North Node was Conjoined by the Moon and Ceres.
  • The focus of his T-Square was the Square-Trine corner of a Tricolor: Vesta-Mars-Uranus Square Neptune Quincunx NN-Moon-Ceres Trine Vesta-Mars-Uranus.
  • Venus Conjoined his South Node.
  • Vesta-Mars-Uranus formed a Trine-Sextile Bridge across his Nodal Axis.
  • Vesta-Mars-Uranus sat in Cancer.

The folks at WordPress keep “improving” their editor, so now I can’t put pictures into the text.  We may have to switch to a new blog.  For now, I put the pictures into a separate post, “Heyoka Shaman Pictures” – See Picture 1 there.

But behind this loudest influence is a Shadow.  He had a closet Mission to bring deeply repressed material into Consciousness.

See Picture 2.  He had a Makemake T-Square with Haumea and Sedna as the base.  The Makemake-Sedna Square was the root of a Tricolor with a Stationary Juno.

His Life Work is a template for surviving the 21st Century.  In this Lifetime he was Learning and Teaching about the Edges of Consciousness, by Setting Boundaries against Empathic Pain.  He was Learning and Teaching about Depression and Miracles by Stabilizing Emotion and relating directly to Spirit.  These two Lessons are very tightly interwoven.

See Picture 3.  His Juno Quintangle had a base of Pallas and South Node-Venus – he was Learning and Teaching how to create Boundaries between himself and his Empathy with Pain.  His Chiron Quintangle was on a base of Neptune and Moon-North Node – he was Learning and Teaching how to Stabilize his Emotions and relate directly to Spirit as the means to convert Depression to Miracle.  Juno and Moon-North Node in these Quintangles are the third rails of the Tricolors under his two T-Squares.

See Picture 4.  Look what happens when we add the Deciles!  A Tenth-Harmonic Decile is half of a Quintile.  This is a very well-braced Quintile-Tridecile Bridge across his Nodal Axis.

His Life Work was about Teaching us to achieve the Emotional Serenity or Neutrality that we need in order to Manifest Collaboration toward Peace and Sustenance, without abandoning our Empathy for the Pain around us.  The name of that process is Compassion – “never do nothing because you can’t do enough.”

His Spontaneity was Compulsive, and through it he brought people in touch with the Edges of their Consciousness, and expanded their connection to Spirit.

See Picture 5: His Mercury-Pluto Conjunction Squared his Stationary Juno, and Mercury-Pluto formed a Trine-Sextile Bridge across his Jupiter-Neptune Opposition.

He died with Chiron dancing on his Juno, and Sun-Lilith on his Mercury-Pluto.

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