Sedna I

ops2126bpOcean Picture Stone, a variety of Jasper found in south-central British Columbia, is an excellent metaphor for Sedna.

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I need to know about Sedna, first because it’s prominent in a client’s chart, and second because it turns Retrograde on August 26.  Today it’s two arc-minutes – one thirtieth of one degree – shy of it’s Station, so it’s certainly Stationary, aka Strong.  On the other hand, it’s only moving about half a degree a year, so it’s always Stationary.  And it’s near its Perigee, or closest approach to the Sun, and therefore traveling faster than usual.  So, sorta like Pluto, Sedna tells us more about an Age than about a person or a week.

But Pluto takes about 20 years, on average, to cross a Sign.  Sedna takes more like 100 years!  Here near Perigee, it’s still taking forty-plus years.  So Sedna’s in a class by itself, astrologically.  But you know, when something comes into Consciousness, it’s not Discovered, it’s Differentiated.  Like everything else, it’s been there all the time, we just haven’t noticed how it’s different from the background.  Like, what if God resided in the 42nd leaf from the trunk on the 42nd branch from the ground on the 42nd tree west of your front door.  Would you know how to find Her?  Assuming it’s not Autumn, nothing has changed about the Leaf – it’s just our Perception that registers the Change.

So a virtually permanently Stationary “satellite” in the sky above us, like the Stars, can be a Mirror for the portion of our Reality that appears to be stable, but is really on the verge of a Chaotic shift.  That can be very valuable.  Climate Change, for instance, with its famous “hockey-stick” temperature trace, is like that.  Sedna can help us become Conscious of trends larger than Lifetimes.  We can call her The Witness, on the Planetary level.  Remember how important The Witness is?

For instance, Sedna entered Taurus in 1966.  What major planetary process Changed between 1964 and 1968?  Other than US troops invading Vietnam, massive protests against that war, and Civil Rights marches in Alabama.  I don’t remember much in the way of protests about earlier wars.  Sedna entered Aries in 1867 – what was going on then?  Antiseptic surgery was new.  Nobel patented dynamite.  Governments were consolidating – the predecessors of Canada and Germany were formed.  Das Kapital was published.  Sedna enters Gemini in 2025.  It reaches Perigee in 2077 at 9 Gemini.

A planet’s Perigee is usually significant.  Pluto, for instance, which coincides with Scorpio-like Energy, reaches Perigee in Scorpio.  Nine degrees of Gemini is “A quiver filled with arrows: Man’s aggressive relationship to natural life, as a basis for survival and conquest.”  That’s Rudhyar’s take.  On the other hand, the arrows are still in the quiver.

Sedna is less than half the size of Pluto.  While Pluto’s orbit ranges from 30 to 49 times as far from the Sun as Earth, Sedna’s orbit spans 77 to 937 times.  Pluto takes 250 years for a loop around the sky; Sedna takes a remarkable 11,400 years!  The last time Sedna was here at 25 degrees of Taurus was in the 8th Millennium BCE – no wonder the Paleo diet is popular again!  Paleolithic prehistory was just giving way to Neolithic prehistory, and that’s if you take Genesis as metaphor.  The scienterrific view – that agriculture was then but a gleam in your Ancestors’ eyes – is no less metaphorical, as all prehistory is only massive speculation iterated on the head of a pin.

You’re better off Channeling it – you were probably there, after all.  If we discount Linear Time but accept the scienterrific view as useful, then we’re looking at a Parallel where folks are just experimenting with the rudiments of agriculture.  Not only the Paleo diet, but also Permaculture fits this rhyme.  Before plowing, humans managed their landscape in a “primitive” but sophisticated way by Channeling or Observing how plants grew and where animals moved at different points during the year, and then tweaking things that would result in more or better food and tools later on.  In some areas Quaoar made the (Channeled) rules for this tweaking, and we’ll see later how important Quaoar is in Sedna’s “birth” or discovery chart.

So, what do we know about Sedna from the Mythology that gave her her name?  Sedna was a daughter drowned by her father to save his own skin.  Hmmm –  where was Sedna when Lilith exercised her Yindependence and God had to replace her with a Doll – or Action Figure, depending on your perspective – made from Adam’s rib bone?  The Creatures of the Sea evolved from Sedna’s remains, and folks who depended on the Creatures of the Sea for their livelihood were very careful to PIAVA Sedna for success in the hunt.  Still angry at her Betrayal, she can be moody and refuse to play nice at times, till she’s appeased by rituals.

But if Sedna’s Energy resembles Gemini Energy, her moods will be brief.  Gemini moves quickly to disassemble what isn’t working.  So maybe we can see Sedna as a red flag – when something isn’t working in our Lives, particularly around Survival and Abundance, we may need to examine the “rules” or assumptions we’re viewing the World through.  Let’s test this as we get close to August 26; when we don’t “get our way” in the World, and we Witness our Feelings about that, do we get any instant Insights into how we’re approaching the World less optimally than we could?

For instance, on one of my Hugelbeds the Slugs eat everything that grows.  My traditional reactive way of thinking, is to try to think up new ways to more effectively kill the Slugs.  Permaculture principles say I need to be more attentive to the health of the Slugfood instead, but I don’t go there easily.  What are my Feelings around this?  Exasperation, Anger, Revenge.  When I Consciously Witness the Feelings, I quickly see several easy ways that will probably improve the health of the Plants – adding more soil, compost, woodchips, for instance. 

The equivalent of an appeasement ritual may also be in order – rather than setting out bowls full of beer for the Slugs to drown in (omg, the Slugs are my daughters!), pour the beer into the bed in a ritual offering to the Spirit of the Plants.  And comparing it to my other two Hugelbeds (which hadn’t occurred to me before – just exasperation that they were working while this one wasn’t, and Blame upon the Slugs) gives me more insight.  The Creatures of the Sea may not be all that different from the Creatures of the Soil.  

It’s interesting that Sedna comes into our Consciousness just as acidification of the Seas is playing havoc with the creatures who live there.  Sedna was an Arctic Goddess, and she also comes into our Consciousness just as humans are attempting to industrialize the Arctic Ocean.  It’s easy to see most of European history as a story about sacrificing, and often murdering, Nature to protect masculine Greed.  There are no days in the Arctic, only Years.  Rules change in The Reaches, as Ursula says.

What about her discovery chart?  It’s complex.  She’s a Twelve – a Breaker of Patterns.  From what we know so far, that seems like an understatement.  Twelve reduces to Three, however – Love with Wisdom, revealing that it’s self-destructive Patterns that are under her attack.  While her Sun sits on her South Node (Karma), she herself sits on the North Node (True Purpose), repeating the same metaphor – embody and clear the self-sabotage in order to facilitate the True Mission.  “Curious” that she’s Stationary here just after our clinic in self-sabotage.

While her Perigee is in Gemini, she was differentiated at 18 degrees of Taurus:A woman airing an old bag through the open window of her room: the cleansing of ego-consciousness.”  In many ways that Symbol looks forward to Gemini, and the cleansing of old rules that we’ve become attached to, but which are not doing what we want them to do.  They may no longer be working because the World has Changed, or because they never did work – we just tried to brute-force them, like the ranchers who tried to make us believe that Grass would not grow if Cattle didn’t trample it, or the current crop of Climate Change Deniers. 

We’ll run through the main components of her chart soon, and fill in the details as we get closer to the Station itself.

2 Responses to “Sedna I”

  1. Deborah Welch Says:

    Thank you! For first time Sedna relates :)

  2. Rita Says:

    Differentiating and witnessing the Witness… She looks amazing through the prism of your blog.

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