Aqua Full Moon

Full Moon August 10 at 11am PDT.  I haven’t had time to look at the chart, but Kelley Hunter gives her usual excellent perspectives on it at

I would add to her commentary that before the Catholic Inquisitions turned meanings on their heads, the Saturnalia was a Roman winter celebration that was more like Oktoberfest or Mardi Gras or Potlatch than a downer.  To the Romans Saturn ruled pre-agricultural Life, where folks Lived off “the natural bounty of the Land” – the same ideas that Permaculture revives. 

Permaculture sees agriculture as a process of commercializing Food (while removing much of its nutrition) so the Few could profit from it, rather than a necessary process of making more Food available like the propaganda machine wants us to believe.  M. Kay Anderson’s Herstory Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources informs us that Living off “the natural bounty of the Land” is sort of a myth of History – primary cultures actually manage their Landscapes fairly intensively; they just do it in concert with Nature rather than by struggling to control Nature.

The dwarf planet Quaoar is named after a deity or legendary figure to the natives of Southern California who intuited a set of “rules” for managing their pre-Spanish Landscape, telling The People that they would have to “go back to eating clay” if they didn’t pay attention to the rules.  Quaoar would be a strong candidate for leading The People of the current day away from going back to eating clay.  “By coincidence,” Quaoar is hanging out near the Galactic Center these days.  Quaoar Trined Eris in 2010-2011, but if we as a species did much with that opportunity, the impact is yet to be felt (Eris’s role being to expose Denial).  It could have been a Turning Point, however, as there is little support for the Deniers these days.

While we’re on the subject of the Galactic Center, it’s due for some fireworks over the next several years, as a gas cloud falls into its Black Whole.  It was due to start earlier this year, but was delayed.  It’s a bit technical, but you can follow the Galactic Center daily at…

The Black Whole there is called Sagittarius A*, or “Sgr A*” for short.  Haumea will Oppose Eris toward the end of 2014 and into 2015; she may ask her daughter Pele to provide some Fireworks of their own – a bit more locally – to remind us who’s in charge.

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