Sedna II

BabySeal.To find Healing, our historical and Karmic Traumas – our lost Soul Fragments – need to be reunited with the rest of us, and to do that we need to Love them, in the process Forgiving ourself and Other.

Sedna’s namesake’s story, a father freaking out and drowning his own daughter in order to save himself, after which the daughter morphs into the Creatures of the Sea, is a metaphor for the psychological – and sociological – process…

  • Trauma, or Big Emotion emerging from the Underwhere (usually Fear or Anger or sometimes Grief – or in many classic Tragedies, Infatuation), overwhelms the “rational” Ego, “rational” in this case not meaning logical, but meaning consistent with our Values
  • The Ego, threatened with Ego Death (the threat of a fatal wound to one’s Identity), tries to defend itself and kill its apparent “attacker,” and often succeeds
  • The resulting self-inflicted wound to the individual or the society is too horrible to face
  • So the Energy is banished back to the Underground (or more accurately “Undersea”) and lives as an Archetype or Karma or, on the cultural level, an Archenemy
  • The individual or society forms a new Identity wrapped around Identity with the Archetype, or living out the Karma as its Victim, or condemning the Archenemy

Watch for evidence of this Pattern in your Life, and on the Planet, between now and August 26.  Sedna is not a portent of Evil, but a Pattern-Breaker – that is, Liberation from a Life-long “curse” is available here, and there are very Powerful helpers about to assist. 

The Saturn-Chiron Trine was Exact on August 5, but remains within one degree of Sensitivity till August 18 (when another very different but very Powerful Energy for Karmic Liberation moves in) and within three degrees till September 6.  The Saturn-Chiron Trine has been with us since late 2012 (another “coincidence”); this is its fifth iteration, the final Confidence-Builder.

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